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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1997 Neighborhood Hovering Mesmerizing Cigar Craft In Florida (Latest MUFON Reports)

You know the tale will be worthy when its been 17 calendar years for the UFO story to emerge. Multiple witnesses who have never re-spoken about the event, fear and strangeness during the event, a neighborhood UFO hovering cigar craft - read more.
1997 Port St. Lucie Florida UFO Craft

There was a group of us together for my Birthday. It was a Friday Night. Some of the friends went to buy beer for the night. We had just all arrived at my house and all of us were standing outside talking, just hanging out. We noticed my friends truck had stopped down the street, we could see their headlights, and we could here them screaming to us. They were yelling loudly and pointing toward some orange light that seemed to be floating just above the house to the side of them. They were literally out of the truck in a sec after stopping the vehicle so they could yell to us down the street. They (about 4 guys) got back in the little pick up truck and drove to my house. The light appeared to follow them, to our location, and many of us got scared. I was in such pure shock that I didnt know what to say, so I started flicking my lighter above my head. That made everyone even more nervous, I could tell everyone just wanted this thing to go away. It was shaped like a cigar, and had again stopped just above house right in front of us about 30 feet away, its glow was bright enough to give off some light to the top of the house. It felt like we were being directly observed, I mean that light was dead stopped, and then followed my friends above the tree line to our location, and then stopped again. It was huge at least 17-18 feet wide, it was at least half the size of the length of the roof that it was directly above. I worried for the people in the house below it. I remember looking at one friend standing next to me, I was thinking, she looks frozen in position, I thought is she in shock? She would not or could not even respond to my question of "What the hell is that?" after she didnt respond, I asked her again, still no response, she didnt move or blink, she just stared at it like we all did, but then I touched her, and it was like she unfroze instantly, Like I turned her back on or something, it made me jump back, she immediately said "Im going in the house" Like NOTHING WAS HAPPENING! She touched the only other girl there, and they both went inside. Neither of the girls seemed scared at all, they were more calm like they knew that thing or something, they seemed unaffected at all and when we brought it up to them that night, they said they went inside and didnt want to watch it. I know they seen it! Their calm demeanor scared me, Im telling you, something about their calmness seemed chilling. When a bunch of men are scared by something we believe to be a UFO and the woman arent afraid at all, just calm, I just dont know how to understand that. Back to the Orange Cigar, it stayed with us for 5 minutes, directly above the house in front of us, about ten feet to fifteen feet above the house. At this point it had travelled less then a quarter of a mile from West to East along the tree line when it stopped above the house in front of us for five minutes. It seems to be turning, spinning, but it always remained as a cigar shape. It color would get slightly darker and slightly brighter but always remained a sun glowing orange. I tried to convince myself it was anything but UFO, but as it started to ascend North West, it did so very slowly,for at least 10-15 minutes. It was such an amount of time, that I could now just barely see the light. Then in a split second, it took off in a raging speed, it left and amazing bright trail and took off in a direction that was more East then North East. It shot off fast as or faster then a shooting star. When it did this, at the end of the trail, it appeared to disintegrated as well but I imagine it was hitting a speed that I couldnt see it anymore, or maybe it hitting an even faster speed. Either way it was gone and the trail disappeared as fast as the, light did. Im still friends with many of the people who were there. None of us have ever spoken to each other about it since that night. 
I told you it was an amazing story. Could this be an alien probe? Could this be a time-consciousness distortion?
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