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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1997 - Close Nighttime Encounter With 3 Light Black Triangle

Lots of fear involved in this story from the latest MUFON files - the full account is here 1997 Rural Wisconsin Close Up Triangle UFO Observation but the meat of the account is below:
(RED is AUS-SUV emphasis)
.....As I drove by I saw that thing,thinking it was just something that caught my eye,I backed up to the farm again,there was a black triangle just below the treeline behind the farm,these were big trees.I was shocked at what I saw,It made no sound, NONE!!I couldnt believe it,in my mind I kept thinking over and over,that cant possibly be there,I didnt believe in UFOs,so I got out of my car to take another look,this time there was no doubt a UFO.It was creepy,I was stunned.Then I thought why did you get out of the car,because I was as scared as I have ever been in my life.It was a flat black triangle with three lights one at each corner of the rounded edges.I looked at that thing for a good 20 seconds.Then all of a sudden it started moving,when that happened I went back in my car out of fear!It floated over my car slowly heading for the corn fields.It got about half way out in the field,turned orange and was just gone,it was like the flash on a camera, and that was the last Ive seen it.I didnt tell anyone about it,and just recently I felt like I want to tell the story,get it off my chest,it kind of haunts me, and what better place then here.There is one more thing,people always say they want to see a UFO up close like I did....NO YOU DONT,its not cool,its scary as hell,its not how you imagine it,trust me.......

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  1. It was early morning 1997 and my friend and I were driving towards Olympia Washington from Aberdeen. At this point in time the fog lifts and the sky is crystal clear. My friend who is driving says look a u f o . I Look up and see a super bright silver disk shaped object on its side then straight moving at what seemed the speed of light towards us. I told my friend to stop and pull the truck over. The next thing we see is the craft across the road from us in a clearing just hovering The craft was so bright and sliver it seem to glow and was a saucer shape with a dome top. The bottom of the craft had like an energy field and rotated counter clock wise. A car went by with a woman driving and I will never forget the look of horror on her face as she passed us. We never told anyone about this before because we knew people would think were crazy and didn't know who to report it to. I think what ever they are they knew we had spotted them. For many years I had trouble sleeping and the event still haunts me today.


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