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Saturday, January 26, 2013

3000 UFO Books - One Wild Spaceship Ride

With only the `second Amazing story' - I'm now confident that changing this blogs title name and expanding it was a great idea - as we all know that the world of UFOlogy is not only replete with Strange UFO Videos - but, even more over stuffed with strange UFO stories. Indeed, tons more; so get ready for a wild ride on this blog as SUV attempts to catalog the ones that appear on the Latest MUFON reports in 2013. I suspect that most of these tales will be of `years ago' experiences that simply had to be told - and this is the new forum for those stories - you might want to bookmark SUV today: 
Today's lead Amazing Story:
Aliens, OBE's and More
I feel a little background is required before I tell this story. I have read over 3000 ufo books. The greys abducted me alot. They asked me ufo questions. On March 10, 2009 I was getting ready for bed. Tonight would be the last night I was ever abducted. A grey walked into my bedroom and thought to me follow me. I followed it, it was so strange because they had never revealed themselves while I was awake. It wanted to show me something. We went to its craft. We flew to its homeworld then out to a point in space. The grey initiated an OBE and told me I had one hour to learn all I could about a ship approaching its homeworld. There was two alien species aboard. I spend 55 minutes studying the species I was not familiar with. Afterwards, I watched helpless, as this ship destroyed the greys homeworld. After much debate, I was brought back. The entire thing happened in about 8 hours. I have not been abducted since. I was fully conscience during the entire time.
The MythRepresentation Of UFOlogy
Now, here comes the fun part - on Amazing Stories and Strange Videos - I intend to take a wild stab at the brutal truth using my analytic abilities at what the person might have had happen to them - assuming all stories to be true perceptually regardless if the perception itself was in our so called normal reality. So, with that as a basis, let's take a quick look at the above.

 3,000 UFO books, really? Is this already an exaggeration? Might this not trigger `dreams'? Are there that many UFO books?

Why would Grey's ask YOU about UFO's?

Walked into your bedroom from WHERE? Thru a wall? From the front door? Thru the window?

Flew to home world in 8 hours - I came up with being able to go about 5 billion miles in 8 hours at the speed of light - so a round trip of 2.67 billion miles or so (yes, I know that there is acceleration and deceleration crappola) - well, Pluto is about 3.1 billion miles from Earth (2.7-4.7 depending where we are in our respective orbits). So, perhaps one of the `outer planets' fits this? Did they blow up Saturn?* (new meme birth)

Is there any logic that the other species destroyed the Grey's world which was one of our outer planets of the solar system?

Fully conscious while IN an OBE?
Now, remember, SUV will ASSUME that all stories told are true perceptually.

Could this be someone obsessed with having non-ordinary contact with conscious entities or the projection of such? Three thousand books would suggest that. I've also found in my own non ordinary perceptions within normal reality that when one beckons the unknown - the unknown can provide that experience.

The experience also sounds much like a controlled lucid dream except the control isn't in the hands of the dreamer. It also resembles the states of mind attained in Dr. Charles Tart's book `Altered States of Consciousness' where he had two people mutually hypnotize each other and they entered into a separate reality.

Finally, the `simpleness', frankly, of the `don't destroy your world' theme variation of this dream/obe - after 3000 UFO books - could only have played out finally, with one FINAL `here you go' from the Fortean side - in such an extreme manner.
Is perception all about Structures?


