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Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember That 1965 Eastern Seaboard Blackout? -- New UFO Report Emerges Of `Piloted' UFO!

Amazing UFO stories has printed some real classics that have emerged from the Latest MUFON files -- and this will go down with them. 1964(5) Blackout Transparent UFO

I was 13 in 1964. This incident happened at the time when the entire Eastern part of the United States had a Blackout. My mother told me that if I told anybody about what I saw that "the men in the little white coats would take me away in a straight-jacket". However, Ive always wondered if the pilot of the small plane that the "craft" dove at, ever reported the incident. And of course, because of the power outage, the news reports that ensued talked about, as I recall, both a story about a Meteor and a failure at the Power Facility at Niagara Falls.

Hanover Township was at the south outskirts of the city of Wilkes-Barre. My parents had built a house in a new development on land that was adjacent (and being reclaimed) from coal strip mining amidst a small forest area which included also, a quarry. And at one end of the expanse of the strip mined shale field, there rose up a Cullum Bank. If you climbed to the top of the Cullum Bank you could view the expanse of the Wyoming Valley, surrounded by mountains and the Susquehanna River flowing through the base of the valley. On the other side of the river was the West Side Drive-In. If I had a pair of Binoculars I thought it would be easy to see the movie playing on the Drive-In Screen. To that end, I borrowed the Binoculars from the man who lived across the street and trekked to the top of the Cullum Bank to see the movie "Tom Jones" which was showing there. I needed to get to the location while it was still daylight and the trail that led to the area went through the forest section around to the far side of the Cullum Bank, as the near side was pretty much a really steep incline to the cliff. I arrived early before the sunset. I was enthusiastic but, hadnt considered either the cold temperature or the wind which was whipping up. Nor had I considered to bring a flashlight, as it dawned on me, that when the darkness happened, I would have a tough time finding my way back. In the distance, at the far north end of the valley, behind the mountain range, I noticed flashing light. This was bursts of light which ping ponged left and right for maybe five minutes. This didnt look like fireworks. I didnt have a clue what it could be. When I did happen to catch a burst looking through the Binoculars, it was just a burst of white light. The movie still hadnt started, so I just kept observing the flashes. Then the flashes started to move behind the mountain range on the right side of the valley. The flashes were at regular intervals many seconds. Its a long mountain range. At a point, a couple of minutes later, I looked through the lenses at the Drive-In Screen to see if the movie had started. It had but, as it was still just dusk, the screen images were just too light to be enjoyed. The wind started blowing up, I was getting cold so I thought I should start back to "civilization". I turned my gaze back to the direction of the flashes behind the mountain range on the right. The light bursts behind the range was now brighter and more intense and traveling faster. And then, right before my eyes, hovering in the sky, somewhat higher than the mountain peaks but, on this side of the range, there was this stationary mass of electrical light, brighter than a star. I looked through the Binoculars. Its shape was that of a spinning top, with a point at the top and a point at the bottom. It was just pure energy/light, redish toward the top, whiteish in the middle and yellowish at the bottom. But, the flashes continued behind the range...just a little bit before they stopped. I kept staring into the Binoculars, trying to adjust a clear focus. It was colder now and the wind was blustering more and my eyes started to tear. I lowered the Binoculars and cocked my head to my right as there seemed to be a swooshing to the wind. I was standing pretty close to the end of the cliff. And Im looking at this gliding craft, coming parallel to me, over the edge, about 15 feet away. I could see it and see trough it as it was transparent. It was piloted. It was like three a plane without the cockpit. Looking at it head on, as it approached me, There was a Triangle about 8-9 feet high. Inside the triangle was a center triangle with an individual sitting, suspended, two arms, two legs, headgear. The other triangle came off to the back, like the back end of a plane...not really a perfect triangle. There were three red globes on the bottom angles, one at the back, two on the sides. I watched this glide right past me, veer right and disappear into thin air.
At this point I got scared. I wanted to run.
Turning to proceed back through the forest, I was too scared to go that way. So I pitched myself off the face of the cliff to take the steep run down, sliding, tearing my jeans in the process, to arrive at the bottom of the Cullum Bank and run back through the shale field. Looking up in the sky, I could see only the electrical object which was now slowly moving more toward my position. I had a clear bolt path back to the development and by the time I reached the end of the street I lived on, which intersected with a forest section, this object was almost directly above me. I heard a small plane. In the sky, coming from what would be the south west, was a small, single engine plane, flying well below the height of the electrical craft. I watched with shock, as this little plane came closer the electrical object dove right for it, causing the little plane to maneuver into a steep climb. This electrical craft dove underneath the plane then boomeranged up, turning on its side as I watched three revolutions of red light and it disappeared. What happened to the little Plane? ...And the pilot of that plane? I dont know! I wanted to call the Forty-Fort Airport. I wanted to call the local radio station. I wanted to know if anyone else saw what I did? I ran home and told my Mother. Our power was out. It was only later that I found out the power went out, on the entire eastern United States. And of course, my Mother wouldnt let me tell anyone. I will say that after this experience I had what I would call an uncanny "awareness" of just life in general. I have never been "into" sci-fi or anything having to do with the whole UFO phenomena. But Ive often wondered if that pilot of the small plane ever filed a report that my experience would corroborate. This happened when I was 13. Now Im 62 years old and dont have to consider the men in the little white coats coming to get me! Thanks for listening.
Red - is my emphasis.
BTW, the BLACKOUT was 1965 on Nov. 9th
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2011- Did Orb Come Close To Communicate? (Latest MUFON Reports)

