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Friday, May 24, 2013

1967 - Onward - The ULTIMATE MUFON Report

This one is long enough and detailed enough to be a book - literally - the FULL link is here -----> Liberty New York - The Ultimate MUFON Report: I will undertake some of the report below:
....An advocate and I have been working on this report for more than a year. Due to time constraints from conflicting work schedules at best we can collaborate three hours a week. In the course of a year this equates to 3 standard work weeks. As detailed and thorough as I would like to be this report would never get filed in our lifetime. The abduction section is detailed and complete. As for my theory’s, postulates, supposition, conjecture, hypotheticals I would have liked to included far more Bible scriptural support and collaborating research data which would authenticate the global New World Order initiative and also included decades of research, documentation and witness accounts that clearly establish and off world presence of multiple extraterrestrial races and the direct relation between the three, Bible, NWO and UFO. 

For additional updates please refer to: [Link moved to FI section/cms/tg] 

The beginning, 
I awoke on the evening of the event floating and stationary 6" from the ceiling above my bed. My first impulse was to reach up and touch the ceiling. One of my strongest ambitions as a child was jumping on the bed as if it were a trampoline; I always tried to touch the ceiling. I was so excited to be that close to the ceiling and so I could attain my childhood ambition. I attempted to touch the ceiling for a period of 5-10 minutes and could not comprehend why my body would not respond to my intentions. During this time I realized that I was completely immobilized. I could look with my eyes but not move my head. I was staring down the length of my body with the additional desire to kick with my legs once I realized I could not move. I could not understand why only my eyes could move and not my body. I found this puzzling, most unusual, and frustrating. This state of mind seemed to last for approximately 15-20 minutes. Upon looking down the length of my body I noticed, which I found particularly bizarre, my blanket was not draped over my body but was still in the layout of four distinct corners, as if it were still on top of the mattress, this I found fascinating. I was experiencing a feeling of euphoria and excitement thinking I was the one making this happen. My immediate association of floating came from the variety of cartoons I had been familiar with such as the Road Runner and the Coyote, Bugs Bunny as well as the variety of cartoons airing every Saturday morning that any child from the 1960s would be familiar with. In the innocent mind of a child the potential of control floating could easily be possible. During this 15-20 minute period I would repeatedly try to touch the ceiling, move my legs and not once did this occur. I remember the colors of the blanket being dark blue, light blue, white, with a plaid pattern and red piping. I thought it odd that not once did the blanket ever move or drape from the original time I became conscious throughout the entire time frame.....

Upon walking into the examination area and I say area because there were no visible walls or ceiling. The area was lit up with spot lights and outside of the perimeter of the lights you could see only darkness. The original Green accompanied me down the hallway into this area from the waiting room where we were joined by the original tall Grey and a number of examination technicians that were shorter than the tall Grey but taller by about eighteen inches than the small Green. They were light grey in skin color, with almond shaped sun glassed eyes. I am not sure but I think, if I recall correctly, they were wearing white, gown-like cloaks over their bodies with high collars and hoods. I was led to a table and laid face up on the table. The Green was to my left with a Grey on each side of him, two at the bottom of the table, two to three to my right and two above my head. The tall Grey was about fifteen feet to the bottom left of the table and was observing the whole procedure. About eight to ten feet above me was a light source that was illuminating myself and the immediate examining area. There was a variety of implements and tools which kept coming up and down directly over me through this light source, which the number of technicians would grab, use, and release. The implements would retract back up through the light out of sight. The implements would ascend and descend through the light rapidly. They were using each tool no more than five to ten seconds, touching them to various parts of my body,  

...Contrary to popular perception and belief that any sightings or abductions were always related to mentally imbalanced or inebriated individuals, there have been, from the Roswell incident in 1947, a high volume of extremely credible people. These particular individuals from a variety of fields were established and highly respected ranging from military service, law enforcement, aviation and scientific communities. Many of them have stepped forward and validated the fact that there is a UFO phenomenon interacting with human societies and government authorities collectively on this planet. I have been following the UFO/Abduction phenomena since the 1970’s to this day. In my lifetime, I have witnessed the transition of this field of UFO phenomenon being mocked and disrespected, not taken seriously at any level to its current state of intense scrutiny by debunkers and supporters of the most accomplished individuals in military service, aerospace, scientific communities, law enforcement, politics; noted and respected individuals in every walk of life. My opinion is that there has been an interaction with non-human beings that can date as far back as thousands of years ago. 

And on and on ......
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