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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Could Orbs Represent A Time Distortion?

As the stories get stranger, threads of similarities stand out in contrast to the differences perceived. The below story, with my emphasis in RED, is of a growing pile of stories that seemingly involve time perception differences - usually a slowing down perception effect. 

Anyway, let's get to the Ken Pfeifer shared story:


Perhaps one of the strangest Australian UFO encounters is that of the Knowles family as they drove along the lonely Nullarbor Plain in January 1988.
Mother Faye was travelling the long, lonely stretch of highway with her sons, 24-year-old Patrick, Sean aged 21 and 18-year-old Wayne, along with their two dogs. While Sean was driving and his older brother sitting beside him, they saw on the road ahead of them a bright light. Their curiosity piqued, Sean put his foot down in order to catch up to the curious light shining on the road ahead of them. That would soon prove to be a mistake.
The Knowles’ car soon caught up with that curious bright light that now took the shape of an angular egg in an eggcup with a yellow centre, and estimated at about one metre wide. It appeared to be either on the road or floating just above it, and was moving back and forth. Sean swerved to avoid the object, almost colliding with a car towing a caravan travelling in the opposite direction. As they continued driving, the Knowles soon became concerned that the glowing egg-shaped object was following them … and then they heard a clunk and felt the car being pushed down by a heavy weight. Then, the car seemed to be lifted off the road. Frightened, Faye wound down her window and reached for the roof. She felt something “soft and rubbery that was hot”. (wow, an actual description of what an Orb's texture may be) When Faye pulled her arm back inside their vehicle, it was covered in a strange black dust. The family were now terrified and they soon became disoriented and later recounted that their voices sounded slower and lower in pitch. Patrick later said that he felt like his “brains were being sucked out”. Meanwhile, the car’s speedometer registered speeds that the small car would be highly unlikely to achieve. Then the car appeared to drop back onto the road, bursting the rear tire on the right hand side. After pulling off the road, the Knowles jumped out of the car and hid behind some nearby bushes, shaken and scared. Eventually, they returned to the car, changed the tire and drove at speed to the nearest town.
Physical traces on the car, corroborating evidence from a truck driver and the sincerity in the Knowles’ own testimony on national television point to something extremely out of the ordinary happening on the highway across the Nullarbor Plain in January 1988. But was it a UFO encounter or something else? According to Jenny Randles, author of Time Storms, the Knowles’ encounter has more to do with a natural phenomenon in which time itself is distorted rather than that of a UFO encounter. Indeed, there appear to be a number of similarities with other cases the author has investigated. But, whether the Knowles were terrorized by an unidentified flying object or inadvertently drove into a so-called “time storm,” there is little doubt that the family experienced something baffling, and terrifying, on that day in the summer of 1988. More on the Knowles’ encounter on the Nullarbor


The `soft and rubbery and hot' comment will be one for the pondering people who read Amazing UFO Stories And Strange UFO Videos........... I wouldn't be so hasty in writing this off as a UFO - but - I also believe that Orbs could indeed be what is perceptible of a `time distortion' - especially a `time distortion Orb that always seems to have a pliable reality and can morph or change' (The Orbs turning into crafts phenomena --- IF it is simply `playing' with an `unactualized future perception' - why couldn't it MAKE that projection ANYTHING? Including HUGE Black Triangle crafts that seemingly are only part of the usually ONE persons observations - EVEN if in Urban settings.)
BTW, I have a great read for you today at UDCC - about - Strange Convergences - get ready to blend your mind.

 For our strange friends.
BTW, I have an aunt who decades ago had an event in her house where she found about a shovel full of what could be described as `black dust' in an upstairs bedroom.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1966 - MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA UFO Schoolyard Event

Hundreds of witnesses, supposedly. One or? two disc shaped silver green crafts - which stayed around for a bit of time. Similar to the 1990's incident in Zimbabwe in that it involved school children too. The account is from the Ken Pfeifer files:


Students and teachers of Westall High School in suburban Melbourne watched in amazement as two disc-shaped objects, each about the size of a car, descended from the sky and landed in an open field adjacent to the school. One of the witnesses, science teacher, Andrew Greenwood, described the objects in a newspaper report as being silvery-green and disc-shaped.

