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Thursday, December 12, 2013

November 2006 Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Picture And Related Videos - In One Spot

A couple weeks ago I decided to follow up on as many existing links to the 2006 Chicago O'Hare UFO Incident as were still out there - I did find a few but even already as you can see from the first picture below - things are still being removed. But, beyond that you will see MULTIPLE attempts below to HOAX the event and the community - the disinformation agents doing the dirty work for TPTB (even if unknowingly.)

But, let's get to some of the so-called `evidence'.

Still one of the real mysteries of the 2000's:
So, how about this one:
2006 O'Hare UFO

There are 3 or 4 very similar (different contrast etc) shots to this one.

Believe it or not - as recently as 2006 people were interviewed in silhouette for fear of reprecussions. Back in the days when TV newschannels still interviewed `observers of UFO craft' in `silhouette' too:

Oh, BTW, here's a TV report on the O'Hare UFO incident,  just after the FAA said basically `forgetttttaaaaabbbbboooouuuuttttt it.'

Note the very disingenuous `expert' in the above vid:

And, is this image, whatever it is - the UFO itself? This image also includes the famous HOLE in the clouds. Is this an elaborate hoax or the proof everyone wants about the event?

Here's a leaked  well known TV report of one announcers thoughts just before going onto the air with the story:

The Jon Hilkevitch (reporter) speaking about his role in the coverage of the event:
Jon Hilkevitch interviewed four years after the event about the on-going interest:
And, here is probably the GOOFIEST -- coverage by TV:
Here's a FOX coverage that mentions the O'Hare Incident:

And, was there a SECOND O'Hare UFO on Aug. 8th 2008?

If my memory serves me right - this video - evidently uploaded by the guy who wrote a book about the event - was stated, generally, to have been a video of a Magazine Page. Who Knows.
Here's the hoax claimers link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cASreA8M4mE

And, here - another version of the truth - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0NoY15Fml4 - THIS GUY SWEARS HIS VIDEO IS LEGIT - I LIKE R.MARSH THINK THIS LOOKS TOO LOW.

And, THE Book I wrote about my blogging at the same time-frame!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

1977 - Orb Transforms Into Giant Black Triangle - Latest MUFON Reports

Hello readers of Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos - your continued interest is appreciated. Got a real good Orb/UFO story for you today -- the old-time stories that someone has been waiting for decades to tell - totally articulate and like it happened yesterday.
(full 12/10/13 report at the above link)
.....There was no sound at all, nothing. No wind that night not one leaf rustling just dead quiet. She yelled that it was coming and I looked up towards the north to the back of the pickup and it was there. Now we saw the shape of it. It was a massive black triangle with lights on the corners that were very bight illuminating white. The object did not make any sound at all of any kind. If you were not looking at it , you would not know it was right there over your head. When it passed over us, I was amazed at how low it was, right on the trees. I think it was about 30ft above my head as it passed over. I could not see the lights as it passed me because it was too big. It blocked out the sky, I remember seeing a dark black so black it was blacker than the surrounding sky. The black was unbelievably black. I would say it was at least the size of three houses. Incredibly huge. It was quite thick as well. It did not bend up on top in a curve, completely flat all over on top. It was about 30ft. thick all over. It was moving so slow it seemed at times to not be moving at all. But it was moving......
......I dont think it was discussed much between me and my mother until my first son was about 14 years old, then she told him about it. Back in 1977, there just was not a black triangle awareness and me and my mom did not know what to think it was. Now that more and more people are speaking of it and there own sightings, I feel a little better about the whole thing. I know they exist because I saw one long long ago in that field that summer night. I could of thrown a stick and hit it. I know it was there, just don not know what it was.
Another of those blacker than black, large, triangles that fly low and slow - this one preceding the images. Indeed. Perhaps. (Or remembered that way NOW.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

HUGE 1983 Soviet UFO Blocked Out !/4 Of Sky - Latest MUFON Reports

Well this report from MUFON, supposedly from a Soviet military man, IMO, describes the largest thing in the sky ever. Here's the report and link:

In the year 1983 I was in service in the Soviet Army. We were in Central Kazachstan - Baykonur - soviet space and missile sight. Approximately in Spring of 1983 the entire battalion was summoned on emergency call to a main plaz in front of the battalion headquarters. It was very unsual because number one - it never happened before at night. NUMBER TWO - nobody knew the reason or what was going on. Officers had no idea why we were called out. After a few minutes someone point our attention to the sky. There was a huge - I mean really big - object covering about one quarter of the sky. Its like looking at the bottom of the plate. All we could see was a PERFECT circle of blackness with a slight glow around the edges. After a while (about 30-45 minutes) this object simply disappeared. Shortly after we were called back to baracks. eventhough I never seen any landing or flight of this object - it probably scared our military high command quite a lot. Enough to call out all the battalions in the area to high alert.
I realize that this Sighting by itself is insignificant, but it might help you in conjunction with other sightings or simply to keep the timeline.

Red is my emphasis
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