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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Obsessed With Evil?

Today I bring one from the LMR (latest MUFON reports) about another `old-time' UFO encounter - this one from 1975. I use this headline as from what I can tell this person had ONE encounter after `beckoning' an experience involving a light source -  and because of that - is convinced it was EVIL that was after him........ Okay.......
The Full MUFON Report Link (full report is seen below)
this is a more detaild report of my ufo sighting i have a report on file 
this is the events that led befor and up to my ufo sighting. it nhas importaing details 
on what caused me to have the sighting. i held back on this because i dont want anyone else to be in my place at the time.. 
as i sead in my last report the ufo things are evil. and should be avoided at all cost. i found this out personaly. 
while i was watching a news brief on tv about the trips to eternity in a ufo thing on the news i played with the idea that if they are real i wonderd if 
they can read what we are thinking. thinking that if the ufo are spiretal beengs they may be able to do that.. 
so i pictured the earth in my mind as seen from space. and homed in to my location as looking at a map with names of citys showing. 
ii pictured what greenwich looked like from the air. using land marks like island beech and from there to over the greenwich 
bank that has that big green dome as a roof. then ploted a path from there to my house. i did this all in my mind.. then 
im thinking... ufo people if your real show me.. then i sead the heck with this its stupid and watched kojack on tv.. when 
it was over another program started. somthing about a dog. im laying on my bed watching tv and for a second i think i saw 
a light peek over the roof of the building i lived in then ducked back. i kept watching i know i saw somthing. 
then it showed ityself. the rays of loight around its edges seemed like it was crawleing on the sky. i could feel it wanted me. 
and i can feel a intense evil from it. i cant explain it i just felt it. i am in construction and nuthing and no one 
scares me. but i was all most crying i was so afraid thinking they are going to take me. i calld to god to protect me 
tat i been stupid and want nuthing to do with what ever it is. years later after it got out of my system i deecided to 
have the library order me the third book of enoch.. in the book enoch ask a angel what those disk in the skys are 
the angel told enoch that they are those that can not find the way or somthing like that. so those ufo things 
are super natral. and i8t wanted to take me. i was so afraid of it even near a year after i saw it i did not go out side 
at night and when i went out the sun was up and i stayed close to where there are a lot of people. i did not want to be 
alone. ill say again. dont get intristed in a ufo. forget about them. it seemed to be crawleing on the sky. yet 
from the trees i could see it was at tree top level. a imbrogno did the investagating to my sighting at that time 
i am writeing this to warn that i got the strongest feeling ever of its evil. i feel sure the ufo things 
are not nuts and bolts. and i am sure that it wanted me. not just my body.. the whole me.. find ways 
to not be intristed in them. dont seek them moit. it was disk shaped. like a white light. it lit up the tree tops. 
i was realy afraid like ill never again will be or ever was.. they are evil. i now know this. dont seek them. 
ufo investagaters you should play down the ufo sightings to make people loose intrist in them. if you was in my place at the time I saw it you would agree to this 
I feel sure you would. you or anyone else realy dont want a close 
encounter that I had. I know it wanted me. it wanted to take me. 
and I felt what theyv are. and what they are is a unknown evil you dont want. 

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  1. Holy Shit Batman ! That is a totally bizzarre story.I'd feel pretty important if a UFO homed in on me,tracked my thoughts,and then came right to me.You are either joking or had a really weird show put on just for you ! Talk about luck !


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