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Monday, March 11, 2013

1997 - Egg Shaped Object In Broad Daylight - Wapakoneta Ohio

Gotta love the honest feeling this MUFON report brings to the table:
Link At MUFON To Report Below
(Red is my emphasis)
I once saw a UFO with my girlfriend at the time in Wapakoneta Ohio. I have never formally reported it, but it did get me interested in the UFO Phenomena because even though I am skeptical of UFOs I do in fact know that people really do see things in the sky. I do not know if they are extraterrestrial, but I do know that people honestly do see things they cannot explain. 
My sighting happened on a nice warm sunny day. My girlfriends house was right next to a park and the fenceline was shared with the park. I looked up as we were sitting outside and she was clipping her dogs hair.
I then saw in plain sight a chrome looking egg shaped craft which was highly reflective and travelling at a high rate of speed. It was about the size of a couch and made no noise whatsoever. It was slightly higher than a telephone pole in height and wasnt but about 50 yards away. We both watched as it flew over the park and then continued on in a straight line until it disappaeared from view. 
I remember watching some footage one time of a silver egg shaped craft flying over a field where a supposed crop circle was found, and it looked exactly like the craft on that film. 
It was in broad daylight and we both watched it passing by until a tree obscured us from seeing it further. I got up and walked to a different vantage point so that I could see it again, but I could not find it in my field of view. 
So that is what I saw, and it feels good to finally report it.

The old time UFO stories continue to spew forth - Amazing UFO Stories - Have one of your own?
 Speaking of Amazing UFO Stories - this link is to a Strange UFO video of a TV report in German -- seems a semi-trailer was knocked over by a UFO beam...... and they have the road camera proof to back it all Up.

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