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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mexican Daytime Sky Orb - Ejects Baby Orbs? (Video)

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As you can see, the video begins with TWO orbs seemingly hovering together.... but, at about the 48 second mark - ANOTHER orb emerges out of the one on screen 1:15 it easily can be imagined as a `triangle'.... then, at 1:43 the shout by the video man who sees... indeed.... Quatro Objects..... with this NEW one emerging from the other original Orb..... then after going through a cloud obscuring the orbs... only two emerge and they can indeed be seen moving slowly now... 
Why is it these - Orb spitters always seem to be in Mexico?.... And yes a warning about its origin on a Gathering site (but link to a MX UFO site is listed) 
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's NASA Up To?

I have a new Ken Pfeifer link and analysis suggesting that NASA is doctoring (again) some original data from their files showing some sort of entity or craft-like object in space:


On January 22nd, 2011 Youtube user “BeePeeOilDisaster’ had posted  ” Go to the NASA STEREO website, input 20110122 and 20110122 using Behind EUVI 195 then after it loads scroll to the time frame 10:46:10 and there is the original… You can save it to your PC and adjust the Zoom, Brightness and Contrast to bring out the detail of the image. With the proper knowledge and techniques so much detail can be brought out by adjusting the zoom, brightness and contrast. I am just amazed at this photo.  Now in latest development NASA has once again censored a UFO type object from their STEREO website archived pictures after he made a video bringing attention to the UFO type object.  According to him this is the third time that NASA has been exposed by me censoring these very important discoveries of these UFO type objects. I am bewildered and a little overwhelmed by the entire situation!  We like to inform our readers that the video has been posted since Jan. 22, 2011 on U-Tube.  He added : on Jan. 27, 2011 I began receiving comments saying that my video was fake based on the fact that the UFO type object was no longer viewable in the original picturelocated on the NASA STEREO website located within the picturearchives.  Just as before once again, I went to the website to look for myself and sure enough NASA has removed the UFO type object that I have highlighted in my video. Here are links to the original and the censored pictures which I have posted online so that you can download them and do your own investigating and comparisons. Again I am amazed that NASA would do this and all I can do is tell you the facts as I know them to be.  As before the URL was changed the original has the 7 and after being censored that 7 changed to a 4 making the original URL a dead link that brings up the 404 File Not Found error message. I hope that others downloaded the original at the same time as I did and they will be able to corroborate my story.

KENS NOTE: I view these NASA Sun photos every day and NASA did change their format and they have been using low-definition photos for a year or more now.  Before they were hi-definition photos and these UFO's were easily recognized.  There is something rotten in Denmark my friends.

And, the picture:
image courtesy of KP
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

April 10th 1994 - Immobilized By Daytime UFO Sighting In Colousa California (Latest MUFON Reports)

Of course AUS-SUV has carried stories of folks being immobilized by encountering a UFO phenomena and with `missing time' being a component part of it. But, some folks have NO MEMORY of this missing time frame - even to report any experiences or phenomena (the seamless missing time like I experienced with two others for example). And, often, the impossible to believe phenomena event falls immediately into the impossible to even remember event - as if memory is wiped clean of the experience. 

Enjoy this description:

We had just come from gambling at Colousa Casino driving back home to Sacramento. When nwe came into the town of Colousa when I noticed a bright light off to our right. I told the driver to turn down the street where the light was coming from. As soon as we turned, there was a saucer shaped object hovering in the sky about rooftop height. We sat and watched for an unknown amount of time. It was light out when we stopped but dark when we left. I wanted to get out of the car but could not say so. I tried to move to get out of the car but was also unable to move. I knew it was a UFO up close and personal. I didnt think about the sighting for many years and then I remembered it. I asked the driver if she remembered it and she said oh yeah. We were both certain that it was a UFO. We discussed it and remembered that we didnt realize at the time how long we stayed watching it. We knew that several hours must have passed due to the change of daylight when we finally left. The UFO was still there when we left. Neither of us remember anything but sitting there unable to move. I have had other sightings but those were at a distance and just lights that changed direction too fast and too imposswible for a plane.
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