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Friday, November 25, 2011

UFO - Metallic Spheres filmed hovering in the sky over Portsmouth

This one is from Feb. 28th of this year. One of the most distinct pairs of `metal spheres' I've ever seen caught on camera. Description of the videoer below vid. 8000 views.

link -
Video Description:
 filmed these two strange metallic spheres floating in the sky late this afternoon (28th Feb 2011). Completely silent, no smoke contrail and the spheres where really shiny metallic and very reflective. Very bizarre!!

I thought it might have been a plane when I saw it in the distance but then I noticed that there was no plane contrail (smoke) and as they got closer and came over the house I could see that they were two really shiny metallic spheres which seemed to be joined together. I saw very similar ones in Menorca last year and they look white from that distance but up close they are metallic spheres and they seem to be spinning really fast. One is slightly above the other, at an angle. They made no sound whatsoever. Very odd!!

Darn good stuff, right?
UDCC has been all over the continuing Sky Noise Phenomena and did another update recently Right Here.
Every Strange UFO video is worth a click - visit the archive via the sidebar!


The below was a review of the above book at Amazon:
"The Coming - The Bible's Identity of So-Called UFO's" is a major find. This book is of significant importance to anyone interested in Ufo's OR Religion. Even devout UFO skeptics will find it hard to argue their stand after reading this work. It's a realistic no-holds-barred study identifying the unknown using the ULTIMATE reference source -- the BIBLE! I found myself reading the indicated verses from my Bible as I read "The Coming." Numerous references to Bible scriptures tell the true identity of UFO's and creatures that are known as grays. This book freely points out these scriptures so that "you can see for yourself." No other book on religion or UFO's uses the Bible to explain UFO sightings. I'll bet your preacher never pointed out these scriptures all at the same time! When you reach the end of this book, you won't be left hanging --- you'll KNOW! I liked it so well, I'm going to read it again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cattle Mutilations - Government & Alien Research?

One of the strangest pieces of the UFO phenomena is Animal Mutilations - this video gives a good overview worthy of your click: 20K views. Be Informed.

UDCC has been covering an Orb caller - Phil Coreski. Not only that, Phil answered some questions too for readers. Find out about The Grey Aliens And More.

Please check out the archive too.

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