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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Once Upon A Time, Decades Ago

The older amazing UFO stories continue to pour forth to the latest MUFON reports...... these two are from 1991 - and both - on the 15th day of the month...... Remember, these are simply part of the latest 20 reports at MUFON.
Sept 15th Dingsmans Ferry PA 1991 Multiple UFO Sighting

1 I was at my families house on Marcel lake in Penn. It was night and I was standing on the back balcony looking at the sky. 2 I first noticed the object, which looked like a satelite, moving from west to east. All of a suddenly it stopped and changed direction. 3 It looked like the space station that I saw in the past. 4 As the object was moving in a straight line going from west to east it suddenly stopped and change direction to north northeast at a very high speed. Then a boomerang shape with one side blue and the other side green attacked the spot where the ufo would have been if it kept its direction. The lights could have been lasers or jets which left a short trail going north then disappeared. 5 At first I thought it was a satelite or space station, but when it stopped and change direction I felt I saw a ufo. Then when it was targeted by the boomerang, I thought that we were fighting aliens or aliens fighting each other. I then told my wife who was skeptical. 6 The satelite ufo went away very fast and the boomerang seemed to disappear as it ran out of momentum.
Then, from Palm Springs California - March 15th - FULL MUFON Report (person was 8 at time of experience)

 ......I looked out and saw the garage was closed and hanging just above the telephone pole was a red orb. The light was bright red and illuminated the telephone pole, garage and surrounding area. The orb was no more than a foot or two in diameter and I watched it for a minute, probably less. And then, almost instantly it was in front of the window and large, more like 10-15 feet in diameter, literally like a flash, telephone pole to window. I remember most vividly the paralyzing fear that I felt, I tucked my head under the blanket and just wished for it to go away. When I poked my head out again the light was gone but the fear remained. I mustered up my courage and looked out the window again and it was gone. I felt a tinge of relief, but still very uneasy. Then i looked toward the bedroom door and what I saw there I will NEVER forget. The bedroom door was directly across from the window and on the other side of the door was a "family room" with huge windows that stretched the length of that wall, probably 15 feet of windows. The bedroom door was closed and then I noticed it, the light, the same bright red, it was on the other side of the door. The light was so bright and it completely framed the door, streaming through the cracks like a floodlight. I was sitting up just looking at the door paralyzed with a panicky fear that could not be shaken. Then I saw them. Feet. Little feet, like childrens feet moving in front of the door, at least two pairs, probably more. And then I watched the doorknob start to turn. And then I woke up. I dont remember anything else and have not done any regression, which I should probably do. I do believe that this was a real experience and not a dream. I do believe something happened that night, whether terrestrial or not something happened that night and whatever this one was it was not the good kind. I have had other experiences which i will report later but this one was not the same. If there are benevolent and malevolent beings out there this was definitely the later...... 

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