While some accounts of this event state that there was one craft, Australian UFO researcher, Bill Chalker’s investigation concluded that there were actually two craft involved. After watching the strange disc-shaped objects descend, students and teachers excitedly ran from the school and across the oval for a closer look, with several students actually approaching the craft in the field after climbing over a fence. Then, around 20 minutes after they had descended from the sky, the UFOs took off at great speed. One headed west, the other appeared to orbit a small plane before shooting off to the south. Patches of burnt ground were found at the claimed landing site. In all, over 200 students and teachers of Westall High School witnessed the event making this one of Australia’s most compelling UFO sightings. In an interesting footnote to the Westall UFO mystery, an interview with one of the witnesses, Joy Tighe, who recounted the event to a Channel 9 news reporter, was, according to the network, later removed from the station’s archive and never returned. Naturally, there has been much written about the Westall UFO case, you can find out more at AboveTopSecret’s Westall UFO forumThere is also a documentary you can view Westall 1966: A Suburban UFO MysteryAnd Bill Chalker’s The Oz Files includes his interview with one of the many witnesses to the event, and also describes an earlier encounter with a similar object in the same area.  
 (red is AUS-SUV emphasis)
Once again the burnt grass of the 1950's-1960's UFO's and other strangeness of the era. Orbit a `plane'? (Another craft perhaps?)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 A.M. Waffle House Visits Ends Observations Of 3 UFO Crafts And Possible Alien Near Walls Mississippi - MUFON Report

How's THAT for a headline? Just wait to you read the completely over the top descriptions which include Orbs POSING as VEHICLES and UFO Crafts posing as Airplanes. It also includes simply KNOWING the crafts would show up. The report - provided by Ken Pfeifer:


I was talking on the phone around the time of 11:00, and I got off when my friends arrived. So around 11:30, we sat in my backyard and discussed previous UFO sightings, and I spoke about my "Ufo in Horn Lake" video. After that, we walked to the center of my backyard and gazed at the stars, and when I began playing music, a ship appeared in front of us, and it was as low as the telephone lines outside of my cove! At first, this thing appeared to be a plane as it flew over my backyard. I ignored it, and a second or two later, it makes some sort of U turn and it slowed down. It began to turn, showing the bottom of it and the lights were BRIGHT. There were several rows of red lights, and the lights blinked in such a well played pattern. It was signaling to us, and if I think about it deeply, it was reacting to my music. I stopped the music and attempted to record this craft, and it began to move in that side ways position until vanishing into thin air!!! We were blown away! So after that sighting, we were determined to see this again, but at the field. We drove a few miles into the middle of nowhere, and parked next to a corn field with no intentions. We stood in the road and watched the skies for it to return. It took a minute for it to appear out of nowhere, and it began flashing a red light. We decided to move closer, and once we got into the car to move forward, it began to leave. So I demanded for us to stop and get back out because of the fact of a red light means, stop, warning, and or danger. I figured that it meant stop, so we stopped. It came back from a transparent look! We stood in place and examined this ship. It was over a line of trees, and it seemed to be over the Memphis area as we stood in Mississippi but it seemed closer at the same time. Going on with the event... The ship began to move to the left, and the Mississippi River was in the direction that it was heading. The weird thing about this is, it began to lag or glitch. It would move and stop completely. Then jump forward in a mere second, and back, and into that spot again. Until we lost it for a second, and it appeared moving into the same direction but further ahead. It stopped and began to fade in and out. It drops a ball of light, and a beam is shot down afterwards. It vanished after that, and to the far right another ship came! They both looked exactly the same and the other soon appeared. The one to the right was moving quickly, as the other was moving slowly. They both met up where the first one appeared from the start. We watched them blink in a pattern. It was like they were speaking to each other, and or us. They both began to vanish and appear. I then heard some sort of muffler like sound and the thought of a truck driving by crossed my mind. I turned around and didnt see anything. I told the others, and we all look back and there were two orbs. A white light, and a red light. They were POSING AS A VEHICLE! It was way to low to be a truck or a car, and when we pointed that out, the lights curved into the naked field on the side of us. They moved down the field away from us and QUICKLY turned around speeding towards us! We jumped into the vehicle and left the scene. The muffler sound was heard by one other, and the other two didnt hear it. It sounded like a muffler, but with a growing sound! There was something in the corn field and I am certain that it was no animal! It was loud, and made my skin crawl. After this event, we didnt go straight home but we sat at a local waffle house. Oddly enough, the streets were empty and so was the waffle house. It was a strange night. The worker at waffle house even stated that it was bizarre that she had no customers. Once I got dropped off, my night turned into fear. I sat in my living room and felt like I was being watched from the back door. I turned on my living room light and sat until my mom woke up. I fought to stay awake and something snapped beside my ear, and my head dropped! I quickly jumped up and said "No!" Something tried to put me to sleep, and I am not making this up. I dozed off finally, and it seemed like a second had passed by when I jumped up from the small sleep. My mom made a noise that woke me , and my vision was grey and full of black numbers and letters. They were scrolling in my vision and that was that! That ended my night as the sun began to rise. The whole day I stayed up thinking about my night.
Yep, nearly ALL the `structures' of the complete Orb Perception experience, even Orb dropping and beams of light. Strange to me that the Craft shape is never really described except as lights. Also of interest is the `glitch' of time and place of the phenomena (when it moves back and forth moments apart). Also, the `idenitcal-ness' of the crafts suggests some sort of `space' replication or run off. Truly an Amazing UFO Story.
I have a link of interest TODAY over at UDCC - 379 Years Of Moon Anomalies in a report made for NASA in 1966. Classic resource. 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Plane Window UFO Photo