While it's not really so strange to those who read AUS-SUV - it is STRANGE to the majority of folks that Orbs might have some sort of intelligence or human connection. This story from the latest MUFON reports would suggest that perhaps: Supposedly happened in Los Altos California:

Me and my friend decided to go to Foothill Colleges observatory. After we realized it was close, we sat in the parking lot for a while deciding what else we could do. We star gazed for a little and saw this star moving closer and closer. It was moving very slowly and there was no sound so we assumed it was far away. We thought it was a plane until we realized it was actually very close and there were no blue or red lights on it. There was no sound at any time during the encounter. It travelled in a straight line towards us from its original place in the sky. It was at its brightest before it decided to hover near us.

After it decided to stop and hover about 50-100 feet away from us. It seemed to be trying to communicate or send a message. My friend had a "connection" to it. Whenever he took a step right it moved left. Whenever he stepped left it went right. He did this about 3 times and I saw this very clearly.

We decided to approach it and get closer. As soon as we attempted this it ascended slowly and moved away slowly. There was absolutely no sound as it went around a mountain near to the observatory. Unfortunately, we were not able to follow it and that was the last we saw of it.

I will never forget what happened. I felt excited and I wanted to get closer. I did have a little anxiety, but I was not scared. I was extremely curious!
Orbs dancing...... a new attribute.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Near `Wow' Strange UFO/Orb Video - Via Latest MUFON Reports

It's my pleasure to bring you the exceedingly rare MUFON video submission worth your time to watch - as short as it is. Also the MUFON report that goes with the short video is somehow compelling too. First the MUFON report: (Video taken in Grass Valley California 6-21-13)

My wife and I and a friend were standing outside of our recording studio after a jam session and we noticed a bright star below the big dipper. We looked at it a about 30-seconds and then it just vanished into thin air.

About five minutes later, a star-like glowing object traveling South-East went right above our heads and then made an abrupt right turn, changing direction now going South. The object then passed between two stars and when it did, the object and the two stars disappeared. Right before it disappeared, it ejected something out the back. I was filming at this point and caught the object on video (clip provided).

Not more than three minutes later, we observed the same type of object in the sky West of us and it traveled North for about five seconds and then disappeared into thin air. This one I did not get on film.

