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Sunday, March 24, 2013

2010 - Boomerang Outside Of Window, Aliens Into Bedroom

Here's yet another detailed `encounter' in 2010 which supposedly happened in Albuquerque New Mexico - Red highlights are mine from this report found in the MUFON listing of the latest 20 reports. Latest 20 MUFON Reports.

Full Report (sections of report below)
... Blinking lights from a source outside were reflected perfectly from outside the window at just the right angle to reflect onto the mirror propped against the wall behind me, and then reflected across the fouton to the wall in front of me as I lay on my right side. I glanced up at the window and saw an aircraft hovering motionless in the sky perfectly positioned for me to see it clearly from my position on the floor. It had many blinking lights of red, blue, white, and possibly yellow, similar to those of a police or emergency vehicle during a stop. From my position on the bed on the floor looking upward, the craft appeared to be in the shape of a boomerang. There were round balls of colored lights equidistant across both wings which appeared to blink randomly. There was no sound that I could hear. The window was closed. I had never seen a craft like this before, but thought it might be an alien craft. Just then, I felt the presence of three or four beings in my bedroom......Then, as if in my mind’s eye, I saw the image of a grey ET and telepathically heard, “We don’t want to scare you”. Before I could process this statement to respond, the grey lifted his spindly arm and with an arc of his arm and like the flick of a switch, I was out cold, asleep......For a brief moment, I reopened my eyes and gazed at the window where I saw a small grey ET peering in the closed window at me. He was standing on the balcony just outside of the bedroom window. I would estimate him to be about three feet tall. His large head was typical of the greys seen in pictures. His large expressionless solid black eyes stared at me. His nose looked like a couple of small holes with an almost nonexistent mouth. He cocked his head to the left side in an inquisitive sort of way. His movements and the expression on his face appeared rather mechanical, as if devoid of emotion or any sort of deep thought. His affect and head movement was more robotic than organic. I wanted to keep looking and see what would happen next, but an overwhelming sense of sleepiness overcame me and I closed my eyes. My curiosity compelled me to force my eyes open one more time. The grey was gone from the balcony and I felt no energetic presence of any other beings in my apartment. I immediately saw a white orb of light dart from the apartment building up towards the boomerang-shaped craft that remained hovering in the sky. The light joined the end of the wing closest to me, appearing consistent as the other lights along the wings. Instantly, the ship darted upwards to the left (from my perspective), disappearing from my view through the window. 
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Sounds like the full Monte of Orb projection/time distortion ... doesn't it? These floating hypnotic balls of temporal space causing all sorts of perceptions to aware beings. The blip of the matrix background.
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