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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WTH? Is This A RC (Remote Control) Hoax? - June 6th 2014 - Charlotte North Carolina (MUFON Reports 6/9)

I don't know what to make of this.... it doesn't seem like the videoer is IN on it (if it is hoax) .... but, then again, why does it end as it does (does the sound of the RC's become evident? does someone verbalize that?).... but, it looks like about 8 blinking lights pretty high up in the sky... and while in the video the person indicates they are above a plane.... it to me doesn't appear so and could be part of the RC hoax if this was all planned. The best shots of the event are early and late in the video when it is a far shot.

Otherwise.... if anomalous... it's one of the largest and closest Orb displays..... - pretty large video file, almost 2 minutes long... about the only compelling part of the video

I'm afraid the video may be too large for Google to host - so use the link.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Hyper Strange Images- Baker California Volcano 2012 - From Latest MUFON Reports Of 6-8-14

So, this submitter to MUFON decides to stop their vehicle to get a picture of the Moon rising behind a volcano in Baker California - and captures some of the strangest photos I've seen yet of the Orb phenomena (assuming that is what it is) I bring you the report first Here an excerpt below:

At the time i was photographing the full moon raising from this Volcanic crater, i paid no attention to the small very bright light that appeared near the top of this crater, i shot off about twenty shots and left to continue my travel to Arizona. Only after i arrived at my home did i look at what i had photographic and noticed the bright light that appeared in each photo,
And, the eerie photos below - lots of 

Pareidolia available too:

Just click for a huge enlargement or use the original link above for huge enlargement

Make sure to see enlargement

This is the last of the sequence that was submitted with this MUFON report.
To a large degree I coined the term `Sky Symbols' in 2008 in describing one of the videos from the Stephenville UFO events.

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