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Monday, December 19, 2016

Recent Las Vegas Strip UFO Picture?

Probably a good example as to why I stopped the daily checking of the latest 20 UFO reports from MUFON. -'s one of those "I saw it later" type of photos of perhaps some light in the sky (almost for sure some glare from in the car or window)....I stress perhaps.'s the full story and the two pictures...yum. Yawn.
The sighting was 11/29/16 and it was reported today - 12/19/16
Here's the link to the MUFON submission

I was driving my mother's car with her in the passenger seat and held the camera directly next to the windshield, using the rear view mirror to steady it. My intent was to take pictures of two large condominium mid-rise towers approximately 15 stories tall. The camera was an iPhone 6 (8 Megapixel resolution). I took 3 shots, the first 2 of which included the UFOs. One is a highly visible blue round shape similar to a satellite dish. Other is a large dark ship above the blue one, with faint lights around the perimeter and two somewhat brighter lights on the left facing side (front?). Note the change of position of the objects from one picture to the next. There was definitely nothing in the vehicle that would cause reflection or glare. My vision was focused on the road ahead and not on the sky. We were traveling east (southeast at that particular location) on Alta Drive (Summerlin/Las Vegas) at the speed limit (35mph) approaching One Queensridge Place condo towers. As I was focused on the road, I did not notice the UFOs until later that night when looking at the pictures on my phone.
And, one of the two pictures
I do have more UFO material I will be blogging. I am also updating some of the State UFO blogs and will run across material for these pages. Stay tuned.

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