It's only logical to assume that IF `alien saucer UFO's' are in our skies that they would not only be seen by pilots but also by passengers - and that `sightings' would occur both in the day and the night. And, increasingly, perhaps due to nothing more than increasing access to `cameras' via phones and such, more and more of these `passenger seat' UFO's seem to be coming forth:
Could be anything, right? From a very simple hoax or misunderstanding of reflections (where are OTHER passenger photos?) - to a REAL alien craft. And, everything in between of course.
Those interested in Amazing UFO Stories will not want to miss what I ran with on Sunday at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock - one more `alien' description.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

1974 - Bow-Legged Alien-Humanoid In Jump Suit, Abducts Hunter

They certainly don't get much more amazing or strange than the tale below - relayed to us from Ken Pfeifer:



This very interesting case took place in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. On October 25, 1974, one Carl Higdon was elk hunting in the northern section of the park. As he shot his rifle at an elk nearby, a most bizarre thing happened. The bullet traveled in slow motion, as if he had entered another dimension.
It fell some 50 feet away, dropping into the snow covered landscape. He was able to recover the bullet. He felt a strange sensation over his body.
To his utter shock and amazement, he saw a humanoid entity standing nearby. The humanoid was quite tall, at over six feet in height. He was clad in a black jump suit with a wide belt.
The belt was decorated with a six-pointed star and emblem of yellow. With straight hair standing out from his head, he had no eyebrows. He stood bow-legged, with long arms ending with rod-like appendages instead of hands.
The humanoid spoke to Higdon, asking him if he was hungry. The entity threw some pills to him, telling him if he took one, he would not have to eat for 4 days. Higdon normally did not take any type of pills, yet he swallowed one of the offerings immediately.
It was surmised that the entity was smart enough to realize that Higdon may have been hungry, or else he would not have been hunting elk.
Soon, the alien pointed toward Higdon, and the next thing he knew, he was enclosed within a transparent apparatus, with a helmet on. Also present were two more humanoids, and the five elk he was previously stalking. The elk were in a frozen state.
He was told that the aliens were traveling to their home planet, located some 163,000 light years away. In a flash, they arrived at the distant location.
Higdon described the surrounding landscape as being occupied with buildings like the Seattle space needle, all lit up by a sun of intense power. The brightness of the atmosphere caused Higdon's eyes to water, along with the aliens'. Higdon's next remembrance was being back in Medicine Bow Park. He says that approximately 2 1/2 hours had elapsed since his encounter with the humanoid had begun.
He was in a hysterical state, cold, and disoriented. For a time, he could not locate his truck, finally finding it some three miles from where he had left it. It had been stuck in a mud hole, and Higdon was unable to free it from the bog by himself. Using his CB radio, he summoned help from the local sheriff, who arrived at midnight. Additional help arrived to free the stuck truck.
Hidgon was found in a state of panic and nervous exhaustion. He was shouting, "They took my elk!" He was taken for medical care to a local hospital. His blood work showed he had a highly elevated level of vitamins, probably from the pill he had taken.
The most fascinating aspect of his tests was that tuberculosis scars on his lungs were now gone!
Further investigation into the details surrounding the bizarre encounter revealed that Higdon's wife, along with two other people, had seen a red-green-white flashing light moving in the area of the sighting.
The case was investigated by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Professor of Psychology, University of Wyoming. Also included were Rick Kenyon, and Robert Nantkes, MUFON field investigators, and Frank Bourke, National Star Investigator

RED is AUS-SUV emphasis
Gets harder and harder to cast a one sized net over all these perceptions, doesn't it? .......... It's interesting that the number of light years away is `similar sounding' to the speed of light at 186K per second....... Does the scar tissue vanishing have to do with a time-looping? .....  Classic indeed.
I have a nearly equally strange encounter at my main UFO blog about a 1992 Alien Experience that `saved' a man's life.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Close 1991 UFO Experience Convinces Citizen Of UFO Powersource