My friend that was with us is a scientist and an astronomer and he said that is was not a satellite or the I.S.S., but indeed was something unexplainable.
And, the near wow strange UFO video:
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Men In Black - The Russian Documentary

I'm always happy when I can bring a `Strange UFO Video' to this webpage - today's video fits that billing. It's supposedly a documentary that was recommended by the President of Russia for understanding the UFO issue............ One problem IMO - they are RELYING on the Disclosure folks with the old-time decades old never verified amazing UFO stories. Nonetheless, you will be pulled into the molasses pretty easily I bet: Over 200K views since Dec.12; 10-1 positive to negative ratio of voted opinion.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

1974 - UFO Paces Car - Seen By Other Vehicles (Latest MUFON Reports)

Catch Today's Podcast At 4:00 PM Eastern
As the decades old reports continue to pour forth to MUFON - Strange UFO Videos and Amazing UFO Stories will attempt to keep you connected to the high strangeness of decades ago - prior to the UFO glamorization by the MSM. This reported event is said to have happened in St. Joesph Michigan.
A friend and I were traveling south on Lakeshore drive when 2 unknown lights came zooming over us, stopped abruptly when it got over my car,following us at our speed of about 40 miles per hour. It was dark, and all I could see were the lights. I assumed it was a UFO, not that I believed in them at the time, but it was too strange and high -tech for humans even now! This was 1974. The ship, or whatever stopped because I stopped, thinking that I could get them to land. I liked "the day the earth stood still" and had thoughts of meeting an alien.I opened my car door so I could signal them but as soon as I did, a third light came on and it made a little air noise, like compressed air flowing for a split second and it shot off like a bullet. I guessed that it was a good 20 miles away in the first second of flight. We could see it go like a meteor southward and I could estimate that it was somewhere over the Benton Harbor airport area in one second. Lost sight because it kept traveling at that speed as far as we could tell.
There was no other sound the whole time and I had my sunroof open that night.
I could see it overhead staying right with my car as we traveled.
After we stopped, people from the car behind me and in front of me came over and started talking to us about the UFO because they stopped when I stopped but were never that close to it. It appeared to be just above the treetops.
The next day I was listening to the radio and a lady from St. Joseph was calling in to describe the same thing hanging over her house. She said it was there for about an hour. My friend said he could see a triangle shape from below the craft. We never reported it.
One of the weirdest parts is when the friend came to my house about 10 years later and denied ever seeing anything. Then the next time I saw him ( another 10 years later ) the first thing he says is "Hey, remember when we saw the UFO?"
I absolutely love how the mind-time-phenomenology enter into yet another UFO experience. Does the UFO/Orb experience literally frighten the doppelganger out of us?
UP for one more from the Latest MUFON Reports? Thought you were:
Traveling north on highway 54 east of Mexico, Missouri a well known road. Just past a dog leg in the road perhaps 5 miles south of Ladonia I noticed a blinking light above the horizon pulsing orange. I was a model control line flyer and well versed in aircraft and flight. I was puzzled that a radio tower had been placed in that position in just a week since I had traveled home the privious Saturday as well. I was accompanied by my then fiance Linda Pflum. We were about 19 at the time. She was asleep on my lap and no we had not been drinking.

I watched this bliking light as I drove north toward it and then it began to move. It would drop dramatically and speed up and as it did so the pulsation would increase and then slow as it slowed. I was very attentive and slowed down trying at this point to figure out what a helicopter was doing there this time of night but was more puzzled by the single orange light since the red/green nav lights were not present. There were open fields on both sides of me, farm land. To the left was a tree line perhaps a half mile or less away. The craft smoothed out its trajectory still moving slowly. There was no rural traffic at all that night. As the craft slowed to a hover over the tree line I woke Linda. She was pretty fuzzy for a minute and asked what is that?

By this time I was stopped and she was becoming restless. At that moment two other rounded discs came up from behind the trees and hovered staggered just to the left and below it. First one and then the other started off in a path I judges would take them very close to Mexico Missouri to the southeast. Linda told me she was afraid and we should go. I believe she started crying. The original object traveled across the field moving from my left in a eastern direction at maybe 10-15 mph. I backed my car a little down the culvert to try and get my headlights up but the object crossed in front of me one telephone pole length in front of me just over the telephone pole. I could have hit it with a rock. It gave me the impression that it looked like spun aluminum softly burnished and it seemed to glow orange from within.

