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Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 - Frantic Account Involving Entity And Lights In North Dakota (Latest MUFON Reports)

Obviously, as with any MUFON submitted report - pure fiction is always a possibility. And, I'm sure other websites wouldn't bother with this breathless account with tons of grammar and spelling errors - along with near complete dis-jointment at times. Nonetheless, it is eerily compelling in some fashion:
Ray North Dakota MUFON Report - supposedly happened on Friday.
My friend and I were out in a farmers field with our packs in north Dakota getting ready and in shape for our climb of mt. borah. We stopped to drink some water when my friend noticed four objects next to the unusually. large moon. when further looking at the round blueish. white orbs. they started to move in a circular formation keeping the original diamond pattern. After watching for around a limited the slowly formed a line and headers north north east. While watching the made drastic zig say patterns towards us until the where right on top of us then almost slowed to a stop. At this time I was fumbling with my phone to video all this but my phone was frozen and unresponsive, so I removed the battery from my phone. After removing my phone the balls of light left slowly but one broke off and disappeared. we watched the three disappear in the sky and decided to continue on our light jog.. We made it about another mile in the direction of where we first saw the lens. all of a suffer there was a bright light flashing in the trees the size of a flashlight with no beam that exited the trees . we shines out light on it and saw athtree foot figure there we turned off our lights and the flasing started again in a different spot. This happened six different times. we decided to turn back and head home. The fields here are broken up by tree lines , we crossed four tree lines and in every tree line behind is the small entity wad the glazing a light at us. we finally made it to the last tree line. after we were about a hundred yards from the tree line we stopped and looked back to see the small light still flashing at us. Then all of a sudden there was a bright strobbing. light about the size of a geo metro that rose above the tree line and moved along the trees following us to the highway. By then we were very frightened and started at a fast pace to the highway where there wad traffic on the road. We made it to the highway and the object stopped close to the highway and kept strobing. it very bright blue/white light. We decided to keep moving to our camper. The light disappeared so we thought we were in the clear of getting taken until we reached a nearby radio tower and saw the small light in the trees again and a very strange hovering noise. We were once again freaked out and started a fast pace again towards the camper a half mile. away. We reached our camper and saw no more lights but could hear stuff moving in the grass twenty feet in front of us but would stop when we turned on our lights. We decided to go into our camper and wait it out full the morning. All of this took around two hours from the begining of the sighting to the time we got back to our camper. We walked roughly three miles to the sighting which took two hours but only took what seemed eared and the

Yes, that is how it ends........dramatic and strange, right.

you need this.

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