  1. I am the witness. I started reading childrens ufo books at age 5. I read kids books as I grew up. I am counting magazines also. My ufo book collection is extensive and every bookshelf is doublestacked. More importantly, Ive read them all. I did not exaggerate the first sentence. Dreams vs real abduction are very easy to tell difference. Details, during an abduction you can taste touch smell feel and see every detail. I have lots of kids books on ufos not listed on amazon, but search ufo book amazon and youll see. Walked thru the wall into my bedroom. Your applying Earth science to an advanced alien race. I boarded a egg shaped craft, flew to orbit, we docked with cigar shaped mothership and it flew me to the greys homeworld. These two species are wiping out all spacefaring races in the milky way. They came from amdromeda.(grey told me during OBE) Speaking of which, I can recall every second of obe. Ill give you another detail. I saw something on the ships bridge in the last 5 minutes that scared the bejeevers out of me. I was fully awake during the eight hours. I have never touched drugs or alcohol and I have two college degrees. I do have witnesses to my abductions. Nobody will believe this story without proof. Heres your proof, since it happened Ive tried to prove myself wrong by finding grey sighting on the internet. In 2008 thousands worldwide reported abductions. After march 10 2009 abductions by grey aliens are almost non existent. The greys didnt complete their agenda, they were slaughtered. 12 billion(chilbolton) souls died and I thought others should know the date.

  2. Hello, Anonymous,

    I appreciate you following up with my blog and your report - lots of people saw your report via this blog and my links on my main UFO blog called UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock.

    IF you have ever read my other blog UDCC OR any of my UFO books - you will find that regardless of your `near real perceptions' - that I believe - as I stated in my analysis - that OTHER explanations certainly fit the bill better IMO. That is NOT to suggest that the experience you describe didn't occur to YOUR space or more precisely one of your spaces. (YOU may want to read my works about phenomenology.)

    I also appreciate you `answering' my questions above (oh, btw, do you live alone - did anyone check on your body - was this simply a `bedtime' experience) and will respond as best I can for a dialog that you are welcome to add to via these pages.

    I have no doubt about your intelligence - but, in all honesty - NEVER seeking any alternative to your normal sane straight reality state is NOT impressive to me. Just being honest. That said, I'm sure you view it as some sort of positive - I'm not so sure when this may simply be an alternative high state of some sort that you don't recognize due to your lack of interest in such (yeah, right).

    Nonetheless, now that that is out of the way - let's approach your answers and additional details.

    I'd love to see what 3000 UFO books looks like - why not upload a picture of these shelves - and certainly, if you are like me - after my UFO experience I also read all the UFO books I could get my hands upon - you read MANY BOOKS that suggest that nearly all of the `alien' stuff was disinfo of the cold war. Disinfo agents abound in the old history of UFO's.

    What did you think when you are reading the disinfo?

    Now, to my views on `alien abduction'. Certainly you are aware that JUST within the past two or three years that one of the main `abduction researchers' certainly came under MAJOR scrutiny and indeed much of the alien abduction from dreams and bed has been discredited - as it should have been from anyone with common sense.

    Now, THAT SAID, I do NOT deny that some mental states are certainly able to be `abducted' by other forces - be it hypnotism or simply the non-ordinary reality of spaces that we rarely experience. I view reality as SPACES due to my phenomenology bent of classifying reality.

    I also am of the camp that a VERY FEW `alien abductions' may be EXACTLY that - something such as Travis Walton's case and a few others. A VERY FEW. Of course, it is possible at some level that this happened to you. It's simply unlikely when compared to the `mental abductions' or other explanations - even instant hypnosis which I suggest you read about.

    BTW, I've had `impossible' experiences like you too where I was totally conscious. Just to let you know.

    So, we are back to YOUR supposed experience and my analysis of such and your answers.

    Do I believe that the alien walked thru the wall? I believe that you perceived an `alien space' entity coming into your space location.

    What do the witnesses to your abductions say?

    Anonymous, I've been looking regularly at the internet in the same fashion and haven't noticed any significant change to the way in which the aliens entities reported `look'. Meaning, in the few reports with aliens, I have not seen a decrease in gray aliens mentions. That is just my impression - perhaps I'm not looking in the right areas.

    As far as some finishing crescendo for the greys or some evil species wiping out the races of the milky way - .................... I don't believe it for a minute.

    You do realize that `races' of species have been around since the second generation of stars added enough of the heavy elements to the universe - that was BILLIONS of years ago.

    The most advanced races of the UNIVERSE are already billions of years old - I assure you that the Milky Way's balance does not hang on the actions of a race within our local galaxy group.


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