It continued to travel across the field and started to move NE then accelerated rapidly and moved away. I could still make out the light so I took off as fast as the car would run. It was a 66 Lemans with the high performance six and four barrel so I was running maybe 110-120. I cleared the town of Vidalia at 110 and continued on. I slowed down as the road met highway 61 north and drove maybe 80 up past New London, Missouri. There is a small river valley just outside of New London to the North, Salt River I think. At the far eastern edge of the valley toward the Missippi River there was an installation of three radio towers visable at that distance and there I saw the same craft or one like it doing circles around the top of the towers until the tree line obscurred my line of sight.

I observed that this was niether a helicopter,or fixed wing craft. It made absolutely no sound. It was not a balloon as it accelerated and changed altitude as smooth as molasses. Balloons dont outrun cars at that altitude with no wind. This was not something that we possesed the ability to make in 1966 if even now. It was perhaps fifty feet across.

I got two friends and we went back out to the towers after I dropped Linda off. She was so frightened that she hid her eyes and refused to talk about it. I called the tower at Quincy Illinois the next day and asked if there had been anything on the screen other then routine traffic at around 3 am the night before. There was silence opon the line and the tower asked,"Why, did you see something strange?" I told them that if I had I wasnt about to make a formal report and thanked him and hung up.

At the moment this happened I realized this was not something from here. I was overcome by a great since of awe and peace and excitement. I was energized after that and did not go to sleep till maybe 7 am.

I submit this now if for no other reason then to ad my observations to others and perhaps add a piece to the puzzle. I know what I saw and was very close to it and with my knowlege even then of aviation I understood this was something beyond our capability.Thanks for your work. Thomas Smith 



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1961 - One Hour Missing Time (Latest MUFON Reports)

The oldsters need to tell their stories of high strangeness, even if over 50 years in the waiting:  - and as a person who HAS experienced `missing time' while in the presence of others (the seamless experience) - I think you will enjoy this articulate report of the event that happened in North Hampton/Exeter New Hampshire:

This was around 1961 in North Hampton New Hampshire. I was with my cousin walking towards my aunts house (an old schoolhouse across the street from a cemetery.) We were at the edge of the driveway, it was dusk, we looked up and saw a grey lead metallic colored disc shaped object right over our heads. Next thing we were walking into the house and had lost an hour in time. I dont know how I even new this. Years later I saw my cousin (we had lost contact for 30 something years) and reminded her of the event. She remembered it but not me being there with her. She said it happened several times to her but not with me. 
I remember reading the Barney and Betty Hill account in Life Magazine in later years that took place in Exeter, NH, A town close to my encounter. I used to stay in at my Aunts when I was young. I used to have nightmares every night and my aunt and uncle would tell me I was screaming. I said it was coming to get me. Not sure what this means.

As a child I used to hear a pulsating noise coming to my window at night and I would hide under the covers until the noise would fade away. If it was real the whole neighborhood would have been up and outside. My brother said he saw a UFO coming in his window in the next bedroom. He doesnt remember any of it today. I still remember it because it happened on occasion in the house I grew up in. I used to get really bad nosebleeds. Ive always felt I may have been abducted. My next door neighbor used to tell my mom she saw UFOs in the sky. Anyhow, every so often I think about it and when I see shows on tv it brings me back. I think Ive read every book about UFOs and sometimes wish I didnt know anything about them. But the fact remains that I did see that one in New Hampshire close up and will never forget what it looked like or how it affected me. Okay, so Im rambling. I am watching Alien mysteries and it made me come here and unload some memories.
I LOVE the parallel `time tracks' of the phenomena - right down to the cousin having the experience but NOT with the subject. Are we talking Doppelgangers?


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

6-16 Breathless UFO Account From Milwaukee Wisconsin

Today must be Wisconsin UFO day - as my feature report over at UDCC is also from the Badger State. As the headline suggests - let's just say that this UFO report found in the latest MUFON reports today is of the `amazing' category.

