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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Face To Face With Aliens - January 14th, 2013 - MUFON Report

Well, one certainly can't say that material isn't available that fits the title of this blog - right? Today's AMAZING UFO story is perhaps the most over the top of the several AUS-SUV has published this month.

The event supposedly happened on Jan 14th in Cedar Park Texas - it almost has to speak for itself and here are the highlights:
........This object was completely dull in color, the shape of it was a disk and it rotated for around an hour. The size of it was [my guess], about the size of a football field and as long as two eight-teen wheelers. On the bottom of the craft was silver with a few which looked like, burnt marks. Either it was burnt marks or rust, I couldnt tell that good. 
After around 8:01 P.m central time, the object hovered more close to my house and hovered right in the middle of my yard. The shadow of it completely covered the yard, I couldnt see much underneath the craft until it stopped rotating. 
I could count about thirty-five windows around it, none of which were lit except for two. 
Strangely enough the craft made this loud humming sound which led to make me unconscious. 
I awoke several minutes later staring up at some kind of blinding ceiling, the room was wide with some controls and tables and some weird looking tools. 
Out of the corner of my right eye I spotted a figure which looked to be about five feet tall. Behind it was another figure and another. I counted three total while they walked towards me and looked down at me. 
One of the beings started mumbling something in a language I couldnt explain. The being placed its arm behind me as I stood up on the table while the being gave me this weird looking book. ...............

The male alien told me that when they abducted me, he sent two others inside my house to search around for any kind of "Evidence" they needed. The only suppose "Evidence" I had was a few sketch books with drawings of Aliens and UFOs.
Since then, I havent see anything interesting but I do believe theyll come back.. and I do believe they are our next human race..}

Yes, there are more details, ........ and it's worthy of your full read at the MUFON link - 2013 Cedar Park Texas Alien Abduction And Instruction. Oh, he drew a picture too of the alien and the 35 Window UFO Craft.
Yowser, right? ------ Here by the way is the mention of the Grey's as part of our 2013 world, unlike what a previous `contactee' thought -- (no more Grey's all dead he said). But, once again some sort of projection onto the `grey alien motif' of a dying humanity of some sort. Obviously, the additional high strangeness is the observers normal consciousness for the first HOUR of watching this object. And then, the unconsciousness when the SOUND changed his awareness. (And created the idea of a new location?)
I hope you are enjoying the new AUS-SUV - tell a friend.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Orange Orb Emerges From Water Near Shoreline - Moves Into Air - With Pictures, Detailed MUFON Accounting

Amazing UFO stories and Strange UFO Videos is going to have some width to coverage of what is `amazing' and what is `strange'. This account today - from the Latest MUFON Reports - (the latest 20 categorized reports) - has a couple `high strangeness' aspects in my opinion (IMO). One is the uploader's perception of the docileness of the other witnesses to the event even while he was taking pictures. He also seemed to have a time distortion the event was so powerful.

And, of course, the fact that this Orange Orb supposedly came from just offshore in what could be assumed to be shallow water. Orbs hanging out IN water?............ I'll let him describe the best details below and catch the MUFON link for the rest of the story:

I was walking on Siesta Beach just after sunset on 1/19/2013 less than halfway between the Terrace and the first lifeguard stand and I noticed an orange glowing object coming up out of the water at about 30ft. from the shore. It ascended into the air and hovered in one spot at a low altitude then proceeded to move slowly to the right in a straight line or due north. I took a couple of pics and wondered if anyone else was seeing it like I was. There was a guy standing a few feet from me .....
Siesta Beach Florida Water Emerged Orb 1-9-13

