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Monday, April 15, 2013

Amazing `Lights Abduction' In Alabama Within Past Week - MUFON Report

At Amazing UFO Stories - most of our content of AUS comes from people finally coming forward to tell their decades old UFO story. Rarely have the stories happened in the last few days such as this - OR - been as dramatic as you will be reading: The story occurred in Flomaton Alabama on April 11th: (small town, Gulf Coast) (Found at the latest MUFON reports this morning) MUFON LINK
4/11/13 @ about 6:30 am I wrecked my 2005 F-150 pickup near a friends house; with whom I had been staying a few days after a surgical procedure. I returned to their house for help. We could not find the truck for some reason. She left & I went to the edge of woods near where I thought the truck was & continued to look for about 45 min. Suddenly, I heard a very loud buzzing humming sound, turned around to be horrified by a large bright light, so bright I couldnt look at it. I observed it floating, pulsating, blinking light. I was terrified, screaming for help, and ran into a bush to hide. After about 5-7 min. I passed out as the light came towards me. I freaked out so much, I guess I passed out. I woke up 4/12/13 after daylight. I had no shoes, no shorts, no underwear, and I was out in a terrible storm all night apparently, I only vaguely remember that, I was wet and cold and in a totally different place that I did not recognize. I screamed for help, but was apparently very deep in an unknown woods. I walked through the woods looking for a way out. I suffered severe injuries from the briars and stuff I walked through barefoot. About sundown I found a dirt path & began to follow it. At about midnight I came to a locked iron gate, I went under it since I saw cars driving by; 
went to one house and no one answered, a lady answered at the second house and called the police( and gave me a warm bathrobe to wear, since I was very cold and almost naked) 
who picked me up, since my parents had filed a missing persons report & they had been searching for me all day. I did not tell them of this experience, except for saying I had no memory of what had happened. They assumed I was on drugs and had done crazy things. I went to the ER at Jay, Fl. and was 
given fluids for dehydration and antibiotics for severe cuts & abrasions. I tested positive for many hard drugs that I do not remember taking willingly. They think I am surely an addict. I did not tell anyone about this except my mother, who quickly asked me if I saw any bright lights, since I have told her of other strange experiences of missing time and bright lights; which always terrifies me & I 
do not watch UFO shows for this reason, nor do I talk about this to anyone but my mother. I am still 
terrified over what happened to me. I did ask for a rape kit; and the results were negative. I still do not know what happened to my missing clothes. I can relate events up to the brights lights and after; but have no memory of events in the missing time. All this is documented, since the police have the missing persons report and I went to the ER @ Baptist Hospital in Jay, Fl. The truck belongs 
to my parents and has been reported as stolen. It has not been found yet. 

IF this is an alien abduction it certainly falls out of the `normal' experience in terms of re-placement of human location, re-placement of human clothes, ---- and the `finding' of `involuntary' hard drugs --- certainly would be `outside' of anything remotely considered as `normal' involvement with `aliens' or `floating lights'.

Sadly, this fits much better with something very nefarious and something more likely `human'. Most worrisome is could this be just the tip of a buried iceberg, IF it was alien in source?
What's your opinion?
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  1. Dude got messed up,wrecked the truck,and had to tell his parents SOMETHING! Maybe traded the truck? I've had to explain similar type events,but this guy has me beat!


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