I was watching the basketball game in the kitchen when I got a call that I wanted to take privately, so I stepped out of the side door of the house. As I was in a heated debate on the phone, I looked up and noticed something in the distance above the treeline. I stared at it, and as I did so, short bursts of flame began to come from the bottom of the object. The flame would switch from left to right as the object wobbled a bit; as if it was trying to maintain balance. That's when I yelled to my girlfriend to "go get my camera". She did, but it took at LEAST 40 seconds for her to do so. As I continued to stare at the object, waiting for my camera, I noticed that the flame at the bottom of the object began to lose it's intensity. As the flame went from a full flame to just a red glow, I noticed that the object was slowly losing altitude, and drifting slowly south east, toward Lake Michigan. As it dropped below the treeline, I began to run out of the yard and down the street so I can see around that particular treeline. I could, and again, I could see the object. The red glow at the bottom of the object was barely noticeable at this point, and the object began to descend more straight down than southeast and down as it was before. It began to lose altitude faster, until it went below the treeline at that location, which was approximately half a city block to the south of where I was when I first began to record. I waited at this location for about 30 minutes for the object to ascend or reapear, but it never did. While I was recording, I was not looking at the viewfinder; I was just pointing the lens in the direction of the object, so I had no idea if I actually had what I was seeing on the camcorder. But after a discussion with neighbors and others who were present, I went inside, connected the camcorder to the television, and began to view the footage. I've been from that point on, compelled to find out what I saw is. I contacted the local police, military, FAA, News Stations, etc., trying to find out if they had anything on the radar at that time and area of that day, but.....nothing; even though I expressed to them all that I had this thing on video!! This incident has not only caused me a great deal of concern, it has changed my life, and challenges many things I believe. I have always been open to the possibility of the existence of such things, but never saw anything that came anywhere near actually convincing me that they are real. All that has changed now though. That thing had no sound whatsoever, it had no wings, and it had no tail end. It looked almost like a giant church bell with a flame at the bottom. Had I not recorded what I was seeing, I would have long since just assumed it was something normal, that can be explained. But after viewing this thing in slow motion on zoom, I am convinced that it is not, and can not. I will be attaching a copy of my video with this report (If it will upload). My animus is to have an expert opinion of what it is that is on my video. it was certainly intelligently operated, and it was definitely a mechanical craft of some sort, and not a balloon or anything like that. I for some reason had a feeling of desperation as this thing was descending. It is the same desperate feeling I felt that made me look in that direction and up in the first place when I first noticed the object. I'm left feeling as though whatever it was, it was losing power, running out of fuel, or something to that effect, because it seemed to be struggling to maintain it's altitude. It was a struggle that It evidently lost. The object was moving slowly in the direction of the Lake; which leads me to believe that it was attempting to get out over open water. In fact, it seemed to be trying very diligently to do so. I have no idea if it landed in the water or over land. All I know is it landed or crashed somewhere slightly south east of where I was, and never came back up. After you review my video, please get back to me and let me know what you think. Thank you; verily.
Up for one more account of an scary UFO event from 11-15-2000 just appearing in the reports? Sure you are - this one is from Bernville PA: Yep, another of those house hovering UFO's!

Maybe around midnight my mom and I were coming home from a friends house ( on the back roads, we lived in the country ) when I saw what I thought was an airplane flying very low and coming toward us. As I looked on I noticed it was way too big to be a plane and it was blue... We were close to the house when we noticed that it was directly over our house. I was so frightened I was shaking internally... When we pulled into our driveway and parked I jumped out of the car and ran inside, mom following. It was so quiet and the ******* thing was RIGHT OVER OUR ******* HOUSE ( excuse my profanity ) although it was probably 500 feet or so above it . It was so quiet and my mom and I didnt know what to do ( I think I was scaring her because I was so scared) so we actually turned all of the lights off and laid in bed together holding each other with the covers over our heads. Honestly I was frightened of what I would see and what that might mean. I could not tell you what happened next, I dont remember anything after we jumped into bed. Also, I did not see it leave because it was above our house when we went inside and did not go back out until morning. We figured we FOR SURE would see something in the papers the next day, it was not. We looked every day for a week or more but no news about it was reported. I have thought about this almost every week since it happened as has my mom. I had not spoke of this to too many people I think because it frightened me on some level that is hard to explain... I am ready to talk about it now though, to someone who wont just say " Wow" or give me uneducated guesses of what I might have seen. It is time to get someone who has some knowledge on the subject to hear this story. Although this is not a very fancy, made-for-Hollywood story it is true. There is the Reading Airport close by my old house ( just for reference ). *We saw it for about 10mins.before going inside
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Monday, June 17, 2013

