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Friday, June 28, 2013

Remember That 1965 Eastern Seaboard Blackout? -- New UFO Report Emerges Of `Piloted' UFO!

Amazing UFO stories has printed some real classics that have emerged from the Latest MUFON files -- and this will go down with them. 1964(5) Blackout Transparent UFO

I was 13 in 1964. This incident happened at the time when the entire Eastern part of the United States had a Blackout. My mother told me that if I told anybody about what I saw that "the men in the little white coats would take me away in a straight-jacket". However, Ive always wondered if the pilot of the small plane that the "craft" dove at, ever reported the incident. And of course, because of the power outage, the news reports that ensued talked about, as I recall, both a story about a Meteor and a failure at the Power Facility at Niagara Falls.

Hanover Township was at the south outskirts of the city of Wilkes-Barre. My parents had built a house in a new development on land that was adjacent (and being reclaimed) from coal strip mining amidst a small forest area which included also, a quarry. And at one end of the expanse of the strip mined shale field, there rose up a Cullum Bank. If you climbed to the top of the Cullum Bank you could view the expanse of the Wyoming Valley, surrounded by mountains and the Susquehanna River flowing through the base of the valley. On the other side of the river was the West Side Drive-In. If I had a pair of Binoculars I thought it would be easy to see the movie playing on the Drive-In Screen. To that end, I borrowed the Binoculars from the man who lived across the street and trekked to the top of the Cullum Bank to see the movie "Tom Jones" which was showing there. I needed to get to the location while it was still daylight and the trail that led to the area went through the forest section around to the far side of the Cullum Bank, as the near side was pretty much a really steep incline to the cliff. I arrived early before the sunset. I was enthusiastic but, hadnt considered either the cold temperature or the wind which was whipping up. Nor had I considered to bring a flashlight, as it dawned on me, that when the darkness happened, I would have a tough time finding my way back. In the distance, at the far north end of the valley, behind the mountain range, I noticed flashing light. This was bursts of light which ping ponged left and right for maybe five minutes. This didnt look like fireworks. I didnt have a clue what it could be. When I did happen to catch a burst looking through the Binoculars, it was just a burst of white light. The movie still hadnt started, so I just kept observing the flashes. Then the flashes started to move behind the mountain range on the right side of the valley. The flashes were at regular intervals many seconds. Its a long mountain range. At a point, a couple of minutes later, I looked through the lenses at the Drive-In Screen to see if the movie had started. It had but, as it was still just dusk, the screen images were just too light to be enjoyed. The wind started blowing up, I was getting cold so I thought I should start back to "civilization". I turned my gaze back to the direction of the flashes behind the mountain range on the right. The light bursts behind the range was now brighter and more intense and traveling faster. And then, right before my eyes, hovering in the sky, somewhat higher than the mountain peaks but, on this side of the range, there was this stationary mass of electrical light, brighter than a star. I looked through the Binoculars. Its shape was that of a spinning top, with a point at the top and a point at the bottom. It was just pure energy/light, redish toward the top, whiteish in the middle and yellowish at the bottom. But, the flashes continued behind the range...just a little bit before they stopped. I kept staring into the Binoculars, trying to adjust a clear focus. It was colder now and the wind was blustering more and my eyes started to tear. I lowered the Binoculars and cocked my head to my right as there seemed to be a swooshing to the wind. I was standing pretty close to the end of the cliff. And Im looking at this gliding craft, coming parallel to me, over the edge, about 15 feet away. I could see it and see trough it as it was transparent. It was piloted. It was like three a plane without the cockpit. Looking at it head on, as it approached me, There was a Triangle about 8-9 feet high. Inside the triangle was a center triangle with an individual sitting, suspended, two arms, two legs, headgear. The other triangle came off to the back, like the back end of a plane...not really a perfect triangle. There were three red globes on the bottom angles, one at the back, two on the sides. I watched this glide right past me, veer right and disappear into thin air.
At this point I got scared. I wanted to run.
Turning to proceed back through the forest, I was too scared to go that way. So I pitched myself off the face of the cliff to take the steep run down, sliding, tearing my jeans in the process, to arrive at the bottom of the Cullum Bank and run back through the shale field. Looking up in the sky, I could see only the electrical object which was now slowly moving more toward my position. I had a clear bolt path back to the development and by the time I reached the end of the street I lived on, which intersected with a forest section, this object was almost directly above me. I heard a small plane. In the sky, coming from what would be the south west, was a small, single engine plane, flying well below the height of the electrical craft. I watched with shock, as this little plane came closer the electrical object dove right for it, causing the little plane to maneuver into a steep climb. This electrical craft dove underneath the plane then boomeranged up, turning on its side as I watched three revolutions of red light and it disappeared. What happened to the little Plane? ...And the pilot of that plane? I dont know! I wanted to call the Forty-Fort Airport. I wanted to call the local radio station. I wanted to know if anyone else saw what I did? I ran home and told my Mother. Our power was out. It was only later that I found out the power went out, on the entire eastern United States. And of course, my Mother wouldnt let me tell anyone. I will say that after this experience I had what I would call an uncanny "awareness" of just life in general. I have never been "into" sci-fi or anything having to do with the whole UFO phenomena. But Ive often wondered if that pilot of the small plane ever filed a report that my experience would corroborate. This happened when I was 13. Now Im 62 years old and dont have to consider the men in the little white coats coming to get me! Thanks for listening.
Red - is my emphasis.
BTW, the BLACKOUT was 1965 on Nov. 9th
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