Ready for one of the `amazing' zoomed pictures?
He submitted as best as I can tell by looking - four different pictures he got off - this picture is perhaps a different angle as it was ascending - Siesta Beach UFO Picture Two.
I guess in analysis the easy nay say answer is avoided by the perception of the object EMERGING FROM the water itself as obviously a Chinese lantern would not do such a thing. It is interesting that perhaps the object projected some sort of time distortion of consciousness - which if a quick event - which is what this person seems to be describing - perhaps the other witness (es) also experienced such and simply were incapable in a temporal fashion to even react to the perception. A hypnotism in a local area - a possible Fortean event.
Over at UDCC today I cover another MUFON report with pictures of a Four Point Squarish UFO over Raleigh N.C. earlier in January 2013.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

`Haunted Location' Yields Possible Alien Abduction

Hey Hey, thanks for returning to AUS-SUV (Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos) - today once again I go to my bin of UFO links, this one again provided relatively recently by Ken Pfeifer to me and a few other UFO bloggers. Ken is the chief investigator for MUFON in NJ. Oh, this report was submitted about a month ago, about 8 years after the fact, hmm..... - and this is the direct MUFON link - Possible Alien Abduction.

Analysis follows so - hang in there:



My girlfriend and I were visiting a supposedly haunted location called Hells Bridge in Algoma Township, Michigan. There was a turnaround spot on a dirt road with a path leading off to the bridge. We had been there before and sometimes got scared by the place so we backed the car up to the path so that if we left in a hurry we would be facing the road. I was in the passenger seat and my girlfriend was driving. We sat for just a few minutes preparing ourselves to get out of the car. We were more timid than usual because we normally came with a group of friends, but since no friends were interested in coming, it was just the two of us. Suddenly, a bright blue-green light filled the car from the direction of the path behind us. I was looking at my girlfriend, and I didn't want to look in the direction of the light. She was looking in the rearview mirror and staring at the light. I began to panic and yelled at her repeatedly, saying "DRIVE!" but she was unresponsive. Then the light was suddenly gone. She snapped out of it and we took off. We then returned to a friends house where we had stopped before heading out there. Our friend was surprised we had taken so long because it only takes 15-20 minutes to get there from his house, but we were gone for 2-3 hours. From the time that the light became visible, the whole episode felt like just a few minutes if that, so the entire trip there and back shouldn't have been longer than an hour, but we were gone from 2-3 hours. Afterward I noticed an itchy spot on either my leg or arm, and I have witnessed UFOs on two other occasions in the years since. One of which was just months after this occurrence. I would really like to know what happened to us during the missing time and I hope you can help. Thank you. 


So, once again, we encounter what I call and what is often typical - a `seamless' missing time experience - at least this time we have a remote location that the `bodies' could have actually been in and unobserved. ----------- It's interesting in reading the above that the guy is in panic mode immediately (remember this is his UFO experience) just based on the light and is immediately screaming to leave - yet he is willing to ascribe as much as 1/2 HOUR at the location to have his total time be 1 hour back to his friends.

As for what happened to him during his missing time - I've written an essay in the past about such - called The Missing Space Of Missing Time Experiences. Having had at least one missing time experience with another person(s) - I can only sympathize with the perplexity of feelings that happened when one has a `blanked out' time-frame.

It's also of interest that in this report we have one individual `seeing' the other person already in a mindless state - evidently before it was to occur to them. But or should I say AND - I NEVER remember reading of a missing time event being `interrupted' by someone coming up to someone in a comatose state who happened to be in a UFO grip of some sort. NEVER.

At least yet. LOL.
Your comments are welcome!

Monday, January 28, 2013

2011 HUGE Boomerang Craft Over Parsippany New Jersey

Several things will strike you as odd about this report in my UFO bin for some time from Ken Pfeifer. Ken is NJ's lead researcher for MUFON in the state. The odd things include the craft simply hanging in the air for a considerable amount of time (over a possible security company) - a large, perhaps 15 foot Orb that moved around the huge stadium sized craft - and the craft vanishing in three stages. And all done somehow with only these two witnesses to this event (but, some interesting other UFO observations too):
The report:

