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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1993 - Creature, Next To My Bed (From Latest MUFON Reports)

As those seeking amazing UFO stories know, the Latest MUFON Reports are a frequent source of the content you read at AUS-SUV. Your readership is appreciated.

Today's offering happened in New York, New York - so much for the aliens picking those rural areas, right? 1968 NYC Creature
I was sleeping soundly when I began to wake up due to sounds from the kitchen; I was flat on my back with two pillows under my head. I normally am asleep on my side, when a series of distinct sounds began to wake me up. The sound was coming from our kitchen. 
My first thought was my son might have gotten out of bed, for the first time and was opening and closing drawers. I decided to get up out of bed but I was immediately and totally paralyzed by a buzzing feeling at the base of my brain. 
Immediately my mind focused away from the noises to what I thought I was having, which was a stroke or brain hemorrhage or some sort of serious problem. I could not open my eyes I could not move my legs or any part of my body. The buzzing did not hurt. 
My mind was 100% totally awake yet I was unable to move my body. I attempted, at first, to move my feet then legs. Then my arms and get up. But I absolutely could not. It was like a weight on my body. There was no pain. I could not speak. 
I decided to try to open my eyes. I could not. I concentrated on opening just one eye which was my right eye. It took every bit of trying to get the eye lid to open, as it started to open. I noticed a creature with its arms extended over me at my knees. Its hands were glowing -yellow greenish. 
Immediately I knew it was not my son! This has to be an alien! I was completely amazed. I struggled to keep my eye open. Suddenly this thing, moved out of the room directly through the wall! It moved fast, and was silent. The fact that it went through the wall was overwhelming. 
The paralysis quickly went away. Physically I felt fine yet amazed at the event and experience I had. I went into my son’s room to check on him, he seemed fine. I walked to the kitchen and around then returned to the bedroom and went back to bed. I chose not to wake my wife who had been next to me the whole time. 
I kept this experience to myself, briefly but seriously mentioning it the next day. Three days later I became really afraid and since that time I have just tried to deal with not knowing what this thing was and what it maybe had done to me. 


Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons (Calvin & Hobbes)
The above account to me sounds almost ghostish - but, would also suggest these `aliens' using light in some manner, perhaps.
Those seeking the Amazing will also be fascinated by this also from today's LMR's....... the finding of a grandmother's notes - with the description of a UFO/Orb in 1968 In LA California.
Finally, for those who say they need more of the anomalous - here's a link to a page I have on -- about the anomalous --- indeed, I take you to the VERY best anomalous reports of 2007 - Go Enjoy The Memories.

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