1977 - "Harassed By Some Sort Of Flying Energy

As readers know of my blogs - it is not unprecedented for someone to report an Orb following them or their car or movement. Below is from the latest MUFON reports and proves it again:

30 yrs ago i was harrased by some sort of flying energy,and to this day i remember it like it was yesterday!i can tell u that this was not the first time that ive seen this thing ,but it usualy would bounse around the back side of mountains and hills,peeping over and disapeering just as quickly. Strange but i always shruged it off as itermitten lights ,airplanes,hellys u know anything,at night .in the air.But this hot summer night,this thing i guese decided to make its presence known.everyone should know ,be aware ,the highdesert is a beautiful place,at night be careful!be very careful!!!
When I was using Squidoo prior to Blogger as my posting platform this was one of my best `lenses'!
i wouldn't lead you astray

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 - Frantic Account Involving Entity And Lights In North Dakota (Latest MUFON Reports)

Obviously, as with any MUFON submitted report - pure fiction is always a possibility. And, I'm sure other websites wouldn't bother with this breathless account with tons of grammar and spelling errors - along with near complete dis-jointment at times. Nonetheless, it is eerily compelling in some fashion:
Ray North Dakota MUFON Report - supposedly happened on Friday.
My friend and I were out in a farmers field with our packs in north Dakota getting ready and in shape for our climb of mt. borah. We stopped to drink some water when my friend noticed four objects next to the unusually. large moon. when further looking at the round blueish. white orbs. they started to move in a circular formation keeping the original diamond pattern. After watching for around a limited the slowly formed a line and headers north north east. While watching the made drastic zig say patterns towards us until the where right on top of us then almost slowed to a stop. At this time I was fumbling with my phone to video all this but my phone was frozen and unresponsive, so I removed the battery from my phone. After removing my phone the balls of light left slowly but one broke off and disappeared. we watched the three disappear in the sky and decided to continue on our light jog.. We made it about another mile in the direction of where we first saw the lens. all of a suffer there was a bright light flashing in the trees the size of a flashlight with no beam that exited the trees . we shines out light on it and saw athtree foot figure there we turned off our lights and the flasing started again in a different spot. This happened six different times. we decided to turn back and head home. The fields here are broken up by tree lines , we crossed four tree lines and in every tree line behind is the small entity wad the glazing a light at us. we finally made it to the last tree line. after we were about a hundred yards from the tree line we stopped and looked back to see the small light still flashing at us. Then all of a sudden there was a bright strobbing. light about the size of a geo metro that rose above the tree line and moved along the trees following us to the highway. By then we were very frightened and started at a fast pace to the highway where there wad traffic on the road. We made it to the highway and the object stopped close to the highway and kept strobing. it very bright blue/white light. We decided to keep moving to our camper. The light disappeared so we thought we were in the clear of getting taken until we reached a nearby radio tower and saw the small light in the trees again and a very strange hovering noise. We were once again freaked out and started a fast pace again towards the camper a half mile. away. We reached our camper and saw no more lights but could hear stuff moving in the grass twenty feet in front of us but would stop when we turned on our lights. We decided to go into our camper and wait it out full the morning. All of this took around two hours from the begining of the sighting to the time we got back to our camper. We walked roughly three miles to the sighting which took two hours but only took what seemed eared and the

Yes, that is how it ends........dramatic and strange, right.

you need this.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

1999 - Mother Reveals Identical Anomalous Experience

As you know, Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos likes to feature the `old-time' UFO stories that continue to pour forth to MUFON's latest reports. Today's is about a `light' in the bedroom which then IS an alien figure by the bed. You'll love the mother's twist to the UFO Story too.
I was staying at my grandparents house for the summer. My grandpa and I were planning a fishing trip the next morning and we were to leave around 4:30. I was restless because the house was hot and I cannot sleep while I am hot. I cracked open the window and set the tv sleep timer on. I stayed awake well after the tv turned off (10 pm). I have always had a habit of sleeping with my head partially underneath the covers and my eyes peaking out for some reason and I think this night explained why. I saw a light come into the room (I was facing the wall underneath the covers at this point still). I slowly rotated trying to not disturb the blankets for fear of what I might see in the room. I had a very uneasy feeling. I started to sweat like crazy and was struck with fear once I turned over. I saw a dark figure standing at my bed side. It had a large head and skinny appendages and thin body. I could not able to move once I saw it. It stood there for a long time watching me. I could not yell or move. I was only 3 feet away from. Dare I move and let it know I was awake? I think not. I stayed there calm (still sweating) and scared. I eventually hit the point of exhaustion and passed out. I woke up the next morning tangled in the blankets soaked with sweat and tears.

