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Sunday, May 19, 2013

1975 - Sweet Home Oregon - Saucer

From the latest MUFON reports today - this one comes across as real:http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=47508
This was a `first' sighting of the same craft as you will read:
I was driving to Sweet Home Oregon late at night about 1:00 am with my brother and a friend. I just turned the bend just past the old Shirleys Tavern (1970s hwy 20 the four lanes ended there and went to two lane toward Sweet Home)and saw two lights close together (red and green)about a 1/2 mile. The lights were close to a farm house on the right side at the top small hill just before getting to the old Midway Store. When I turned the bend I saw the lights thinking they were lights to a new short way radio antanna. I was just kidding and said look a UFO and didnt think anymore about it. When we got next to the house (we were below the level of the house because of the cut bank next to the road) our friend was laying down on the back seat with his head on the passengers side of the car we thought he was sleeping when he started yelling UFO UFO then my brother was yelling to pull over I could not see it because the roof of the car was blocking it. I pulled over as soon as I could we all got out of the car and was no further than 200 feet away and at this side of the UFO was only a white light. It was just above a tree next to the small farm house. The UFO was flat silver rounded triangle with a dome on top and bottom with a light on each corner of the triangle. (best way to describe it was the standard saucer shape UFO with dome on top and bottom but instead of the saucer being round it was still round but in a triangle shape soft corners not sharp)We watch it for about 20 to 30 seconds with the white light became in an instant almost blinding with in less than a second it flow up and to the west and was small as a star. We all jump back in the car screaming and cursing I drove east toward Sweet Home as fast as I could while my brother with his head out the passengers window and our friend watch it out the back window telling me it stop than to off again. The three of us had never been that scared before at least I wasnt. I took them home and I was living with my sister in Lebanon and I really didnt want to go back that way. I drove to her house and did not see it on the there. The night was clear with stars out and do not remember seeing the moon. There was no sound at anytime when watch it hoovering and flying off. When it was hoovering it was as still as the house was.

I did see it again a couple of months later on the same road and will fill out another report. (Drawing of report below)


There was one more `oldtime' account in today's LMR's - this one from 1981 and from Macon Missouri:
The time and date is approx. This happened as I and my friend were walking to my house after a high school event. I was dark and as we walked westbound, I noticed that the stars in the sky were all moving in the same formation to the north. I made my friend aware of this and we both watched as the stars turned out to be the refection of the street lights off the bottom of the enormous dark object that moved to the north. We were unsure of the altitude, but to my best memory it was maybe 1000 ft up. The object was either so large or so low that it filled 50% of my field of view towards the sky.
We both ran to my house and both drew pictures of what we saw, his picture depicted a disc shape as mine was more of a curvature of the bottom of a large object. To this day I remember the sighting, and Im glad someone else was with me to see it.
There is absolutely nothing it could have been mistaken for, my regret is that I dont readily remember if it had edges like a triangle or disc or cylinder, its just been too many years.
No sound, reflective bottom, enormous size, and moving north.

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