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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1998 - Detroit, Flock Of Football Sized Low Flying UFO's

Once again, AUS-SUV does not need to go any further than the today's Latest MUFON Reports for some `Amazing Strangeness'. The headline gives you the basics - now the details:
One night in the summer of 1998 I arrived home with my parents and siblings. While I was standing on the porch listening to my family talk and waiting for my dad to unlock the front door, I looked up at the sky and saw 4-6 objects flying almost directly above me at approximately the same height as the rooftops, lower than the tops of the streetlights. The objects appeared identical: all appeared to be solid and dull-white or greyish-white in color but otherwise featureless, egg-shaped and football-size. They were flying close together in a cluster similar to a flock of birds, though their flight pattern was markedly different than that of birds. The objects moved in circular motions, as if orbiting each other in flight. They were moving at around the same speed as sea birds. They moved in a direct path three houses down to the corner of my block and then they changed direction and flew directly over the first house on the next block on the opposite side of the street. Coming from the east, I saw them flying west and then turn southwest. At this point I simply lost sight of the objects. The street was McCormick and they turned at the corner of Duprey heading towards Moross/7 Mile in Detroit. I focused on the objects and followed them with my eyes for 4 or 5 seconds in silence and bewilderment. Because they kept twirling around, I could not get an exact count but there were no less than 4 and no more than 6. I do not believe it was a case of mistaken identity as they were clearly not birds. They did not have heads, wings, tails, or appendages of any kind. Immediately after the sighting, I told my family what I had just seen. My parents described the event as "weird" and commented that it may have been spiritual activity, though I remained unsure of what I had seen. Startled but in a clear and sober state of mind, I immediately wrote down my sighting, describing it in detail. I recently found the journal entry, though I have never forgotten what I saw that night. This sighting occurred in either July or August of 1998. I regret not having recording the date, but I have described exactly what I wrote 15 years ago. I was 15 years old. The MUFON Link

- M

Pretty advanced for the family to suggest the seeing of `spiritual activity' as that is indeed one possible explanation for such events too. That said, these objects in this report do NOT have the orb characteristic as much as characteristics of probes.
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