A year later I decided to bring this up to my mom. Before I even finished telling her about the green light, she filled in the rest of the story. She had said the same thing had happened to her when she was about my age. This made me no longer think it was a dream.

I started thinking about the event. I remembered a prior incident. I had a dream I was falling from the sky and landed on my bed. However, I woke from this dream by hitting my bed hard and bouncing off of it. I was confused as can be. It made me start to wondering if anything else has happened before...
Says that New Mexico was place of the encounter.
Dig into the archive for MUCH more content.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amazing (Or Absurd) UFO Picture In Chicago Neighborhood - 6-10-2013 (Latest MUFON Reports)

What would EVER happen if this type of photo was `confirmed' by multiple witnesses with multiple videos/pictures? Would THAT be the proof?
With a blink of an eye departure!
Photoshop, right?
Which makes me ask.......
Could `Camera's' Actualize A Virtual Reality?

Monday, June 10, 2013

1947 - Silent, Hovering, Not Humanly Possible

Nothing like sitting on a UFO report for 66 years, right? That said, as you will see in the report - it was during a Total Lunar eclipse supposedly.... so, it's possible that the date is `off' because as you can see Here there were no Total Lunar eclipses in 47.  Yes, this is from the latest MUFON reports:
Where: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Doing: Observing complete Lunar Eclipse with another witness
First Notice: What appeared to be a star, moved
First Action: Must be an airplane. However no noise
Object Actions: Initially motionless. Star like. Then moved, silently
Object Motions: No movement initially... hovered. Then movements in straight line. followed by other movements and angular trajectory not humanly possible.
Lost Sight: The object sped off to the West, at a high rate of speed.
The total Lunar Eclipse was a memorable event to watch, but it was icing on the cake to witness a UFO event. This is reported now, though pretty old, it was before UFO's were being reported. My only hope would come from an astronomer who could pinpoint the exact date of this sighting. I think it is around the same time as Roswell N.M. or the state of Washington UFO reports of 1947 or 1946?

1947 UFO Report (the link)
Sounds a lot like 2013.... doesn't it?
Are you up for one more from the latest MUFON reports? How about the typical (if there is such a thing) `What the hell is that?' report? -- From an event Saturday 6/8 along the Ohio River:

June 8th, 2013

My nephew and I went fishing on the IN side of the Ohio river on Saturday June 8th. We were sitting on the Nth side of the river just East of a large power plant and factory on a dirt road running adjacent to the river.

At sometime around 9 pm I noticed a bright light above the KY side of the river. Jokingly, I said to my nephew that here comes a UFO and went back to fishing and didnt give the light another thought. Earlier a plane had flown over coming from that general direction and I assumed it was another plane coming from the Owensboro area. Shortly afterward, my Nephew said "what the hell is that", he was pointing at the light which was now pulsating rapidly and moving up then down but was hovering, then it moved from our SE to the E over the river. The object was maybe 1 mile away when it went over the river. The object would hover and move up and down and the light would pulsate and get very bright then dim until it just either faded out or moved directly away from us rapidly and disappeared. Needless to say we were astounded by what we had just witnessed and kept our eye on the general area where we last say it. Maybe five or ten minutes later the object reappeared in the same general area that we first saw it and this time it was over the tree line closer to the river than earlier. The object became very bright and intense and a beam of light came down and thru the trees. It didnt appear to move at this time but just hover. The object became so intensely bright that it cast a reflection on the river and you could plainly see the bright object and the beam in the reflection. This lasted maybe 1-2 minutes then the beam stopped and the object began to move from the SE toward the E. As the object moved it became dimmer and either moved directly away from us or just faded out of view. We stood there on the river bank amazed at what we saw and could not come up with a valid explanation of what we saw. We saw what might have been the same object but much farther away again maybe 5 to 10 minutes later in the same area. I would estimate the total time from the first siting to the last as at least 20 minutes. The were a few boats on the river both private and barges that we could see. This was also much closer to the Boonville Boat club which is a large area of river camps and I would think that we were not the only ones to see this object.
Indeed, will anyone else report it?
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2012 - UFO Observer Finds `Element 115' - Which Vanishes From Stored Location!