In June, 2011, my daughter and I went to the movies at our local movie theatre, Clearview Parsippany on Route 46 East, and saw Woody Allen’s latest film “Midnight in Paris.” We got out of the movie at 11:45PM and walked to the car in the parking lot. The parking lot for the cinema is part of a much larger parking lot for our local mall. There was absolutely no one around. No one came out from the movie theatre and there were no other people outside. As we walked to the car, my daughter said, very excited, “Look up there in the sky.” I looked up in the very black night with high clouds so you couldn’t see the stars or moon and saw a huge mass of orange and yellow lights. The lights were not blinking or moving. They appeared to be located about a half mile away (we had a clear shot because of the expanse of flat parking lot around the mall) and between 500-1,000 feet up the air. As we continued to stare at these strange unmoving lights, we became aware of the outline of a craft. It was boomerang shaped, completely silent, and the size of a baseball field with all the outfields included (or the size of a football field). It was the most gigantic aircraft I have ever seen in my life. It was just sitting there, not moving – floating above in the air. I wondered, of course, if this could have been some weird cloud reflection of lights from below, but I looked around and saw nothing that would suggest any kind of a reflection from the ground. My daughter panicked and started yelling that we should jump in the car and get away. I, however, was completely riveted by the sight and did not want to take my eyes off of it for a split second because I wanted to see what it would do. After watching it for about a minute, a giant, white, luminous orb (I am guessing about 15 feet in diameter) telescoped open on the righthand “wing” side of the boomerang shape. The orb exuded a type of light I have never seen before. Most lights that you see in the sky - airplanes, planets, and stars – have a type of light that splinters into rays and beams of light. Often they flicker. This light was luminescent – it was soft, glowing, uniform in its light. It did not create any rays or beams of light and did not flicker. I thought the light was attached to the craft but was very surprised when it suddenly began to “detach” itself. The orb began to move around the front of the craft in a kind of circuitous, gentle curlycue fashion. It appeared to be intelligently guided and it appeared to be searching for something. I wondered, since the craft was in the air right next to a lake reservoir, whether perhaps it was studying the reservoir. I learned later that a building right below it actually houses an international security agency – and so, of course, I then wondered if perhaps that was the target. Or perhaps, this orb had the capacity to observe my daughter and myself observing it! Anyway, it looped around and then disappeared behind the craft for a couple of seconds before re-emerging on top of the craft. It finally settled back down into the original location where it had first appeared. Then my daughter said, “Look, it’s disappearing!” Then sure enough, the “wing tips” of the boomerang suddenly disappeared, followed the sudden disappearance of the rest of the wings, and finally, the center part of the craft. The entire craft literally dematerialized or became invisible in three separate stages – it just blinked off like a television set after you push the button the remote. I am very familiar with all of the optical illusions that can be caused by aircraft since I have lived near many airports, including LaGuardia Airport in NYC. This craft did not fly away. It disappeared. It was the size of a floating baseball field one minute and then gone in a fraction of a second. We later called the Parsippany police to see if anyone had reported anything unusual that night. But no one had. Very strange because this thing was virtually sitting in the air right above Route 46 East and I find it hard to believe that no one else saw this. I did some UFO sightings research, however, and found that two days earlier there were reports of a UFO in a neighboring town and they reported seeing it heading in the direction of our town. Just this past week, I spoke with three friends (all located in neighboring towns) who witnessed a UFO on the same night, and it was also traveling along Route 46! Anyway, my daughter and I decided to both draw what we had seen without discussing it in advance. The drawings, from last year, are posted on my blog at my websitewww.theskepticalpsychic.com. As for my background, I am an attorney specialized in securities litigation and a psychic detective. 

