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Friday, February 1, 2013

1973, Alien Abduction AND Animal Multilation

This is from my bin of Ken Pfeifer sent articles he has culled from his sources and shared with UFO bloggers such as myself. As he says, it is one of the very few reports of alien abduction AND a cow abduction at the same time. It's of interest that the person indicates feeling a bi-location element of the whole experience. Let's go to the report:


One of the few UFO encounter cases which also involved animal mutilation occurred in May, 1973, and involved four women. Judy Doraty, her daughter Cindy, Judy's mother and sister-in-law would have the most terrifying experience of their lives.
After playing Bingo in Houston, the four women were returning to Judy's home town of Texas City, but first going by Alto Loma to drop off Judy's sister and brother-in-law.
After dropping off the two in Alto Loma, the remaining four saw a strange light, which seemed to be hovering in the night sky. The sight was intriguing enough that the four women stopped, and got out of the car to get a clearer look at the source of the light. They watched in awe until the light disappeared. They then resumed their trip to Texas City.
Eventually, Judy began to suffer from extreme headaches and anxiety. After being seen and dismissed by several doctors, she was referred to well-known Ufologist and hypnotist Dr. Leo Sprinkle. Sprinkle's previous experience with the UFO enigma led him to recommend hypnosis as a way to relieve Judy of her emotional trauma. There can be little doubt that Sprinkle suspected an abduction from the beginning.
Under hypnosis, it was revealed that Judy had apparently been abducted aboard an extra-terrestrial spacecraft. Judy went on in detail, describing how a cow was taken up into the craft and methodically mutilated by two "small entities." During the hypnotic regression, Judy described the unusual sensation of being in two places at once. She said that she was still standing beside her car after they stopped to watch the strange light in the sky.
However, Judy also said that at the same time, she was in a strange chamber watching the gruesome experiment unfolding before her eyes. Footage of this regression was included in Linda Moulton-Howe's award-winning documentary "Strange Harvests."
In a 1989 interview on 21st Century Radio, Linda Howe divulged what had been learned from the experience of Judy Doraty:
"Judy described . . . in a pale beam of yellow light, a small brown and white calf being taken up into a craft. Then, in an extraordinary way, [Judy) was inside the craft, and she watches the calf have pieces of it excised: the tongue, the sex organs, the eyes...?"
Some of Sprinkle's hypnosis session is included below:
Sprinkle asks, "Is there anyone around you?" There was this long, almost forty-five-second pause, and then she said: "two little men."
"[The two beings) were about three and a half to four feet tall; grey creatures with large egg-shaped heads."
"It's like a spotlight shining down on the back of my car. And it's like it has substance to it. I can see an animal being taken up in this. I can see it squirming and trying to get free. And it's like it's being sucked up."
She then went on to mention seeing her daughter Cindy on an 'operating' table.
She went on:
"They don't listen, they just ignore me....go about their work as if it's nothing. They don't seem to have any emotions. They don't seem to care. They just take some samples from her..."
It would be a number of years later when Judy's daughter Cindy would also undergo regressive hypnosis. Her session only corroborated her mother's. 


More of the short Grey alien Motif and their relentless doing who knows what for who knows what reason.
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  1. Here is what troubles me..... Whether human or other animal mutilation, the aliens show a level of cruel disregard for pain and suffering. The pathologist that autopsied the man in Brazil who was mutilated stated that the victim was alive at the time of the procedures (i.e. vital reaction). We also have numerous stories of animals being mutilated in the same manner. I would have assumed that a more advanced life form would disavow violence and cruelty simply because it is not necessary. So what explains this?

  2. FFKLING - First, I much appreciate your comment and readership. As I'm sure you are aware the abduction phenomena is a very slippery slope and the number of `phenomenological' human abductions is quite minimal IMO. Of those that are indeed phenomenological - we must consider the possibility that humans could be involved too (unlikely). And, that the `aliens' are really a biological robot in a sense (no breeding population on a craft, etc)- and perhaps lack emotion in any manner - (and to be able to perform within their environment).

    And, I'd have to disagree slightly with your premise as the folks who claim abduction (non nighttime bed adventures)being in pain when they are `examined' -- fear, yes and disbelief yes - but I rarely remember of those who say they were in agony (but they perhaps expected agony.)

    All that said, you are right that some seemingly `alien abductions' seem ruthless at a minimum and perhaps `bad/evil `aliens'' is the answer on that one.



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