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Thursday, April 4, 2013

1993 - The Aliens In `The Tunnel Of Light'

As most of you know, UFOlogy has many tattered edges such as Bigfoot's being seen near UFO sightings and so forth. So, it should come as too big of a surprise that `aliens' are `mixed in' with perceptions of `Going To The Light' (in NDE's)..... right? Well, to understand the full range of perceptions `out there' and associated with `UFO's' and `aliens' one must wade into the muck at the edges. And, today's DETAILED account lives up to one of those quasi-real realities you come to Amazing UFO Stories to baste your brain with:
1993-El Paso Kentucky (I've greatly reduced the FULL story which I do suggest you read if you want to read the ultimate detailed UFO perception of 1993:
..... I was just so tired out of no where I tipped over put my head on my bed took two deep breaths then all of the sudden Im in this tunnel I see this really bright light but it looks really far away I thought it was a train the light turned on and off 4 times each time it looked like it was getting closer so I started listening for the engine on the train the 4th time light flicked on I listened didnt hear it I said out loud "that is not a train" the light stayed on Im walking towards it and all of the sudden I stop because I am hearing a very distinct sound there is only one thing in the world when walked on that makes that sound metal so I looked down and I was wearing the exact same clothes socks shoes watch that I was wearing and I knew I was asleep on my bed I turned away from the light and looked to my left looked up looked to the right looked down and said out loud "why does God live in something metal this isnt in the bible" every time I looked at the light I would move towards it no control every time I looked away which was easy I stopped and I could concentrate the tunnel was a small dome the walls were gray/silver and the light seem to be moving even when I didnt. the light and the end of this tunnel was extremely bright but it didnt hurt my eyes it reflected off the metal inside the tunnel.........then all of the sudden I looked up and that light that looked 30-40 feet away was in my face my sense of depth and time were off every time I looked at that light I moved towards it I liked it I wanted to go in it I trusted it Im standing there and I look down and I see black I cant see the ground I feel like Im going to fall and Im scared then the voice tells me not to trust it "dont trust the light" and it kept repeating it over and over again until I didnt trust it I could remember the tunnel I knew something wasnt right I couldnt move my feet to the left,right or take a step backwards but I knew something was wrong so I thought to look behind it since I couldnt move my feet I leaned to the right and standing less then 2 feet behind that light I could see something but it was a shadow the light is extremely bright and in my eyes I couldnt make it out so I pushed my face inward and closed my left eye to see if I could get a better look when I pushed my face in closed my eye it became more defined I could see detail there was this creature it was 5"3 were the same height perfectly round head like a basketball about the size it had large green eyes its nose was just like mine the same its lips were like mine full except it didnt have the dent under the nose like I do it was geometrically even like me but it had a thin neck no body hair no gentals no belly button no muscle tone its hands were the same as mine its feet were about the same size except they were more narrow and I dont remember toes I also do not remember teeth or a tongue never saw it as I was looking at it because I knew this is where you go when you pass away and because of what I was seeing and all the things we had in common I in my head compared it to humans during evolution in my head I compared what was the same what was different and the different combinations you could scientifically get based on that I did it in my head it knew it and it let me when I realized humans were one of them that gave me one race different countries believe in different Gods speak different languages when I compared that theory if you I did it did others do it to when yes popped in my head without me being able to control it I was inside of the larger dome I could see the the light that doesnt hurt your eyes was a lamp nailed to the end of the tunnel it was rectangle narrow with about 8-10 little lights made one huge light as Im inside Im being shown around first thing I see is the other humanoids dont know what to call them look human but not so I call them humanoids they have no genitals but I know which are male and which are female .......I saw another one out of a box he pulled out the gold chalice it had gemstones on it they were rubies, emeralds, saphire, diamonds, quartz crystal and they were all connected with a gold wire and then next thing I know Im standing looking at a periodic table I get a really good look at it I see every element on it the numbers top/bottom then I notice a humanoid walks up in front of me they never bothered/hurt me and it starts typing on it and its using the tips/pads of its fingers to type on this flat screen keyboard of the periodic table.........................then all of the sudden Im back in front of the light and the humanoid talks but I never see its lips move it tells me in english which it spoke fluently (clear) it said "because of how bad youve been abused by those that believe in the light and women until you experience the emotion of true happiness your going to be a ghost its not your fault your a special case because of how bad youve been abused even though your human you will have the same powers and abilities as those that believe in the light call the TOP DEMON you dont need a doorway to travel you roam the earth as you please but until you expirience the emotion of true happiness you will roam the earth for all of eternity the very second you feel that emotion you can come back here I stood there and debated it for many minutes I am severely abused by people of all walks of life then I made my decision out loud I said Im better than that I"m better than the Top Demon" without my control I was standing there almost transparent and I saw my body lift up with light all around me and I levitated and when backwards until I was at the beginning of the tunnel where I started and that bright light was off in the distance seemed far and I said out loud " Im not supposed to be here right now" then all of the sudden I open my eyes and Im on my bed in my room leaned over I was thin at the time and very athletic I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure not long after that for a long time I thought I was going to pass away because I saw the light I forgot all about the tunnel until I broke a code that was taught to humans by the Gods once I broke the first one a broke a bunch more with the help of Leonardo Divinchie I know how to cure AIDS,Viruses, cancer its a process you do to your cells it changes the DNA structure these cells..

And, the above is the SHORT version........ seriously.
Wow, right? Talk about wandering around in a foreign landscape without any guideposts - (or is that what the periodic table was?). It literally seems that this landscape is filled with quasi beings doing the best they can to `live' there - and that they sometimes encounter or bring the human spirit to them - for observation and experience. THAT mixed in with THE HARD REALITY OF FANTASY.
I've done an entire post about the above at my UFO blog called UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock called The Hard Reality Of Fantasy. I think you'd enjoy it.

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