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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1988 Close Encounter With Hovering Stationary Craft (Westtown NY) - Latest MUFON Reports (11-20-13)

Watertown NY 1988 UFO Report

I was working at a TV commercial film shoot at [Location moved to FI section/cms/tg]. We were last to wrap the location to head back to the Holiday in in Middletown, about a 20 min drive. There was the truck of Electricians who had left 5 minutes ahead of us. We were a van of other various film crew departments. There were about 10 of us in the van. It was still light out but the sun was getting lower. As we drive on Cty Rd. 12 as we looked out the van window at about 11 oclock in the sky, there was a pinky orange object that a few of us said at the same time, "What is that?" As we drove it was getting closer. At first we could not really make out what it was, but we all agreed it was not a plane or anything else we had ever seen. It slowly got bigger and bigger, and it was getting darker and darker as the sun was setting. We kept looking at it as it was really getting bigger and bigger and we were all freaking out, but at some point the road turns and there was a lot of tree cover so we could not see it. Then at a small turn in the road, there stopped in the middle of the road were the electricians, their truck stopped in the middle of the road and they were out of their truck standing in the middle of the road looking up. We stopped and got out and there above us was this unbelievable enormous ship hovering quietly right at the tree line. The circumference was different colored lights that changed color, but not in a pattern, they just changed colors, pinky orangey bluey, yellowy. We huddled together gazing up for about 5 minutes. and the in a second it pulled away, without a sound and incredibly fast. The electricians told us their truck had stopped. When it was gone, the truck started again. We got to the hotel, told everyone else on the crew - they just thought we were nuts. But it was in the paper the next morning as a crowd in the parking lot of the local supermarket had also seen it. I still talk occasionally a few of my fellow witnesses and we are still freaked out, because it was so completely unmistakably huge, so close and so real. I have told other people in my life and I am afraid it really has had deleterious effect on my credibility. So I just dont tell people anymore, but it has left a huge mark on my life and on how I see our place in the universe, I think in a very good way. It really forces you into a bigger perspective!
All the classic old time UFO characteristics with the dead engine.... not much articulation of the details of the ship IMO. With the exact date of 9-12-1988 one would think that these supposed supporting details and witnesses are around.
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Book Description

 June 1, 2012
What makes any UFO report or sighting rise to the level of being `important'? In American society - only the involvement of the national news media matters as far as providing importance and `validation' to the UFO phenomena. And, in the early 2000's, only two UFO stories rose to the level of being `important' to the American media - the first was the 2006 UFO incident over Chicago O'Hare Airport; and, the second was the 2008 UFO events in early 2008 in Stephenville, Texas.

The 2006 incident, over restricted airspace, wasn't even a real `issue' until the FAA issued a report that basically denied it even occurred. Then, the MSM (mainstream media) pushed back with coverage that included interviews with the airport personal who witnessed the highly unusual daytime event - in essence providing an alternative view to the governments official response. This book features the specifics about the 2006 Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Incident - including why it was significant - and how the television media covered it and the government explanation of the event.

But, the first decade of the new millennium was to have at least one more major confrontation over versions of the truth about UFO's between the MSM and the official government line about the UFO phenomenon. The reason? Almost exactly a year after the first confrontation between the MSM and the government about `UFO's' - came the over the top UFO events in Stephenville Texas - and the nearly unbelievable quick response of the MSM in their coverage of the UFO story.

Indeed, when the radar verified Stephenville, Texas UFO events first started in Jan. 2008 - the mainstream media was immediately on location and interviewing witnesses with amazing descriptions of something not of human origin. One version of the UFO craft placed its size at up to a mile wide. On other occasions what appeared in the sky could be best described as `Sky Symbols'; - were the `aliens' trying to communicate directly with the population?

Did the initial craft head directly towards President Bush's Texas ranch?

Some of those on camera witnesses reported that shortly afterwards they felt pressured to be quiet by people they felt were with the government; - or, were they the classic Men In Black? And, why - with such credible and numerous witnesses to the strange phenomena, - would the government issue such an absurd `explanation' for the whole affair?

UFO blogger Rick (H.R.) Phillips brings BOTH the 2006 O'Hare Airport UFO Incident, and the 2008 Stephenville UFO Events to life once again with these posts and analysis made when the story was hot. Much can be learned about how the mainstream media reacted to the BIG UFO stories of the new millennium - and how they would act differently afterwards.

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