As I mentioned at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock this morning - I had already found a `story' for Amazing UFO Stories and Strange UFO Videos. So, enjoy  this amazing UFO story from 7-9-2012 in California.... 

Hello,two members of the family spotted one huge star-like object in a mirror around 8-9:00.So as any person would they went to look out a window on the second story of house to take a closer look and right away started videoing knowing something wierd was going on,and right then and there we knew it was a U.F.O.Which we have only seen once before around they same time at night a couple months ago.And before you know it there was a second flying object following about 30 min. later,WOW is all we could think by this point...right. The ufos are still hovering the sky until a large flash of light fills the sky and the crafts are gone. And when we woke up that next morning there were circle marks in the parks sand box with some weird rocks. Which were really warm and burnt our hands. We believe that it was element 115. We stored these rocks in a secret vault until we realized that they were mysteriously gone.
You can't make this stuff up, right?
IF you want some UFO MUFON humor - here is someone submitting the National Radar for weather recently - evidently NOT realizing that at night -- low inversions in many cities show up as circles around the Cities - I guess to some the Motherships have arrived. LOL.
Finally, a great description of a UFO in 1983 made up of a grid of Red Lights that `followed and hovered' over a Car - More To The Story Too.
Thanks for your readership!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

1990 - Lancaster California - Bright Lights, Aliens and The Highway Patrol - Interrupt Couples Make Out Session!

As fans of AUS-SUV know, I comb the Latest MUFON Reports for much of the content you see - and today is no exception. I am particularly biased on AUS-SUV to the detailed `old-time' UFO/Anomalous reports. Here we go: 1990 Lancaster California UFO Experience - complete with slightly different memory structures and probable missing time:

Hello my ufo sighting happen in 1990 in the Lancaster California area I was actually in between the Mohave desert and Lancaster area with my now x girlfriend / baby moma we were looking for a place to make out and found one of the 14 freeway just after a city called Rosmond but between Lancaster and the Mohave desert,any way I remember pulling over and it was really dark which me and my girlfriend thought it was a good place to do what we do at any rate I remember kissing my girl and then making out as we were going at it a bright light lit the car up I thought it was the highway patrol or somrthing but then it was really bright Michele ask me what was that and said why was i moving the car so much I looked up and I saw the light move I rolled down the window because they where really foggy and I noticed the light move away like in a flash and I saw this disk shape object west of the car Igot up and told my girl to look I remember her getting dressed and saying the Highway patrol were going to get us then everything got bright and I mean really bright next thing I know Im telling my girl to check out the ufo going in the sky she says she nervous and the two highway patrol cars drive by us really fast with lights flashing I then just took off and my girlfriend ask me did I see little people outside the car I m like hell no its two dark we felt lucky to drive home with out getting a ticket I thought we were out there in for about a hour but when I actually check the clock it was almost 4 hours after that the nex t few weeks mygirlfriend would say she saw bouncing balls of red and yellow colors outside the car I laughed but the really weird thing is one day while at home I saw the little lights in the house and on more than one occasionlike floating balls or orbs on another day me and my girlfriend where wacthing tv and we both saw the lights at the same time we looked at each other and started talking about it then she told me the lights where people and that they come around sometimes to get us we both laughed then she said she was serious we broke up shortly after that but never forgot whtat we saw we even told the kids about it .
And, actually, today's latest MUFON reports had other `old-time' UFO stories -- this one from 1972 and in Pennsylvania - with the added twist that at a later time this person OVERheard another person describing the same UFO Event - a rarity.
And finally a 1974 Fireball Report In Kentucky in which a fireball drops more fireballs and then takes off quickly.
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