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Friday, May 31, 2013

1994 - Silent Triangle Above House When `Baby' Returned?

If you like your Amazing UFO Story with a twitch of spookiness - this one from Ken Pfeifer is for you:


October 1994 Killeen Texas

I don't remember the exact date, but my son was not yet walking, he was still using a walker, so he must have been around 6 months old. He was born in April 1994. The strange thing is I don't remember going to bed that night. My son slept in the same room as me and my ex. His crib was next to the window.
I woke up because I heard him crying, it was dark, just a little light shining through the drawn window shades. I went to his crib and reached down to pick him up, but he was not there! I could still hear him crying, and I frantically felt all over the crib thinking he had rolled away from me, but he was not there!
His crying had taken on an echoing sound! I yelled to his father but he never moved. I went to the other side of the room to turn on the light, but it would not come on! I went back to the crib, a bright light flashed on and was beaming through the window, and there he was, still crying, very upset, I picked him up and hugged him close, I pulled back the shade to see where the light was coming from, there, directly above the house was a very large triangle shaped object. It was very low, and larger than the house. If I had been on the roof I could have touched it! It was astonishing! I could not believe my eyes! It made NO SOUND! It was moving very slowly, I looked around to see if anyone was outside, all the houses were dark, nobody else was seeing this. I got scared and dropped the shade and backed away from the window, and the light blinked out.  I stood there for a long time rocking my son back to sleep. When I got the courage up to look again, it was gone. I went back to my bed, I put my son between me and his father, and somehow managed to fall back to sleep. The next morning I woke up, my baby was still next to me. Strangely enough I did not remember a thing, and wondered how he got there. It was not until later in the evening that it all came back. When I remembered, I quickly checked my boy over, there were no strange marks or anything wrong with him. He was fine, but I found a strange mark on my leg, it felt like there was a bb or something under the skin, it rolled around when I prodded it. I was horrified, and scared and I told nobody but my mom. The mark is still there, but whatever was rolling around is either gone or buried in the muscle now. It freaks me out to this day. That is just one of many strange experiences I have had. It makes me scared and angry to think this thing that has plagued me my whole life could now plague my family as well. I live on the outskirts of the largest military base in the U.S, but what I saw was nothing from there, I have lived here since the age of 9, I am used to the aircraft from there, believe me, this was not from the base!(Ft. Hood, TX)  

Lots of the `standard' stuff here, right? ---- Right down to NOT REMEMBERING the event in the near/short term...... Makes me wonder if some sort of `alternative space reality' is created within some sort of zone beneath these objects of perception.
I've found more from KP from earlier mailings to me in 2013 - enjoy more Amazing UFO Stories:



I live in the country and alot of deer come in my yard to eat apples.  Something in the sky caught my eye. When I looked up, there was a long cylinder shaped object with protrusions on its side that was shooting out short bursts of light like a ray and it was ascending. It only moved a short distance at I would say a medium speed (but faster than an airplane) before it stopped.  It stayed right where it was until it disappeared. If I would hold a dime up at arms length, it would have been covered by the dime. I watched it for about a minute. It would flash a light now and then. I decided I had to get my husband up to see this even though he has to get up at 3:00 a.m everyday to leave for work at 4:00 a.m. So I got him up, told him there was something weird, maybe a satellite in the sky.  He went outside with me and I showed him the object. He said he could only see the light(s) but he only saw the one and possibly due to his eyesight or being just awakened, he could not see the shape. He grunted "Im going back to bed, have fun (or something like that)" and went back to bed. Thinking, "Im not going to have a witness", I ran to my computer and posted on FB " theres a UFO in the southern sky right now OMG". Then I got on my boots and a hat and went back outside, but this time I stepped off the porch and down the steps. At that time, the object was still where it was when I had gone inside. Its lights were still emitting a flash of light now & then. I looked up and in a semi-circle, that was facing the first object were approximately 6 or 7 more of this same thing. They were also flashing their lights and it was all simultaneously. I stood and watched them for another minute or two, then they all just disappeared! There was only blackness where the objects had been. I waited a few more minutes, but they did not re-appear. I went back into my house and continued what I was doing on the computer. About 45 minutes later, my curiousity got the better of me and I went back outside and down the steps.  I did not see anything where they had been before, but when I looked South- South West, I saw one of these objects. Looking more, I spottd 4 or 5 more, and again, they were flashing their lights in unison. I probably only watchd them for a minute, then suddenly a beam of light came out of each of the same time. The beams were not as bright as when their lights would flash, but were very visible. The beams came out of the crafts at an angle, like 4 o'clock on a clock in reference to the top of the craft being 12 oclock. I only watched these beams for about 15-20 seconds, then it was like a cloud covered the objects.  I could see the lights flash, but not as brightly. It was almost like there was a shroud over them, but I could tell they were stil there. And then they were gone.  Poof!   I posted a bit about this on my FB page then in the morning I went to WTTE Fox 28s FB page and posted asking if anyone else had seen this. Is it a coincidence that later that day, there were 4 big gray helicopters fly in the same path that the objects did, TWICE??   By the way, Ive been in the same home for almost 17 years and have never seen more than one helicopter at a time and its usually life flight. I don't know. I'm not a UFO crazy.  I don't watch shows about UFOs but I have seen some unexplained things before, but never something like this. I called my brother who is retired from the Marine Corps and he told me to report this sighting to you, MUFON. I just realised I'm supposed to tell you my feelings. I am amazed, excited and a bit nervous. The thought DID cross my mind "is this an Alien invasion?" Oh well. You can call me if you need to. I'm not shy, Im not embarassed to tell my story and Im not a wacka-doodle!   


I'm not a wacka-doodle either.

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