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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Twist On Hovering Jet Liner Phenomena (Latest MUFON Reports)

One of the more bizarre offshoots of the UFO phenomena is when the UFO phenomena exhibits/displays as a `stuck airliner' in the sky. This most recent possible example was in Las Vegas Nevada on Saturday -- here a quick one from the latest MUFON reports. Note the `twist'.... he could still HEAR it!

Was driving home and noticed a plane low over the rooftops. Not unusual because mccarren airport is nearby. Pulled into apartment parking lot and thought why is this plane not out of sight it is moving too slow. Then I realised it wasnt moving forward at all. It was hovering over the complex. It looked like suspended in time or frozen in place but I could still hear the engine. Sounded like a normal plane. So I just stopped driving in the middle of the parking lot and a few seconds later it started to move forward again at normal speed. I parked my car real fast and walked back around the building and it was gone! I have a clear view all the way to the strip but it was just vanished within 30 seconds..
Sounds..... like a time-slip of some sort... Oh, BTW, my other UFO blog UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock has quite a bit on the hanging jetliner phenomena.
We may need to add a new phrase into our name at Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos -- the phrase would be Amazing UFO Pictures. This one, from Manhattan is part of the `I didn't see it at the time' formula and taken on June 5th of this year as part of a double decker bus in NYC:
OR, is it a streetlight (with support removed)?
blimp-like structure
important, because of the government response 
2006 O'Hare Airport
2008 Stephenville Texas
just click it

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