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Friday, February 22, 2013

Close 1991 UFO Experience Convinces Citizen Of UFO Powersource

It's fresh out of the Latest MUFON Reports Latest MUFON Reports- a detailed account of a multiple person sighting of a close UFO - with significant detail concerning the craft. The full report is here Close 1991 UFO Sighting:
I was camping out with a friend at Howell springs,near Hachita,N.M.We had a campfire going and were just sitting around and shooting the breeze.I had just looked at my watch a few minutes earlier.I dont know what made me look but,I turned my head and looked up the hill and there was a flying saucer just hovering above the ground about twenty-five ft.I got up off the ice chest I was sitting on.I called it to the attention of my buddy and we walked up the hill and stood next to it.It was about 60 ft across and had a ring that was not attached to anything but it had an upper and lower track that was stationary and the middle ring rotated at the same speed as the oval shaped red and green lights that pulsated around the saucer intermittently.The saucer was kind of metallic looking but you felt like you could see through it,but you couldnt.I was expecting little geen men to start coming out of this sumbitch,but nothing happened.It just sat there hovering about 45 minutes.Then the middle ring and the lights started spinning really fast and I mean fast then it turned like white hot and swish, that fast it looked like the most distant star you could see.It went north.After all the excitement to put it mildly,we walked back down to camp 
we talked about it till there was nothing left to say.we were sitting in the exact same place,this was about three hours later, and the exact same thing happened again Every detail was exactly like the first time.We decided we better not tell anyone because they would think we were crazy or some thing.But now I just gotta. I havent seen my buddy sincce the end of the job we were working on together but if you ask him hell tell you the same thing. 
theres one thing I know,I could build you one.I know how they work.and I know why they work. 
the best way to describe how I felt was just awe stricken.I was not afraid,just awe stricken,and I remember trying to send them telepathy to give me a ride on it and they came back but like I said,S every thing was exactly the second time as it was the first time. 
Sometimes when I wake up,Ill say something off the wall,and I have no idea where it came from,like cosmic shouting center or inter galactic harmonic reciprocator,which is pretty cool but some what strange,dont you think? ...

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The citizens description of an identical time loop is certainly adds an high strangeness element - although the idea of the UFO `returning' is in no way unusual. Amazing UFO Stories, from before the days of near saturation of camera carrying. 
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  1. Hello, I have had contact and communicated with alien beings 3 seperate accounts, an alien grey communicated with me from the window of its craft outside my home other independant witnesses claim to have seen this craft allover the town, facinating details to this story!! also i have had face to face contact with beings i can discribe as humans made of light , much detail , for a full interview or brief outline please contact me asap
    kind regards

  2. Kris,

    First, I appreciate your contact. I'd be happy to share or not share your experiences with my readership (meaning you can keep it private to just myself and your account). When I hit your profile, it now takes me to a non descript Google+ profile, much like mine as I don't know what to do with G+ either. Anyway, I don't see any e-mail address for you. You are welcome to contact me via if you wish or you can simply use this comment form as I screen all comments.



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