It's fresh out of the Latest MUFON Reports Latest MUFON Reports- a detailed account of a multiple person sighting of a close UFO - with significant detail concerning the craft. The full report is here Close 1991 UFO Sighting:
I was camping out with a friend at Howell springs,near Hachita,N.M.We had a campfire going and were just sitting around and shooting the breeze.I had just looked at my watch a few minutes earlier.I dont know what made me look but,I turned my head and looked up the hill and there was a flying saucer just hovering above the ground about twenty-five ft.I got up off the ice chest I was sitting on.I called it to the attention of my buddy and we walked up the hill and stood next to it.It was about 60 ft across and had a ring that was not attached to anything but it had an upper and lower track that was stationary and the middle ring rotated at the same speed as the oval shaped red and green lights that pulsated around the saucer intermittently.The saucer was kind of metallic looking but you felt like you could see through it,but you couldnt.I was expecting little geen men to start coming out of this sumbitch,but nothing happened.It just sat there hovering about 45 minutes.Then the middle ring and the lights started spinning really fast and I mean fast then it turned like white hot and swish, that fast it looked like the most distant star you could see.It went north.After all the excitement to put it mildly,we walked back down to camp 
we talked about it till there was nothing left to say.we were sitting in the exact same place,this was about three hours later, and the exact same thing happened again Every detail was exactly like the first time.We decided we better not tell anyone because they would think we were crazy or some thing.But now I just gotta. I havent seen my buddy sincce the end of the job we were working on together but if you ask him hell tell you the same thing. 
theres one thing I know,I could build you one.I know how they work.and I know why they work. 
the best way to describe how I felt was just awe stricken.I was not afraid,just awe stricken,and I remember trying to send them telepathy to give me a ride on it and they came back but like I said,S every thing was exactly the second time as it was the first time. 
Sometimes when I wake up,Ill say something off the wall,and I have no idea where it came from,like cosmic shouting center or inter galactic harmonic reciprocator,which is pretty cool but some what strange,dont you think? ...

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The citizens description of an identical time loop is certainly adds an high strangeness element - although the idea of the UFO `returning' is in no way unusual. Amazing UFO Stories, from before the days of near saturation of camera carrying. 
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

`No Reason To Be Concerned'

We'll get into the strange UFO video side today. In 2010 a retiring member of congress took it upon himself to REVEAL what he knew about Extraterrestrials - the video gets real good about the 3:30 mark:
link -
The `no reason to be concerned' line is a quote about the Extraterrestrials. It's of interest how he also thinks that Eisenhower's farewell address might be an indication that he had indeed met with the aliens.

Monday, February 18, 2013

2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO - The Vanishing Evidence

As I dig into my link bin - I occasionally find worthwhile content. Today's link, is to a `late witness' to the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO event of Nov. 2006. The witness provides a story in perfect sync with the overall general previous witnesses description of the event. But, this person had a VIDEO and uploaded it to YouTube. And, of course, the `evidence' is no longer available.

The report:
New Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Witness came forward with video evidence

I have sat on this evidence for over 2 years, mainly because of the nature of my background, if you knew who I was then you would understand.

Back on November 7th 2006, I was near Chicago O'hare International airport when I was witness to what was arguably one of the most important UFO incidents in modern times. After the incident, many people jumped on the UFO bandwagon on and came forward with false evidence, I can't speak for these individuals, I can only speak for myself.

I witnessed a gigantic UFO hovering over the Airport at precisely 4:32 p.m. The UFO was a dark, hazy metallic disc/cigar shaped craft. It was at a height of roughly 750 feet from the ground, completely silent, frozen still, and was well over 100 meters in length. I managed to film the UFO on my cell phone for 1 minute, I observed the UFO for a further 1 minute, after which time it took off, and went upwards at tremendous speed and was gone.If you watch the clip properly, at the start of the clip you can clearly see a large passenger jet taking off, and flying directly under the UFO, which shows just how huge this thing was. The UFO was completely frozen still, and any movement on the video clip is camera movement and camera shake. I filmed the UFO on my cell phone with the zoom set to full.

This is arguably one of the most important pieces of UFO photographic evidence in existence, and to ever be posted on the internet, simply because I know it was a genuine Unidentified Flying Object, and it was witnessed by many credible individuals, including pilots.

Yes I would love to come forward and go public with my story, but this is just not an option for me, due to my job. So that is why I have posted the clip on You Tube. For those who don't want to believe the truth, that's up to you, but what you are seeing is genuine footage of an unknown craft, and shame on the worlds media for all the ridicule they threw at this unbelievable incident.

