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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1992 - Enormous UFO `Ship' Vanishes INTO A High School

The amazing UFO stories know of no bounds and this story will stretch your imagination for sure. The story below is from just the latest 20 reports to MUFON. The full link to the story is here 1992 Bakersfield California UFO Experience - the highlights are below - my emphasis is in red.

......I came to a stop light and I noticed a red truck in the lane going North suddenly an enormous ship appeared it covered houses and apartment buildings the road it was circular shaped and had lights around the bottom part of it, I honestly dont remember the underneath of it. A little old man in a red pickup truck got out of his truck and watched it as well, I did not talk to him or think about it. 
I was standing outside my car at the stop light. As the Ship crossed all the buildings and road it moved very slowly and as soon as it was across the road 
completely is accelerated into a very high speed to where it vanished I jumped back inside my car and followed it to where I had believed it vanished inside Highland High school inside the School it was pitch black yet 
outside the School were the parking lot is was still light out,.....I could say a lot of other things that have happened since then and recently but I am afraid to say or tell anyone. I just dont have proof, I just dont. So I am going to make sure I carry a camera with me every where I go. The truth is there is others from another world visiting us. I have seen laser beams, smaller ship tiny in formation making forms of aircraft, indescribable miraculous things,......there is some secretive things I havent said that has happened in my bedroom visual things. But even I myself cant believe them and it happens only at night. .

Are you up for another from the latest MUFON reports? This one is from 1990 in Michigan - it's called alien test soil and was a perception of an EIGHT year old at the time:Direct Link
I saw an alien and a UFO in Sawyer Michigan in 1990. I was eight years old. There is a couple from Chicago who own a little cottage who are barely ever there...probably why the alien chose that spot. In watching one of the latest episodes of UFO HUNTERS I was astounded to hear of all the other activity right there in South Haven so close to my sighting. The UFO was hovering right over the cottage spinning really slowly and looked like two dinner plates, one turned upside down on top of the was grey like made of metal...where the plates met there were many different colored lights but when the UFO started spinning faster the colors began to run together...I saw the alien outside of its craft...with an ultrabright yellow-white light surrounding it...It definitely glowed..I was in shock of awe and could not move at first...could barely makeout its outline but it seemed to be tall and skinny..lenghty.It was testing the soil with something that looked like those lights that commonly light walkways up to a persons house only the light from it was ultra bright neon green...I think it was testing the soil..once I could move I ran inside to get my parents and when I returned the alien and the craft were gone...I was amazed that it could leave so quickly. 
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