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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1989 - Russian Military Officer's Alien Abduction Perceptions

One shared with me from Ken Pfeifer from Lon Stricklers great website Phantoms and Monsters. RED is my emphasis.


One of the military officers from the Shihany chemical weapons test range close to the Volga River was returning home from duty in the control post when suddenly for no apparent reason as if hypnotized or narcotized a feeling of calm fell over him. In a trance-like joyful state he walked a long distance from the base and noticed a rainbow-like object in the air and heard a voice inside his head, “Do not be afraid”. When he came closer he could see a dome giving off a dim bluish light. He then felt as if an invisible escalator that took him into the air and sucked him into the middle of the dome-shaped object. He appeared in a spacious circular room, arena-like and heard the voice again, “Don’t worry. You will not be harmed”. At this point he felt afraid, and kept saying to himself that it was just a dream. But he again heard the voice, “No, this is no dream. Everything is real.” When looked around he could see only wave-like walls, as if they were made out of light. In the center of the room there was a kind of round table or pedestal, with a heap of stones on it that gave off a myriad of rainbow colored light. He had the uncanny feeling that time had stopped; he had no idea how long he had been in the room. Suddenly he noticed 2 silhouettes that seemed to appear out of nowhere. They did not approach from anywhere they just appeared suddenly with a kind of fog or shroud enveloping them. He could see that they had gray-greenish faces with a hint of nostrils (flat faces with an almost total absent of noses), huge almond-shaped or slanted eyes. He shuddered with fear when he looked into the eyes, they resembled bottomless dark pits. One entity was obviously a male and the other a female. Their faces were completely expressionless, nor he sees the slightest movement of their eyes or lips. They stretched their arms towards the witness as they approached him. He attempted to defend himself but to no avail. The beings undressed him in quick “confident” movements, as if they had done it numerous times before. The naked witness was put on his back, on a soft and warm couch. He noticed what appeared to be long wiry needles in the alien man’s hands; the entity then began inserting some of the needles into various places on his body. The witness felt neither pain nor discomfort, he felt very relaxed as if was watching the whole scene from another location. He could not remember how long this procedure lasted for. Suddenly the male humanoid vanished into thin air. After that the alien woman removed what appeared to be a shroud from her body, he was then able to see her very clearly. He could see that she was a rare and amazing beauty, like a statuette made out of polished pistachio tree. She then laid next to him in an obvious attempt to seduce him. He touched her belly and the skin felt warm and velvety. Then he touched her breasts, and he found them to be resilient like touching suede-like skin. The alien woman then touched him and he was amazed at how heavy her hands were, like if her bones were made out of metal. Apparently reading his thoughts, she removed her hand immediately. But this only touch from the alien woman was enough for the witness, it felt like an electric charge, he could not resist her any longer and had sex with her. It was slightly quicker than with a normal earth woman. When the sex act was over she enveloped herself with the shroud again and vanished in plain sight. “Get up and dress” he heard the voice in his mind again. He did what he was told and again an invisible escalator removed him out of the dome-shaped craft. The rainbow colored object then seemed to compress into a whitish globe the size of a watermelon, gave off a blinding flash and vanished. When the officer looked at his watch he realized that only 15 minutes had gone by. After the contact the witness lost 23 kilograms of his weight and his blood pressure and health became normal. On several occasions he attempted to tell his story but each time an inner “voice” prevented him from doing so. 

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS       ....................     Thanks to Phantoms and Monsters -

Ready for a second one from Ken?
Red is my emphasis.



On the date of observation, I was in an open field on what was then privately owned property of the Gyrodyne Corporation on the North Shore of Long Island NY near the towns of Flowerfield and Stony Brook. The land is now owned by the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I was in the field that day practicing wilderness survival skills I had been developing after attending a survival school in New Jersey a few years prior. There were no clouds in the immediate vicinity as I have a habit of scanning the sky in order to identify any high flying birds that may be in the area i.e. red tailed hawks. I looked up and the movement of what first appeared to be a small cloud at an extreme height caught my attention in the southeast at approximately 70 degrees above the horizon from a reference point of 90 degrees which would have been directly above me. However, this movement was unlike any cloud movement I had witnessed during my previous, at the time, 30 years on the planet. What began as a tiny object grew rapidly during the course of its 3 to 4 second descent to a much larger object hovering at about the height of where helicopters might hover but much, much lower the airspace of jet aircraft. To estimate the size of this object, a common coffee table coaster held at arms length would have barely covered it at this distance. The object appeared silvery white, not exactly translucent but not exactly solid either. The edges of the object were ill defined and had the definite appearance of waviness, similar to a water mirage on a road on a hot day. I had the distinct feeling at the time that this object was either a spiritual manifestation of some sort or a terrestrial or extra terrestrial air vehicle exhibiting a high-tech form of camouflage. I observed this object hovering for over 5 minutes . I was seized my a feeling that this object was acutely interested in me and my activities. I started to consider that if this was of extra terrestrial origin or spiritual origin I was perhaps in some danger and my emotions ranged from a benign anxiety to alarm. Whether my feelings were perceived by the object or entities therein is unknown but the object accelerated from a standstill toward the east at what I can only describe as incredible speed . The object then appeared to execute a 90 degree turn to the south without slowing down but this angle was impossible to determine with accuracy from my vantage point. The object, due to this incredible speed, then disappeared from sight. 
I love the quasi-real nature of the object and observations enlarged with `feelings' of connected-ness to the event.
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