Update : Video is deleted by Youtube
I, of course, have written an E-Book about the 2006 incident and focus strongly on the `government secrecy' angle. 2006 O'Hare UFO Incident.
The above vanished video is joined by the never surfaced Dan Akroyd video of the same event - or - the many folks who supposedly took pictures. (The above one being one of just a very few.)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Famous Pascagoula River Incident

No better place for an amazing UFO story, right? Ken Pfeifer link:


The strange case of nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson actually began a day before their famous encounter. On October 10, 1973, fifteen different people, including two policemen reported seeing a large, silver UFO slowly fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Only a scant 24 hours later, Hickson and Parker would have the scare of their lives; a frightening encounter with an eerie UFO. The two men were both from the town of Gautier, Mississippi, and were doing some fishing in the Pascagoula River on a dark night about 9:00 P.M. They suddenly heard a type of buzzing behind them. Both men turned around to see the source of the sound, and were amazed to see a glowing, egg-shaped object with bluish lighting on its front side. The unusual craft was hovering just a few feet above the ground, and about 30 feet from the shore of the river. To their unbelief, a door opened in the object, and three strange beings began to float just above the water straight toward them. Though the beings had legs, they did not use them, they simply floated across the river. Parker and Hickson would later describe the beings as "about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands." Hickson, frozen in fear and unbelief, was grabbed by two of these creatures, and the third one took Parker, who fainted from fright. Hickson would later relate that when the beings put their arms under his body to support him, he felt numb all over. He was then floated into a a brightly-lit room inside of the UFO. Inside this room, he floated, along with an eye-like device which examined him all over.  After his ordeal, Hickson was left floating, while the beings left the room, probably to examine Parker. Approximately 20 minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over, and Hickson was floated back outside of the strange craft. Parker was crying, and praying on the ground. Only a moment or two later, the craft rose straight up into the air and disappeared.  As the two men began to regain their composure, they were uncertain as to what they should do. Reluctant to report their harrowing experience, they felt obligated to tell someone. Despite fearing ridicule, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. Kessler referred their problem to their local sheriff's office. In what may be a related incident, a couple of weeks after this chilling account, Coast Guardsmen and fishermen had an encounter with an underwater metallic object. This strange object had an amber light on it, and the Guard chased it in the Pascagoula River. The object was close enough to touch, but each time it was prodded with a large boat hook, it would turn off its light, move a distance away, and turn its light back on. This unusual encounter lasted about 40 minutes before the craft disappeared.  The Pascagoula encounter is one of the most unusual accounts of all UFO reports. Though the sighting and abduction involved only two witnesses, there were several other sightings of unusual flying objects on the same night. The two men have held to their story, though no earthly explanation has been offered for the strange events of the night of October, 11, 1973.


Friday, February 15, 2013

`Circle Rainbow' Acts Like Portal

Once again, from the latest MUFON reports:
I had just gotton of of work, routeen was to get 1 can of beer and go to pilcher pk forest preserve to meditate.not sure of the exact date now , but around the middle of July 2007.I was standing by a creek,sipping on a can of beer,never finished it. standing there I looked up 
and saw a round rainbow , like a hula hoop, hovering in the sky.I was stunned because I never seen a round rainbow in my life.I was in a trance.I dont remember seeing it decend or how long it was or what happened after that.I remember next that this thing was about 5ft.front of me. I was afraid and excited at hhe same time.So Im standing there looking at this ring, a round rainbow colored ring hovering about 3ft. above the ground, about 5ft. wide in circumferance. 
the inside of the ring looked blurry compared to me looking on the outside of it, sort of watery looking.I feft electicfied and afraid like if I made the wrong move I wouldnt be here anymore. however, I managed to slowly pull my camera phone out of my pocket and took a photo. bad news is that later on I lost it. 
so I thinking I get to get out of here, I started backing away from this ring and when I got a safe distance, I turned and ran to my car and havnt been back there since.I did manage to show the photo to a preacher friend of mine before I lost my camera phone.   MUFON link - Hovering Circle Rainbow


My thanks to the MUFON system.
Seems portal`ish', don't you think? I love the continued power of these anomalous spaces to produce trance or non ordinary states of awareness.
Hey, tell a friend about your new UFO website find - Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos! Thanks.

