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Monday, December 19, 2016

Recent Las Vegas Strip UFO Picture?

Probably a good example as to why I stopped the daily checking of the latest 20 UFO reports from MUFON. -'s one of those "I saw it later" type of photos of perhaps some light in the sky (almost for sure some glare from in the car or window)....I stress perhaps.'s the full story and the two pictures...yum. Yawn.
The sighting was 11/29/16 and it was reported today - 12/19/16
Here's the link to the MUFON submission

I was driving my mother's car with her in the passenger seat and held the camera directly next to the windshield, using the rear view mirror to steady it. My intent was to take pictures of two large condominium mid-rise towers approximately 15 stories tall. The camera was an iPhone 6 (8 Megapixel resolution). I took 3 shots, the first 2 of which included the UFOs. One is a highly visible blue round shape similar to a satellite dish. Other is a large dark ship above the blue one, with faint lights around the perimeter and two somewhat brighter lights on the left facing side (front?). Note the change of position of the objects from one picture to the next. There was definitely nothing in the vehicle that would cause reflection or glare. My vision was focused on the road ahead and not on the sky. We were traveling east (southeast at that particular location) on Alta Drive (Summerlin/Las Vegas) at the speed limit (35mph) approaching One Queensridge Place condo towers. As I was focused on the road, I did not notice the UFOs until later that night when looking at the pictures on my phone.
And, one of the two pictures
I do have more UFO material I will be blogging. I am also updating some of the State UFO blogs and will run across material for these pages. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Recycling Old Alien Stories

This one complete with photos of the craft - the alien - all debunked nearly 18 years ago - the ALIENS are here crowd is beyond freaked out by this point btw.
Eric Ouellet was one of the bloggers at The C Influence with myself and other paranormal bloggers about 5 years ago - he has since went on to write about the UFO phenomena with some distinction...many of the ideas he presents here I totally agree with 
some outtakes
E3. Altered states of consciousness and visionary experience, possibly in the context of a shared event with other people or involving some form of ESP experience such as telepathy, premonition, clairvoyance, etc. In such situation, there might be a mundane flying object that gets “mixed up” in the witness’ consciousness. Jenny Randles’ concept of “Oz Factor” covers many of such cases. Some abduction experiences might also be explained in such a way (see Brian Thompson. (1994)

click above book cover for Eric's book

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Orb/UFO Leaves Moon Crater?

Hello UFO buffs - today' find is from our Moon - and what potentially could be lurking there.... from Orbs to `flying saucers' (I can't vouch for the poster and as always be suspicious.)
863 Views and about 9/1 positive to negative reaction

Of course I've blogged about Moon Anomalies before at UDCC - so, if you want more - including strange images from one of our greater planets moons - click.
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Orb Materialization's In Australia - Via J.Sparrow

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This one certainly fits the `amazing Videos' category. Shot in Feb. 2016... see brilliant daytime Orbs come and go and flash too - an amazing video IMO.
At UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock - I twice covered J. Sparrow in 2015 ... has some amazing work
706 Views on this video
20/1 positive to negative votes

Thanks for your new readership - Lots In The Archive Too

Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016 Missouri UFO Picture

Hello seekers of sky anomalies...welcome to the new and refreshed Amazing UFO stories. As I've indicated at UDCC - I will be continuing to blog the UFO subject on occasion... without the need to deal in the ugly `UFO Disclosure' BS. Those of you that have discovered this particular extension of my UFO blogging, already know that within this blog are over 150 posts ---- winners too. And IF you are new... dig into the archive and bookmark and return too.

So... today's first post of 2016 will once again take us to the great state of Missouri - a very active UFO area on occasion. When I blogged about heavy UFO activity in Missouri I literally was in touch with Airport managers to ask questions - I will see if I can find that post (or if I've put it in a book). Additionally I use a Missouri UFO picture for my lead picture for my Facebook UFO page... see below:
UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock's Profile Photo

Dear lord... what would you think if some lighted object like this was near you? Oh... it DOESN'T resemble what the person SAW.
So, with all that as a background let's once again go to a recent sighting of a similar object perhaps... with pictures and a full report too.

highlights include
As soon as we got onto hwy 270 my husband pulled to the shoulder so I could try and get some better pictures of this "floating light tower". It seemed like it was less than a quarter of a mile to the right of us at that point.

It was bigger than our truck (ext cab silverado) and made absolutely NO SOUND?! The whole time! That was the most amazing part... How something so big flying through the air could be so quiet? 

As it was passing over us it picked up a tremendous amount of speed. Almost like it noticed us watching it...

So... it seems the skies above Missouri are about to become active again in 2016 - stay tuned.
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