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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tyson - Humans Might Be `Too Stupid' For Aliens To Deal With

Hard to argue with what is an obvious point when taken to the world `leader' level I'd say - especially one driven by the almighty buck:

Easy fun video to watch:
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Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 - STRANGE UFO Tale - Baltimore Maryland (Latest MUFON Reports)

Really, ..... one of the strangest tales of the calendar year 2013 - a Neighborhood UFO with 15 yes 15 UFO's:
July 13th Baltimore UFO

After leaving my parents home @ 10:35 last night, I saw what I can only describe as my close encounter. As I approached the hill at the end of their street, I noticed lights rising above the tree line that borders Prettyboy reservoir, one by one, the lights rose up slowly, strategically, and in a manner unlike any aircraft I have ever seen. They were uniform in color, shape and size. These amber colored, disc shaped, lights were at least 50x larger then the biggest star visible to the naked eye, and as bright as car headlights set on high. They were staggered in their alignment and some of the lights hovered and appeared to wait as the others that were observable through the trees slowly rose up to complete the formation. I would approximate that there were at least 15 crafts visible and hovering above the trees, but it was also dawning on me that this was not normal; you just dont see things like this unless you are watching a Will Smith movie!! I was in panic mode now.
I quickly backed down the street and into my parents driveway. Barefoot and tripping over myself I stumbled into my parents house. Breathless and in broken english I tried to explain what I had just witnessed. Better yet, I talked my mother in to coming back out with me so that I could show her firsthand. We arrived at the spot where I had seen the crafts and two were still visible. I suggested we drive around the reservoir to see more. At this point we did notice the sky was bright pink, my satellite radio wasn’t working, and we both felt cold electrical charges throughout our bodies. After a half hour or so I turned around to take my mother home.
As we approached my parents street I commented on how I was feeling that cold, electrical feeling again, only it was even more pronounced. My mother responded and told me not to freak out but there was a good explanation for this - there was a craft directly above my car! It was at this point I saw an amber glow outlining my car. To the right of us we saw 15+ crafts hovering above my parents house, just as before, only this time I had a witness, and better yet, I wasnt alone!! By the time we turned into my mother’s street and into her driveway, the crafts had vanished- that quick. My mother and I have had a long history of unusual happenings, and we have never doubted that we aren’t alone in this vast universe of ours, but to see that many crafts at the same time was unreal!!! 

red is my emphasis
House hovering, car hovering, experiences.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

1966 - Australia - 200 See Flying Saucer (Update)

It certainly fits the `amazing UFO story' category:
Here's just a bit more about it - 1966 Westall UFO and other UFO cases on the 66th anniversary of Roswell.
Happy Anniversary

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Twist On Hovering Jet Liner Phenomena (Latest MUFON Reports)

One of the more bizarre offshoots of the UFO phenomena is when the UFO phenomena exhibits/displays as a `stuck airliner' in the sky. This most recent possible example was in Las Vegas Nevada on Saturday -- here a quick one from the latest MUFON reports. Note the `twist'.... he could still HEAR it!

Was driving home and noticed a plane low over the rooftops. Not unusual because mccarren airport is nearby. Pulled into apartment parking lot and thought why is this plane not out of sight it is moving too slow. Then I realised it wasnt moving forward at all. It was hovering over the complex. It looked like suspended in time or frozen in place but I could still hear the engine. Sounded like a normal plane. So I just stopped driving in the middle of the parking lot and a few seconds later it started to move forward again at normal speed. I parked my car real fast and walked back around the building and it was gone! I have a clear view all the way to the strip but it was just vanished within 30 seconds..
Sounds..... like a time-slip of some sort... Oh, BTW, my other UFO blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock has quite a bit on the hanging jetliner phenomena.
We may need to add a new phrase into our name at Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos -- the phrase would be Amazing UFO Pictures. This one, from Manhattan is part of the `I didn't see it at the time' formula and taken on June 5th of this year as part of a double decker bus in NYC:
OR, is it a streetlight (with support removed)?
blimp-like structure
important, because of the government response 
2006 O'Hare Airport
2008 Stephenville Texas
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Monday, July 8, 2013

1980 - Ufala Alabama ---- Orb Follows Car (MUFON Reports)