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS.......Special thanks to the witness Nancy du Tertre ofMountain Lakes, NJ

I have a feeling that this woman frequently is beckoning the unknown of our universe - it gave her something to see. Fortean?
Oh, you might want to make SURE to read down to the comments on the post below this one - you will find some amazing stuff. More soon.
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

3000 UFO Books - One Wild Spaceship Ride

With only the `second Amazing story' - I'm now confident that changing this blogs title name and expanding it was a great idea - as we all know that the world of UFOlogy is not only replete with Strange UFO Videos - but, even more over stuffed with strange UFO stories. Indeed, tons more; so get ready for a wild ride on this blog as SUV attempts to catalog the ones that appear on the Latest MUFON reports in 2013. I suspect that most of these tales will be of `years ago' experiences that simply had to be told - and this is the new forum for those stories - you might want to bookmark SUV today: 
Today's lead Amazing Story:
Aliens, OBE's and More
I feel a little background is required before I tell this story. I have read over 3000 ufo books. The greys abducted me alot. They asked me ufo questions. On March 10, 2009 I was getting ready for bed. Tonight would be the last night I was ever abducted. A grey walked into my bedroom and thought to me follow me. I followed it, it was so strange because they had never revealed themselves while I was awake. It wanted to show me something. We went to its craft. We flew to its homeworld then out to a point in space. The grey initiated an OBE and told me I had one hour to learn all I could about a ship approaching its homeworld. There was two alien species aboard. I spend 55 minutes studying the species I was not familiar with. Afterwards, I watched helpless, as this ship destroyed the greys homeworld. After much debate, I was brought back. The entire thing happened in about 8 hours. I have not been abducted since. I was fully conscience during the entire time.
The MythRepresentation Of UFOlogy
Now, here comes the fun part - on Amazing Stories and Strange Videos - I intend to take a wild stab at the brutal truth using my analytic abilities at what the person might have had happen to them - assuming all stories to be true perceptually regardless if the perception itself was in our so called normal reality. So, with that as a basis, let's take a quick look at the above.

 3,000 UFO books, really? Is this already an exaggeration? Might this not trigger `dreams'? Are there that many UFO books?

Why would Grey's ask YOU about UFO's?

Walked into your bedroom from WHERE? Thru a wall? From the front door? Thru the window?

Flew to home world in 8 hours - I came up with being able to go about 5 billion miles in 8 hours at the speed of light - so a round trip of 2.67 billion miles or so (yes, I know that there is acceleration and deceleration crappola) - well, Pluto is about 3.1 billion miles from Earth (2.7-4.7 depending where we are in our respective orbits). So, perhaps one of the `outer planets' fits this? Did they blow up Saturn?* (new meme birth)

Is there any logic that the other species destroyed the Grey's world which was one of our outer planets of the solar system?

Fully conscious while IN an OBE?
Now, remember, SUV will ASSUME that all stories told are true perceptually.

Could this be someone obsessed with having non-ordinary contact with conscious entities or the projection of such? Three thousand books would suggest that. I've also found in my own non ordinary perceptions within normal reality that when one beckons the unknown - the unknown can provide that experience.

The experience also sounds much like a controlled lucid dream except the control isn't in the hands of the dreamer. It also resembles the states of mind attained in Dr. Charles Tart's book `Altered States of Consciousness' where he had two people mutually hypnotize each other and they entered into a separate reality.

Finally, the `simpleness', frankly, of the `don't destroy your world' theme variation of this dream/obe - after 3000 UFO books - could only have played out finally, with one FINAL `here you go' from the Fortean side - in such an extreme manner.
Is perception all about Structures?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Transparent Dome Occupied By Two Childlike Creatures.

