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Monday, March 18, 2013

1991 Saucer Ride - "We Do Exist Where We Can't Be Seen"

Once again,.... from the latest 20 MUFON reports comes another..... deep deep experience..... I will provide comment at the conclusion of this 9-28-1991 dream/abduction event in Dewey Arizona. (BTW, I'd have to check, but the above date is within a day or two at most of my own personal UFO sighting.)

Here's the full report link at MUFON to her Abduction Dream:
red is my emphasis
My daughter was only a few days old, went out side as she slept in her crib, watching the stars with my husband wondering about life having a brand new baby exc... went to bed about 1030pm, at midnight I woke up to a blended sounds of wind chime and humming noise to see my hall way was all lit with a beautiful bluish light with what looked like powder all threw the light. I looked at my husband who was facing the opposite way that as I laying and our child facing his direction as well. I looked at the light hallway when I seen this fat stumpy dark being appear with his hand out, I just stood up and I was next to the baby crib at this point, I then looked at the clock which showed midnight, then I looked back at the being when a small gray about 1/2 foot taller then the stumpy being came threw the wall looking at me with his hand out as if he was insisting for me to come with it, I took one step looking at them when a very large being appeared again with its hand extended to me, I for some reason did take its hand passing the other two looking at me and we faced the wall, then all of a sudden entered a beautiful white all molded seating spacious craft, in the middle of this craft there was some kind of box with some oval ball hovering above the box making a vibration feeling and hum sound, I turned to the wall as the three watched me standing on the other side of that glowing oval ball as I was looking at the wall of the craft, when I touched the wall tiny swirls between my fingers turned iridescent pearl like, I walked to the glowing ball and reached out for it when the stumpy being grabbed my wrist, the small gray alien grabbed his hand from my wrist which felt like sand paper and looked at me, then I just stood there as the inside of the craft became brighter and brighter, then it stopped briefly and they were just starring at me when the small gray being moved its head a bit and said with out moving its mouth "We do exist where we cant be seen!" then they moved their heads a little and the fat stumping thing did something to the glowing ball and we went down into what looked like water, then you can feel the craft plunge and you could see bubbles everywhere still going down a bit, the sides of the craft became more transparent and I was now looking up at a coral reef and fish with the suns light gleaming threw the water, it was very beautiful!! then all of a sudden the craft was going upward and out of the water traveling back the inside of the craft was getting a little darker, the tall insect being took my hand and before I knew it, we were back in my hall way, I was looking at my husband and I could see our baby between the crib bars laying the opposite way and the clock said 12:15am. Still holding its hand I looked up and seen how the beings eyes were huge wrap around black eyes about as tall as the ceiling in the hallway, a slit for a mouth, the skin had dimpling around the eyes and below the cheeks only, very thick bottom short lashes and very tight bluish-green grayish skin every where, black wrap around eyes, 4 long long fingers, thin build large chest, the feet looked like all one, maybe two bulges for toes but were long feet. The short stumpy thing was about 4ft tall was brown, no neck, fat stumps for fingers and feet with some what like a young boys eyes lips and no nose slits and more of a slit mother, the small gray being was the traditional look of a small gray alien 2 slits for a nose and mouth slender 4 ft tall. I was not scared but I would like to have hypnosis on this!! Thank you
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What I like about this report is that the person KNOWS that it is somewhere near a dream experience - and, in my opinion is in the able-to-not-be space that is also here and now (but is also elsewhere and elsewhen) - and the various qualitative experiences within this 15 minutes are of intense interest to me.

Three types of beings, with the comforting LARGE being..... very simple bi-location of places even within the `dream' ..... the elegant waiting room,..... sound once again an element of the anomalous experience. I mean, why would these types of beings EVEN NEED A CRAFT? Or is that the only way we can `understand' it as humans?
How about one more from 1978 from today's latest MUFON reports? This `sphere' was the size of two school buses and looked,.... since it was 1978..... Like a Giant Disco Ball, it's short, give it a read.

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