Here's a great `amazing UFO story':
In the late 70s early 80s riding in a van about daybreak, myself and 4 of my band mates were on the way back to Atl. Ga. from a show we had done. I was in the back of the van when I heard one of the guys say , look at that star or light, I cant remember which, is following us. I went to the front of the van and looked out and saw a bright lite that appeared to be following us. I explained to them that it just appeared that way because we were doing about 60 miles an hour. We continued to watch for several minutes and by this time it was completely daylight. No stars in the sky except this bright light. Thats when I started watching real close. It appeared to be stationary but still looked like it was following us if that makes sense. This had gone on for about 30 minutes. Without warning the light as I will call it, dropped down about tree level and accelerated very fast ahead of us. At this point I knew it wasnt just a star in the sky. It appeared to move very fast effortlessly and at some times dropped below tree level. We could only see it through the trees. All this time that went by, about 50 minutes, we never saw another vehicle or person other than ourselves. Just as fast as it appeared, it disappeared. Just seconds after it disappeared, we started seeing cars and other vehicles. We were all pretty freaked out, so we pulled over and talked about what we had seen. I only told a few people in my life about this for fear of them thinking I was crazy. I was so thankful I had several other people with me or I wouldnt have believed it myself. Over the years I lost contact with most of those guys, except one. We have remained good friends over all these years, and still to this day we talk about that mourning on the back roads of southern Alabama. He says he doesnt discuss it with anyone but me because he knows I saw the same thing he saw. One thing I forgot to mention, Its been 30 years. About 15 or 20 minutes after we first noticed this object, we pulled over on the side of the road, got out of the van and just looked at the object. It looked like a bright star, but only a few hundred yards in the sky. At that time, it never moved. Just sat there. What was strange to us at the time was, no clouds, no stars in the sky, and it was completely daylight by this time. Not until we saw it accelerate past us through the trees that we knew something wasnt normal. I never have been able to explain to myself what I saw.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

MUFON Video - The July 6th `Ohio Lights' (latest MUFON reports) - MULTIPLE VIDEOS

It's a cool, strange, `UFO' video - that said, various red flags such as a non-detailed report (right down to NOT identifying the city) - no reaction on video --- short video with no ending. Obviously, could be a sophisticated light show with kites or RC objects too. Nonetheless, of interest:
What the heck, right?
More Ohio Lights - Same Night, likely the same event - Columbus Ohio - and also from the latest MUFON reports:
your other UFO website
One More?
Oh, IF you think the above is something - you may want to check out a video that I am referring to as one of the best MUFON videos in a long time - long time. Daytime - Black Orb/Blob - Blinking (California this week)
kindle book, 3.49
2006 Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Incident
2008 Stephenville Texax UFO Events

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Best UFO `READS' Of 2012 - Part One

As our amazing and strange readership probably knows - this blog is the second fiddle to my main UFO blog called UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock -- especially in that I `write in-depth' much more there than here (here I focus on letting you read the citizen reports). So, I thought I'd bring a bit of a breather in the type of `reading' material to you today and perhaps tomorrow. 

What you see below are some of my `in-depth' posts about UFOlogy that I wrote in 2012 - many of these are probably going into an E-book before too long. Read some of them today:

The man who broke the Jerusalem UFO/Orb to the world via YouTube in January 2011 - has started his own websites to talk about the event. I dig into what he is doing now and provide links to the 2011 coverage of the Jerusalem ORB on UDCC - as this was THE most controversial UFO video of the past year(s).
Have you heard the strange sky sounds yet? Would you admit it if you did? IF some folks, your neighbor for instance, said they heard them and you didn't - would you think he's going nuts?

This is a takeoff on what may happen if the Sky Noise Phenomena gets more widespread. Be aware.
Is it possible that the US Government `answered' the UFO question in fall 2011 to SUPPRESS the coverage of UFOs?
Would you like to see what's in the next installment?

