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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Could Orbs Represent A Time Distortion?

As the stories get stranger, threads of similarities stand out in contrast to the differences perceived. The below story, with my emphasis in RED, is of a growing pile of stories that seemingly involve time perception differences - usually a slowing down perception effect. 

Anyway, let's get to the Ken Pfeifer shared story:


Perhaps one of the strangest Australian UFO encounters is that of the Knowles family as they drove along the lonely Nullarbor Plain in January 1988.
Mother Faye was travelling the long, lonely stretch of highway with her sons, 24-year-old Patrick, Sean aged 21 and 18-year-old Wayne, along with their two dogs. While Sean was driving and his older brother sitting beside him, they saw on the road ahead of them a bright light. Their curiosity piqued, Sean put his foot down in order to catch up to the curious light shining on the road ahead of them. That would soon prove to be a mistake.
The Knowles’ car soon caught up with that curious bright light that now took the shape of an angular egg in an eggcup with a yellow centre, and estimated at about one metre wide. It appeared to be either on the road or floating just above it, and was moving back and forth. Sean swerved to avoid the object, almost colliding with a car towing a caravan travelling in the opposite direction. As they continued driving, the Knowles soon became concerned that the glowing egg-shaped object was following them … and then they heard a clunk and felt the car being pushed down by a heavy weight. Then, the car seemed to be lifted off the road. Frightened, Faye wound down her window and reached for the roof. She felt something “soft and rubbery that was hot”. (wow, an actual description of what an Orb's texture may be) When Faye pulled her arm back inside their vehicle, it was covered in a strange black dust. The family were now terrified and they soon became disoriented and later recounted that their voices sounded slower and lower in pitch. Patrick later said that he felt like his “brains were being sucked out”. Meanwhile, the car’s speedometer registered speeds that the small car would be highly unlikely to achieve. Then the car appeared to drop back onto the road, bursting the rear tire on the right hand side. After pulling off the road, the Knowles jumped out of the car and hid behind some nearby bushes, shaken and scared. Eventually, they returned to the car, changed the tire and drove at speed to the nearest town.
Physical traces on the car, corroborating evidence from a truck driver and the sincerity in the Knowles’ own testimony on national television point to something extremely out of the ordinary happening on the highway across the Nullarbor Plain in January 1988. But was it a UFO encounter or something else? According to Jenny Randles, author of Time Storms, the Knowles’ encounter has more to do with a natural phenomenon in which time itself is distorted rather than that of a UFO encounter. Indeed, there appear to be a number of similarities with other cases the author has investigated. But, whether the Knowles were terrorized by an unidentified flying object or inadvertently drove into a so-called “time storm,” there is little doubt that the family experienced something baffling, and terrifying, on that day in the summer of 1988. More on the Knowles’ encounter on the Nullarbor


The `soft and rubbery and hot' comment will be one for the pondering people who read Amazing UFO Stories And Strange UFO Videos........... I wouldn't be so hasty in writing this off as a UFO - but - I also believe that Orbs could indeed be what is perceptible of a `time distortion' - especially a `time distortion Orb that always seems to have a pliable reality and can morph or change' (The Orbs turning into crafts phenomena --- IF it is simply `playing' with an `unactualized future perception' - why couldn't it MAKE that projection ANYTHING? Including HUGE Black Triangle crafts that seemingly are only part of the usually ONE persons observations - EVEN if in Urban settings.)
BTW, I have a great read for you today at UDCC - about - Strange Convergences - get ready to blend your mind.

 For our strange friends.
BTW, I have an aunt who decades ago had an event in her house where she found about a shovel full of what could be described as `black dust' in an upstairs bedroom.

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