With the continual build up of UFO links in the bin - I've decided that in 2013 I will be using this blog more to feature them in addition to the ones I feature on UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock. I suspect, like this link, that many of the links for SUV will be from the files of Ken Pfeifer of MUFON - as this is:


Buff Ledge Camp in Vermont would be the site of a visitation by four UFOs which would appear, make revolutionary aerial maneuvers, and alter the lives of at least two young people.  Buff Ledge was a girls camp located north of Burlington on Lake Champlain. During their tenure as summer camp employees, Michael Lapp, a sixteen year old maintenance man, and 19 year old water ski instructor Janet Cornell were relaxing at a boat dock on a slack day. On this particular August afternoon, the swim team had a made a trip to Burlington to compete in a meet, and the camp was virtually deserted. Late in the afternoon, the two friends were enjoying the view of the sun setting over the water, when a bright light appeared in the darkening sky.
At first, Michael thought they were being treated to a beautiful, close up view of the planet Venus. All of a sudden, the glowing light began to move downward, and ever closer to Michael and Janet. The object, at first a round glow, now began to flatten out as it came even closer. Michael shouted, “Wow! Venus is falling.”  As the two steadfastly watched the light, three smaller lights seemed to drop from the larger one, which quickly moved up and disappeared from sight. The three smaller objects began to move over the lake. They were obviously under intelligent control. The objects put on a show for Michael and Janet, doing zigzag maneuvers, loops, and then descended like falling leaves. The three objects now moved even closer to the two baffled teenagers. After forming a triangle, two of the objects pulled back. Michael would later recall a sound “like a thousand tuning forks” when the two left the third craft alone.  The one remaining UFO passed over Michael and Janet, then shot upward and momentarily disappeared. It very soon reappeared, tilted to one side, and dropped into the lake. A couple of minutes seemed to pass before the object reemerged from the water, and began gliding straight toward them!  The object was now close enough to see a transparent dome occupied by two childlike creatures. Michael would describe the beings as having elongated necks, big heads, and no hair. Their eyes were also large, and extended around the side of their heads. Michael began to sense a kind of mental communication with the two beings. Watching them intently, Michael slapped his knee, and to his surprise, one of the occupants mimicked his movement.
The craft now moved directly overhead, and shot a beam at Michael and Janet. Grabbing Janet’s shoulder, Michael pulled both of them on their backs on the dock. Suddenly, Michael was overcome with the fear of being kidnapped.  He remembers screaming, “We don’t want to go!” The light from the beam was so bright that Michael recalls being able to see the bones in his hand, like an X-ray. The two teenagers both later related that the beam had a “liquid” feeling to it, and gave them the sense of free floating.  Their next conscious thoughts would be that of staring at the object again from the dock. The sky was now totally black, and Michael wondered how long he had been in this one spot. Looking at Janet, he could see that she was in a trancelike state; drowsy and disoriented.  They now heard the welcome sounds of the swim team returning from their meet in Burlington. The UFO now moved upward into the black sky, flashed its light beam repeatedly, and then vanished from sight.




Strange enough for you?
Dig into the archive for much more strangeness!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fireworks Hoaxer, Or, New Sky Sound Phenomena?

I was going to cover this on UDCC (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock), but decided that perhaps Strange UFO Videos was the place for this to have a home. On the surface, this appears to be perhaps fireworks or some laying in of a soundtrack onto fireworks or a sophisticated hoaxer balloon light show with fireworks . But, is it? Happened in Indianapolis about 10 days ago: 3-1 Positive to Negative ratio of opinion votes at YT and about 65K views already:
So, mysterious LOUD booms from near multiple lights of changing colors, with a final drop of what appears to be more `lights' (or fireworks droppings?). 
This is what the poster of the video said:
A series of mysterious booms over Indianapolis around 12:14 am on jan 7th 2013. I say three big ones total. when we heard the first one a few minutes before, i grabbed my phone because of all the sirens. the lights would have been in the northeast direction. I live in 46th & Sherman area. Last boom shook our house so hard it cracked a window. I don't know if these are planes, Missiles or UFOs but my family was terrified
You can also find this video covered Here at Strange Sounds.ORG - in the comments a person claims to show the `original' video - I looked and again, am not so sure they found the proof of a trolling hoaxer. That said, I think my explanation of a balloon, led, fireworks set up may be much closer to the truth.
Finally, this story is also covered Here at a blog that has a sidebar and bloglist to die for.

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