I've combined two of my best sellers into this new re-packaged book below
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And, the 2008 Stephenville Texas UFO Events
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saturday Night Orange Orbs Visit Near Erie PA - Rescue Units Respond? (Latest MUFON Reports)

This one was about to go off the latest 20 MUFON report list - and it's a real dozy. FOUR Orange orbs with a `white light' and `object structure' traveled along Lake Erie and were observed by this couple. After one landed......... well, I'll let the story proceed:
Four Orange Orbs In Erie PA (link to story shown below)

Myself and two other family members were walking our dogs down Lakeside Drive in North East, Pennsylvania (a town just northeast of Erie, PA) at around 10:00pm near our home when we saw an orange orb traveling over Lake Erie, less than a quarter-mile from the beach which is located down the lake bank that runs parallel to the street (the bank drops about 30 feet to the beach below). The orb traveled west to east across the lake and it was flying low at around 200 feet. It was a solid orange glow, similar to a flare but not pulsating and there was no trail or sparks behind it. There was a single blinking white light at the rear of the object but no visible wings or any other lights that one would see on a plane. It traveled in a slow arc across the lake and we moved to the edge of the lake bank to get a closer look. The sky was growing dark but was not pitch black in the area we were looking because the sun sets direct over the lake, in the horizon in the direction of Canada.
30 seconds later we saw another orange orb of the exact same appearance (orange orb with a blinking white light in the rear) move in the same flight pattern behind the previous object. When it moved across our field of vision, we lost sight of the first object behind some trees along the lake bank. The second object also soon disappeared behind these same trees from our field of vision.
30 seconds after this second object disappeared, two orange orbs appeared, one following the other in the same direction, travelling west to east. Both objects stopped and hovered over the water. The one in front suddenly lost its orange glow but a solid object remained silhouetted against the sky and changed directions northward in the direction of Canada. During this time, the object in the rear slowly descended to the water below. It landed on the water and stayed there for 10 seconds before the orange glow suddenly darkened and there object sank into the water, leaving ripples behind that were visible by the faint bit of moonlight across the lake.
Two men in a truck pulled up near our road after the objects were out of our sight and told us they were looking for a way to view a lightweight air craft that they were told was being launched over the lake. I believed at the time that they must have heard something on a police scanner about some sort of demonstration over the lake but I have yet to hear anything in the Erie Times or on the news. After about 10 minutes we saw fire trucks and police cars heading in the direction of Orchard Beach Park, in the direction from where the objects originated in our field of vision. We also saw a Coast Guard vessel and two police boats searching the water where the last orb sank. After using search lights they eventually stopped and focused on one area, the same area where we saw the object sink. So far no one else has reported this sighting to my knowledge. 
Amazing UFO Stories
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only two UFO events from 2000-2009 even mattered to the mainstream media

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MUFON Investigated New Jersey Alien Abductions

I have a few from Ken Pfeifer that are in the bin - what do you say we take care of them:


Investigator Evelyn Galson writes, “On February 5, 2004, George Filer and I went to talk to Ann Francis, and investigate more about her experiences. She was open and friendly and seemed very sincere. She revealed to us many things that her family had been experiencing. Ann Francis has had some college, she was also a member of Mensa for very high IQs. The society welcomes people from different walks of life whose IQ is in the top 2 % of the population. She left college and ended her studies because she wanted to get married, but is now planning to return and take classes in physics. When she was a young child she lived in Pennsville, N.J. on a dead end road surrounded by woods and a swamp. She was told never to go into the woods by her Mom. When she was three years old, she was taken out through the window of her bedroom by two beings. These beings looked like Pebbles and Bamm Bamm from the cartoon called The Flintstones. She was taken high above the trees, down below she saw a round ship on the ground with an opened hatch. Standing in the open hatch she saw a tall Gray with long arms and legs. She had, also, seen another ship just above the ship that was on the ground, but high in the sky. As she watched she saw trucks with canvas tops coming down the road she lived on. The beings that had her changed their appearance, they were now small Grays. They kept her just below tree level moving her in and out as if to hide her, they didn't want her to be seen. She doesn't know what happened in between this time period, it is a little unclear. The next thing she remembers is being dropped from above and falling onto her bed. (As an adult she realized the trucks were military vehicles.) When she was a young girl she had a game she played with her sister. She had the ability to locate people if she concentrated on them. Her sister would go in her room and Ann could tell her exactly were she was in the room at different times. This really made her sister nervous, because she couldn't understand how she was doing it. Ann didn't know how she did it either, just that she was able to do it. Ann’s grandparents lived in Glassboro, N.J. and she remembers playing in the backyard with neighborhood children and seeing small triangular shaped flying objects with lights and buttons on them and two handles on the front. She remembers that the children could fly and ride on them. They were young, so they didn't question their ability to fly or where they came from.
NEW YORK - When Ann was older she was still having experiences while living in New York, she was taken up into a ship and was told by gray aliens to remember what she was seeing. Looking out the window of their ship, she could see into the windows of a huge craft that was right next to them and she could see people and Grays.
On another day, as she was walking in the city and passed a store window with a photo of Whitley Strieber, the author of “Communion,” she became very upset because she knew him, and remembers seeing him on one of the ships when she was taken. She wrote to him and told him about it. She said that she has seen humans on ships and they were working with the aliens. She remembers being taken to a desert like place in a valley, with Pueblo Indian type buildings. On the inside there were four sets of four cubic areas, the walls could close, but there was no ceiling on top of these cubic areas. There was a bed and a sink and a place to put things. She was shown a dining hall and bathrooms for men and another for women. The complex appeared to be a training base where people were being taught by the aliens. She remembers sitting at a curved panel, it had lights and small knobs on it. There was an oval object in the panel which she would place her hand on and move it around apparently learning to fly their craft. She knew this place was a Training Camp, and she was being trained as were the others but she didn't know exactly what she was being trained for. She remembers hearing in her mind a comment by a Gray, that "They are training well."
KENS NOTE:  I started investigating for George Filer and MUFON in 2006.  We have had a couple more alien abduction cases in the south Jersey area.  One in Glassboro and one in Camden New Jersey. There are sincere people who have had a very strange experience.  Dealing with the experience is the hardest part.  It seems that talking about it has helped in many ways.  Sometimes you are afraid to open up Pandoras box but sometimes it has to be done.  I applaud the witnesses who have had the courage to come forth with their abduction experiences.  

Special thanks to Filer Files WWW.NATIONALUFOCENTER.COMAND
And, how about another.....



I was coming home from work it was about 1am.  I turned into my driveway and my house is a half mile off main road.  Driving down my road, I noticed a light in my rearview mirror.  I thought it was newly installed street lights but then the light started rising up too high to be a street light. I stopped my van got out and watched as several other lights begin to rise up from the ground level.  They started moving in my direction at 40-50 feet high.  They came within 200 ft.from me and I got back in my van and raced down my dirt road to my house.  When I got out of the van I saw them coming.  I watched them until they stopped overhead and hovered at tree top level.  Unnerved, I got back in my van and drove like hell away from there back down my dirt road to the main road.  In a panicked state, I drove to my friends house about 3 miles away but he wasn't home.  Driving back to my house there was a orange dodge ramcharger driving like a bat out of hell coming from the direction of my house.  As I rounded the curve I saw the lights over the main road.  The guy in the ramcharger must have seen them too.  Driving about 80 mph I drove under the lights and back to my house.  As I drove under the lights they started following me.  When I got back to my house I could see them coming.  When they came over my property, I went in the house and got my guns and came back out.  They were hovering over me no more than 50 ft.  I could have thrown a rock and hit them.  There were 7 white orbs about 10-12 ft. wide.  I raised my .22 rifle with a scope and was going to shoot but when I looked thru the scope to shoot, I could see right thru them, and see the stars behind them. As I was ready to pull the trigger, a very strong calming feeling washed over me and I felt at peace like nothing I've ever felt.  I propped my gun against a light pole I was standing by and just watched them for what felt like 10 min. They started leaving, heading in a line towards the full moon.  I watched until they were out of sight.  When I went back inside my house I looked at the clock and it was 4:30 am.  I know what I seen could not have taken more than 45 min to an hour. I can't explain the missing time....