Get ready for the Comets coming soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1998 - Detroit, Flock Of Football Sized Low Flying UFO's

Once again, AUS-SUV does not need to go any further than the today's Latest MUFON Reports for some `Amazing Strangeness'. The headline gives you the basics - now the details:
One night in the summer of 1998 I arrived home with my parents and siblings. While I was standing on the porch listening to my family talk and waiting for my dad to unlock the front door, I looked up at the sky and saw 4-6 objects flying almost directly above me at approximately the same height as the rooftops, lower than the tops of the streetlights. The objects appeared identical: all appeared to be solid and dull-white or greyish-white in color but otherwise featureless, egg-shaped and football-size. They were flying close together in a cluster similar to a flock of birds, though their flight pattern was markedly different than that of birds. The objects moved in circular motions, as if orbiting each other in flight. They were moving at around the same speed as sea birds. They moved in a direct path three houses down to the corner of my block and then they changed direction and flew directly over the first house on the next block on the opposite side of the street. Coming from the east, I saw them flying west and then turn southwest. At this point I simply lost sight of the objects. The street was McCormick and they turned at the corner of Duprey heading towards Moross/7 Mile in Detroit. I focused on the objects and followed them with my eyes for 4 or 5 seconds in silence and bewilderment. Because they kept twirling around, I could not get an exact count but there were no less than 4 and no more than 6. I do not believe it was a case of mistaken identity as they were clearly not birds. They did not have heads, wings, tails, or appendages of any kind. Immediately after the sighting, I told my family what I had just seen. My parents described the event as "weird" and commented that it may have been spiritual activity, though I remained unsure of what I had seen. Startled but in a clear and sober state of mind, I immediately wrote down my sighting, describing it in detail. I recently found the journal entry, though I have never forgotten what I saw that night. This sighting occurred in either July or August of 1998. I regret not having recording the date, but I have described exactly what I wrote 15 years ago. I was 15 years old. The MUFON Link

- M

Pretty advanced for the family to suggest the seeing of `spiritual activity' as that is indeed one possible explanation for such events too. That said, these objects in this report do NOT have the orb characteristic as much as characteristics of probes.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Radical Orb Movements Highlight Recent NJ MUFON Report

I will continue to let this new UFO blog develop as it may - today's story about UFO's is RECENT and Amazing. Once again, it is what I am calling the `Orb Projection Experience' - OPE where Orbs when observed for a considerable amount of time will `develop' a scenario or structure for the observer that often involves Orb movements or Orbs associated with what appear to be Triangle Crafts. We have the added bonus of today's report being investigated by Ken Pfeifer of N.J. - our source for the report: RED - Is AUS-SUV's emphasis:



I was standing to the east and north of the Driscol Bridge on the east side approx. 1/4 mile away from bridge which I could see on my left. I became aware of a brightness above me and to the right of the bridge. I looked up and saw circular lights (aprox 7) that appeared to be floating downward. I had an instant thought that this was space debris which was instantly replaced with the realization that there were 7 separate orbs in horizontal orientation and were equal distant from each other. I couldn't speak. After this observation as the orbs were on a trajectory for the earth, they suddenly stopped. I felt my stomach turn as I fully expected them to continue. There was no sound. The light from the orbs didn't appear to radiate and they were white. Before I could get over the shock of this, every other orb suddenly began to drift downward and out of sight as the others maintained their positions. My mind was racing. Then the orbs that had disappeared from sight slowly rose back up and took their place in the original line. Then the other ones (that had remained up) slowly drifted down and out of sight as the returned orbs maintained their position in the horizontal line. Shortly, the orbs that were down rose back up and took their position in the line. There was no change of color or size and they were silent. Just as I was wondering what was going to happen next, the whole line of them rose and tilted up on the left and began to move towards the north west slowly. At all times they maintained a straight line and exact distance from each other. It was as though they pivoted on an axis. As this line now started moving to the northwest, I looked up in that direction. The sun had not risen, but the predawn light had just begun. I then saw where they were going. High in the NNW I clearly saw a large chevron-shaped object. If I imagine holding a grapefruit at arms length it may have been almost sufficient to cover the object. It was completely still and motionless and made no sound. It was tilted slight up and the open end was toward me. It was dull black with no observable markings. The chevron shape was square on the two ends and symmetrically the same toward the point. Under the chevron were three large, flat or slightly domed lights that appeared to be part of the object. There were 3 lights on the underside. They were large and bluish white. One light was under the pointed end and there was 1 under each end of the chevron. I was observing it and watching the row of orbs heading towards it, now parallel to the open end of the chevron. The row of lights seemed to bend around it and disappeared. I'm not sure where they went, but they were no longer visible to me. There was the briefest of pauses. I saw the object start to move and then it was gone. It moved so fast I can only imagined it was the speed of time. It didn't make a sound. It didn't leave a trail. It was just gone. This sighting has haunted me. I've tried to think of any explanation. It has affected my life. I still try to find ways of explaining it away, but I cant. Not flares, not meteors, too coordinated to be a random reflection on a low cloud ceiling. I'm convinced the object itself left this solar system, I have no doubt. I know for a fact there is no technology on this earth that can perform this way. As far as I'm concerned it is unexplainable. I am quick to point out hoaxes and really had no idea if ufos existed. I am a person who figures things out and I'm left with this unexplainable memory imbedded in my brain. I think scientifically and it didn't fit any known laws of physics I've learned or learned since. Its the only thing in my life of 56 years that I couldn't explain and it bothers me a lot. I think of it frequently.  Special thanks to the witness Alice Lawrence for her report.  This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.

