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Saturday, June 1, 2013

1990 - Lancaster California - Bright Lights, Aliens and The Highway Patrol - Interrupt Couples Make Out Session!

As fans of AUS-SUV know, I comb the Latest MUFON Reports for much of the content you see - and today is no exception. I am particularly biased on AUS-SUV to the detailed `old-time' UFO/Anomalous reports. Here we go: 1990 Lancaster California UFO Experience - complete with slightly different memory structures and probable missing time:

Hello my ufo sighting happen in 1990 in the Lancaster California area I was actually in between the Mohave desert and Lancaster area with my now x girlfriend / baby moma we were looking for a place to make out and found one of the 14 freeway just after a city called Rosmond but between Lancaster and the Mohave desert,any way I remember pulling over and it was really dark which me and my girlfriend thought it was a good place to do what we do at any rate I remember kissing my girl and then making out as we were going at it a bright light lit the car up I thought it was the highway patrol or somrthing but then it was really bright Michele ask me what was that and said why was i moving the car so much I looked up and I saw the light move I rolled down the window because they where really foggy and I noticed the light move away like in a flash and I saw this disk shape object west of the car Igot up and told my girl to look I remember her getting dressed and saying the Highway patrol were going to get us then everything got bright and I mean really bright next thing I know Im telling my girl to check out the ufo going in the sky she says she nervous and the two highway patrol cars drive by us really fast with lights flashing I then just took off and my girlfriend ask me did I see little people outside the car I m like hell no its two dark we felt lucky to drive home with out getting a ticket I thought we were out there in for about a hour but when I actually check the clock it was almost 4 hours after that the nex t few weeks mygirlfriend would say she saw bouncing balls of red and yellow colors outside the car I laughed but the really weird thing is one day while at home I saw the little lights in the house and on more than one occasionlike floating balls or orbs on another day me and my girlfriend where wacthing tv and we both saw the lights at the same time we looked at each other and started talking about it then she told me the lights where people and that they come around sometimes to get us we both laughed then she said she was serious we broke up shortly after that but never forgot whtat we saw we even told the kids about it .
And, actually, today's latest MUFON reports had other `old-time' UFO stories -- this one from 1972 and in Pennsylvania - with the added twist that at a later time this person OVERheard another person describing the same UFO Event - a rarity.
And finally a 1974 Fireball Report In Kentucky in which a fireball drops more fireballs and then takes off quickly.
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