As I said, the bin is rarely this full with great Amazing UFO Stories:



I was sitting outside one night reading. All of the sudden it felt as though something was smothering me. I started to panic because I couldn't breathe. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Then the edges of my vision became blurry and more and more of my vision started getting that way until it looked like I was looking through a screen of smoke. Suddenly I felt cold all over (and I not only live in Florida so that's unusual, but I also never get cold) Then when my vision cleared I was in a room. The room was pure white with what I think was flourecent lights all over the place. I was laying on a hard surface. I saw movement off in the distance but I couldn't make out who or what it was. All my fear was gone. I felt numb all over. I remember closing my eyes and not too long after I felt some one grab my wrist. I opened my eyes and there was what looked like a human female only taller then any one I've seen standing above me. Their skin was rough and cold and their eyes looked like they saw everything and knew everything. They took a sharp instrument and made a small slice in my hand. Then I felt something crawling up my arm. I couldn't see it but I could feel it. It was heading for the cut. I wasn't afraid. It was like I -wanted- it to happen. Then all of a sudden I couldn't feel it any more. I saw more movement in the background and voices talking in a language I couldn't understand (and I'm the kind of person who can tell you off in 133 different languages) Then something passed over my face and I think it had made me fall asleep or knocked me out or something. I then remember waking up on a hard white bed. I saw a few cages in the room with small animals in it (squirrels, rabbits etc...) They came to me and took my wrist in their hand again, and once again I felt something crawl up my arm then dig inside of the cut. Once again I heard murmers in another language then it sounded like they said it inside of my head but a soft voice whispered "We're taking you home" Then there I was back in my yard my book laying next to me open and a cut on my palm that was no longer bleeding. When I looked up at the sky, I discovered that it was almost daylight.  Since this event (almost a year ago) the person has experienced a sensitivity to bright lights and a feeling of being "disconnected" on occasions. Just 4 months ago the person also woke up one day with a "heart shaped" burn on the hand, but this caused no pain. There appears to have been no sighting of any UFO, but it does resemble other abductions in many ways. We would love to hear from anyone who has also had an experience like this. Special thanks to Billy Booth
Lots to consider in all these strange accounts - don't you think? Comments are always welcome:


Our whole family's close encounter with a UFO at approximately 7 pm back in February of 1969, in East Canaan Connecticut.  My recollection of the event is as follows. We and my Mother, Father, sister and myself were heading North up our driveway in our car. We got about halfway up our drive when a bright multi colored object about 60 feet in diameter appeared in front of us at about 500 yards in front of our car we were facing in a North Direction.  It hovered at about 500 feet above ground for about 45 seconds above a tree line that was across Route 44 at the top of our driveway.  The craft made a humming type of sound then the craft elevated in a bright green flash and disappeared in a North Westerly direction.  The night was very crisp, clear and very very cold and after the craft disappeared we agreed NOT to say anything about this event. The craft itself was greyish silver in appearance and resembled a childs antique spinning top.  It was about 60 feet wide and about 20-40 feet tall and it had circular pulsating lights in the middle of the craft.  There were also small portal type windows above the circulating lights and the lights seemed to rotate in a clockwise motion, then reverse direction to a counter clockwise motion.  That same year in September about 4 miles away in Ashley Falls Massachusetts in Berkshire County one of the worlds most scrutinized and studied UFO abduction cases to date took place as well. Up until 1 week ago after seeing a new UFO show on The Science Chanel about that abduction case in Ashley Falls Mass, I had no idea this event and several others like it involving the same individuals as the first Ashley Falls Mass sighting in that area even occurred.  I thought I and my family were the only ones who saw any type of UFO and that there was no other UFO activity in that surrounding area at very close range.  We saw this craft at less than 500 yards away at about 500 feet above ground hovering for almost 1 minute.  Our family agreed never to speak about this event minutes after it happened and for all intents and purposes none of us ever did until now.  I have been seeking answers as to why 1 week after our sighting I had a recurring 3 year nightmare/dream.  I post this interview so that you all may listen to this and possibly if you yourself had an event you might come forward and speak of it with someone or share it.  I will be seeking council with a world renowned UFO abduction hypnotist and I myself will be hypnotized and hope to find out why my dreams happened over and over and what happened after the nightmare and dream state paralysis ended and my memory faded each time.  I also taped this interview as this is the first time in over 40 years I have actually talked with my mother about our sighting and wanted to confer with her and possibly gain some new insight or possibly remember parts of the event that were forgotten in my memory.  This event was real and it completely changed/ altered my mind and it is my hope, that with all I have been through with relation to this event as recently as 2011, to gain some sense of WHY !!!  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

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