I know that Ken is partial to the idea of `space probes' and it's hard not to agree that is a possible description to what is reported above. But, without question, the whole UFO category is much more oriented to the Orb phenomena than the MSM is willing to admit. The report rings true and certainly is describing this ONE person's perceptions - problem is - where are the other dozens of observers who would have also seen this in a populated area? Unexplainable  memory indeed.
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Monday, February 11, 2013

1974 Silver Disk UFO - Entire Family Observes

Those silvery disks of past gone eras - this observed through binoculars in Rexburg Idaho - from the Ken Pfeifer files:



In 1974, I was driving home from a date very late: it was 3:00 a.m. I knew I was going to be in trouble, because I was supposed to be home much earlier. Before pulling into the driveway, I turned off my car lights, and drove slowly in on the side of the house and parked my car--and went in without turning on any lights. I was hoping to just get inside and into bed without waking either of my parents or my two younger brothers or two younger sisters, and say to Mom and Dad in the morning, "It was late; I didn't want to wake you." I should say here that we lived on a ranch eight miles northwest of Rexburg; our house is on a beautiful bend of the Snake River, surrounded by forest and our alfalfa and grain fields. The house is a split-level. My room was on the second level facing south; the window looked out over the forest and river south of us. I got to my room and was getting undressed--when I saw a white light above the trees to the southwest. No one lived south or southwest of us. I knew that that stationary light could not be, for instance, someones yard light. I got my binoculars out and looked at that light--and saw a silvery disc with lights around the center. I ran at once and got my parents up and the whole family ended up following. All seven of us stood there and watched it through my window for some time, taking turns with the binoculars. I wanted to call the police and the neighbors and tell them to go out and look at this, but my father forbade me. He was the county Democratic chairman at the time, in a staunchly Republican county. "They'll call me crazy," he said. Eventually, everyone went back to bed but my mother and me. I wanted to try taking pictures, but we had no film in the family camera. The disc would slowly rise up higher, then higher, then gradually sink back down and hover over the trees. it did this again and again. Mother and I watched it do this for about an hour--when a second disc came and hovered close to it. The second disc remained there 20 minutes or so. All at once, it took off straight up, and very quickly we couldn't see it anymore. The first disc followed it slowly, slowly. Eventually dawn came. Mother and I went outside and watched that first disc--now in the morning light--as it climbed up higher and higher till we couldn't see it, even with the binoculars. (Mom cooked breakfast about 9:00 a.m. -- late for a farm family. Suddenly she looked up at me and said: "What time did you get home last night?" I told and that I had been trying to sneak into the house without waking them. She laughed, and I didn't get into trouble.   

I love in this report the coming of the second disc and the whole long time element to the story (and why it could not be reported at the time ....... politics). Is there an implied missing time element here? Amazing UFO Stories! Love the `ring true' nature of this report.
Oh, I get deep into the do do today with my new theory about the the-emerging-orb-projection-experience - so, find out more. You might also like a video showing a Robot's first experience with a mirror and it's self realization moment - Strange Video and an Amazing Story. My other blogs - discover them.
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Australian Airships Of 1909

Who thought that the Amazing UFO Stories would extend back in time to over 100 years ago, right? Here's a tale brought to my attention by Ken Pfeifer recently:


During the winter of 1909, much of southeast Australia was abuzz with reports of mysterious lights flying through the skies, leaving witnesses baffled as to what they were and from where they had come. Some thought them planets, others thought them lanterns attached to kites, while one witness thought they might be “Japanese airships”. Following sightings of similar mysterious lights in the skies above New Zealand, reports soon appeared in newspapers across Australia of similar unknown lights observed in the heavens. One such sighting, by a reliable witness it must be said, appeared in Broken Hill’s The Barrier Miner on 9 August 1909. “The Rev. B. Cozens, of the Port Melbourne Seamen’s Mission, tells an interesting story regarding the mysterious lights which appeared in the air over the Dandenong Ranges on Saturday night. “Going outside at 10 o’clock, he saw, half a mile up in the air, two revolving lights moving over the ranges. They slowed down, dipped, and rose up again, then changed from white to red and to blue. Mr. Cozens called his wife and three neighbours. They all watched the lights until midnight, by which time one had almost moved out of sight over the ranges. Again at 2 o’clock Mr. Cozens saw the second one, which almost crossed the ranges. Five more appeared in the distance, moving in the direction taken by the other two.” The following day, another report of strange lights appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald“A good deal of excitement was occasioned tonight by the appearance of a mysterious light or an illuminated body to the south-east of the town [of Moss Vale]. Quite a number of people gathered in the main street, and speculation was rifIe as to the meaning of the strange illumination. Above the large light some large body was distinctly visible, as the rays of light were reflected upon its surface.” Soon, these strange lights were seen in the skies across the Southern Highlands of New South Wales as well as much further a field. For example, on 19 August, The Mercury reported that: “Goulburn has had a week’s display, during which the light has, according to report, been observed to move ‘up and down and sideways,’ and once gave a pyrotechnic exhibition, several stars falling about it.” The flight capabilities of those mysterious “airships” of 1909, according to accounts, certainly appeared to defy what was possible back in those early days of manned flight. Read more about the airships of 1909.  

 (red is AUS-SUV emphasis)
I love how similar the idea of a light (read orb) illuminates a body --- much like how the outline of the supposed `Triangle Crafts' are illuminated by Orbs on the tips. Multiple orbs, a hundred years ago.
the great airships of the late 1800's


Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh, You Missed It? UFO Disclosure Canadian Style - February 7th, 2013

One of my UFO readers at UDCC brought this to my attention in just the last few minutes - indeed, the video had 3 views when I arrived at it. Evidently, the same basic UFO Disclosure crowd that has an annual pow-wow in America expecting the press to actually care, ---- had the same type of event yesterday in Toronto Canada.

As you know, this website is called Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos - this one falls under the second category:
link -
Claymation - about as serious as UFO Disclosure is taken these days.
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alien Encounter in Fairview Pennsylvania?

Another strange report brought to my attention by Ken Pfeifer and reported to Ken by Lon Stickler. The incident was last fall 10/16 (2012) and about 11:15 at night - Ken's Report:


Hello...I'm writing you in an effort to confirm a unusual observation I had on October 16, 2012 at around 11:15 PM. I was driving home from work northbound on RT 20 West Ridge Rd. near Fairview, PA when I notice bright green lights descending into the woods behind a veterinary hospital. I immediately slowed and pulled into the lot behind the hospital. I could see several green lights in the woods and a few red and white lights. I got out of the car to get a better view. As I stood in front of my car, I started to hear a distinct 'chopping' sound coming from the woods as well as cracking noises. It actually sounded like several people were cutting down trees. The lights and the activity were about 50 yds. in front of me but I couldn't see any movement.

I stood there for about 10 minutes as the sounds continued. I was tired so I decided to leave for home. I figured that there were workers clearing land though this was near a residential location and working at night was a bit unusual.

As I made my way back into the car I noticed movement in an adjacent parking lot. The lot was lit enough to where I could see 2 figures moving away from me towards the woods. They looked like characters from a cartoon. The figures were about 5 foot tall and very thin. I couldn't see their faces but the heads had a peanut shape. They move swiftly but only their legs were moving. Every other parts of their bodies was rigid. There was also a white sash tied across the waist on both figures.

As I watched the figures go into the woods a whirling sound starting to come from the woods. Suddenly five huge green lights ascended from the woods, hovered for a second or two, then vanished. I think that the lights stretched out for about 150 ft. It was a very large craft.

The next day I walked through the woods where this incident occurred and noticed a few small trees in a particular area were cracked near the ground. There was nothing else out of the ordinary.

I decided not to mention what I witnessed and see if anyone had reported it to the local media. As of today, I have not seen any mention of this landing or the lights. I live in Fairview, PA and have not heard any mention from any resident. I rather not have my particulars disclosed at least until another similar report is made public. This is a small town and everybody is in everyone else's business, if you know what I mean.

Would you be kind enough to let me know of any reports in my area?  

Wait..... the guy was 50 yards away and stood there for 10 minutes but didn't go forward? Love the high strangeness of the `aliens' looking like cartoon characters and having a white sash. Awesome perceptions.
speaking of cartoon characters

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