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Monday, January 28, 2013

2011 HUGE Boomerang Craft Over Parsippany New Jersey

Several things will strike you as odd about this report in my UFO bin for some time from Ken Pfeifer. Ken is NJ's lead researcher for MUFON in the state. The odd things include the craft simply hanging in the air for a considerable amount of time (over a possible security company) - a large, perhaps 15 foot Orb that moved around the huge stadium sized craft - and the craft vanishing in three stages. And all done somehow with only these two witnesses to this event (but, some interesting other UFO observations too):
The report:

In June, 2011, my daughter and I went to the movies at our local movie theatre, Clearview Parsippany on Route 46 East, and saw Woody Allen’s latest film “Midnight in Paris.” We got out of the movie at 11:45PM and walked to the car in the parking lot. The parking lot for the cinema is part of a much larger parking lot for our local mall. There was absolutely no one around. No one came out from the movie theatre and there were no other people outside. As we walked to the car, my daughter said, very excited, “Look up there in the sky.” I looked up in the very black night with high clouds so you couldn’t see the stars or moon and saw a huge mass of orange and yellow lights. The lights were not blinking or moving. They appeared to be located about a half mile away (we had a clear shot because of the expanse of flat parking lot around the mall) and between 500-1,000 feet up the air. As we continued to stare at these strange unmoving lights, we became aware of the outline of a craft. It was boomerang shaped, completely silent, and the size of a baseball field with all the outfields included (or the size of a football field). It was the most gigantic aircraft I have ever seen in my life. It was just sitting there, not moving – floating above in the air. I wondered, of course, if this could have been some weird cloud reflection of lights from below, but I looked around and saw nothing that would suggest any kind of a reflection from the ground. My daughter panicked and started yelling that we should jump in the car and get away. I, however, was completely riveted by the sight and did not want to take my eyes off of it for a split second because I wanted to see what it would do. After watching it for about a minute, a giant, white, luminous orb (I am guessing about 15 feet in diameter) telescoped open on the righthand “wing” side of the boomerang shape. The orb exuded a type of light I have never seen before. Most lights that you see in the sky - airplanes, planets, and stars – have a type of light that splinters into rays and beams of light. Often they flicker. This light was luminescent – it was soft, glowing, uniform in its light. It did not create any rays or beams of light and did not flicker. I thought the light was attached to the craft but was very surprised when it suddenly began to “detach” itself. The orb began to move around the front of the craft in a kind of circuitous, gentle curlycue fashion. It appeared to be intelligently guided and it appeared to be searching for something. I wondered, since the craft was in the air right next to a lake reservoir, whether perhaps it was studying the reservoir. I learned later that a building right below it actually houses an international security agency – and so, of course, I then wondered if perhaps that was the target. Or perhaps, this orb had the capacity to observe my daughter and myself observing it! Anyway, it looped around and then disappeared behind the craft for a couple of seconds before re-emerging on top of the craft. It finally settled back down into the original location where it had first appeared. Then my daughter said, “Look, it’s disappearing!” Then sure enough, the “wing tips” of the boomerang suddenly disappeared, followed the sudden disappearance of the rest of the wings, and finally, the center part of the craft. The entire craft literally dematerialized or became invisible in three separate stages – it just blinked off like a television set after you push the button the remote. I am very familiar with all of the optical illusions that can be caused by aircraft since I have lived near many airports, including LaGuardia Airport in NYC. This craft did not fly away. It disappeared. It was the size of a floating baseball field one minute and then gone in a fraction of a second. We later called the Parsippany police to see if anyone had reported anything unusual that night. But no one had. Very strange because this thing was virtually sitting in the air right above Route 46 East and I find it hard to believe that no one else saw this. I did some UFO sightings research, however, and found that two days earlier there were reports of a UFO in a neighboring town and they reported seeing it heading in the direction of our town. Just this past week, I spoke with three friends (all located in neighboring towns) who witnessed a UFO on the same night, and it was also traveling along Route 46! Anyway, my daughter and I decided to both draw what we had seen without discussing it in advance. The drawings, from last year, are posted on my blog at my As for my background, I am an attorney specialized in securities litigation and a psychic detective. 

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS.......Special thanks to the witness Nancy du Tertre ofMountain Lakes, NJ

I have a feeling that this woman frequently is beckoning the unknown of our universe - it gave her something to see. Fortean?
Oh, you might want to make SURE to read down to the comments on the post below this one - you will find some amazing stuff. More soon.
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