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Thursday, November 12, 2015

This Weeks Nov 3rd-10th, 2015 TOP `Alien/Entity' UFO Stories VIA MUFON's Database

As you might be aware - MUFON is a big proponent of the `aliens are here' theory - and consequently, in the report form it allows citizens to `check off' whether the report they are submitting had an `entity' associated with the report. And, as you know, when allowing for a self-description of `entity' you tend to get a lot of `false readings' - after all the person is reporting something anomalous... and can easily think or say or label something as having an entity behind the actualization (so to speak). THAT said, in my hard analysis in this series, I am looking for BEINGS..... ALIENS.... Physical `entities' - and will be labeling myself reports as having NO aliens... or HAVING beings of some description or another.

Additionally, as a few of you already know - I've been looking at several states already via the MUFON database for entities and have been blogging about those finds already - Here for California, Here for Missouriand here for Alabama - so if you want to get a feel for what is `normal' in ENTITY reports - you can read those as a further background. Also, when searching the database for the most recent week - I had already run across a couple of the reports ... that were already part of the blogging for California, Missouri and Alabama.

So, here are the reports/links - perhaps a bit of commentary or RED for emphasis - and are in increasingly Fortean order (IMO) - thanks for your readership, I bet you'd like the significantly weird archive too.
NOV 3RD - NOV 10TH, 2015

listed as Ballabama, Alabama NO BEINGS
The other 4 reports were odd in that most of the entity reports so far in the other states were VERY lengthy descriptions of the circumstances if not the mental state - ALL of the other reports below are just one paragraph and very lacking in setting and details... nonetheless, it is what it is.

reports like this IMO are little better than spam NO BEINGS
So I was with this girl and I was gonna take her home for rice and pilaf. And then I was like maybe I'll go to a bar and take girl to a bar. so I got in my car with my girl and we drove to the bar but on the way I passed by the train station and I sara it. I looked up and I saw it. I don't know what this looks like. None of the descriptive options on this site suited what I saw. I feel disoriented now an I feel like I need to say this over the phone... they may be able to see what I'm typing here and I don't want to say too much. Please call me and I'll tell you everything about them.
More than one report has suggestions of dis-orientation upon telling the UFO phenomena tale.

Gibson, Louisiana
I was asleep in my bed, I did not know what was going on until I realized they have taken my conscious mind through what could only be explained as a tunnel. I did not witness the exterior, but I seen the interior. It looked to be roughly 25 feet from wall to wall, in a circular shape with a large blue crystal behind the being speaking to me. This being spoke through telepathic means, explaining that I was chosen to be given a new body once my current body expires. I was shown this new body that they built for me, it was an exact physical replica of me, but they said that it would far surpass any and all other human beings on Earth. They explained that the body has been enhanced through genetic manipulation, making the bones extremely dense, improving my muscular system which in turn would increase my speed, strength, and endurance. They then explained that my new mind would also be enhanced, allowing me to use the mind's full capacity. The new body was floating in what I could only describe as a cloning tube, but I cannot be positive.
No being description? Is that plausible? Sounds like an enhanced dream state of some sort.

With Photos

not only that - right after a sweat ceremony (which could enhance consciousness?) of course... the photos do NOT show what was seen (people in spacecraft) IMO but could be at best what I refer to as a structured Orb.
I was driving back from Minneapolis area after attending a sweat lodge ceremony. I stops in Olivia Minnesota at 6 PM to get a blizzard at Dairy Queen then continue driving west on highway 212 when I looked out the passenger side window to the north and noticed what at first I thought was a small airplane flying just above the tree line. I looked again and noticed the windows were too large to be airplane windows. I could not see any red or green flashing lights at the rear of the craft to identify it as a small airplane. They were long rectangular windows in which I could see people standing and looking out. I grabbed my camera and tried to take a couple pictures. The craft then made a sharp 90° turn and headed toward me on the front I saw three bright lights. It came at my vehicle above Treetop level quite fast and passed over the top of my vehicle and the road and then disappeared to the south. I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and looked for the object in the sky and could not see anything. I could see the lights from other Jets and airplanes in the sky but they were a long ways away. 

Years ago I participated regularly in a chat room on AOL of a political nature... every now and then the UFO subject would come up and one seemingly normal chatter would talk of his one experience of seeing HUMANS in what appeared to be a saucer type craft. As I said, the pics disappoint unless you are familiar with how the structured Orb phenomena seems to present itself to perception within humans.

Two other images were submitted - one from in the car - Here and a drawing of the craft Here... showing about 3 windows in a rectangular craft
Sounds like a very brief and close encounter with the UFO phenomena and involved projections from the 3 light orbs.
And finally, as the announcer would say - has another person captured another object near the ISS during a live video monitoring? See Picture. NO Being.

I was in bed watching [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] and I saw the orb/sphere like object just materialize over the earth's horizon and then it dematerialized about 30 seconds to a minute later.I first saw streaks and I was thinking maybe they were reflections from the space station but then this object materialized and then Faded out slowly and disappeared. I have no idea what this object could be. The object was spherical and gray in color with illuminated copper tones. It seemed to give off light as well as reflect it. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I have never seen anything like it. After it dematerialized, the live broadcast was interrupted by a message stating the system is either switching cameras or the system is experiencing some technical difficulties. This was a Very weird experience.
And below is the picture submitted
the MUFON link is a bit larger and better IMO
If Orb structures live in the Earth's atmosphere in some manner - being in space IMO isn't such a terrific leap of logic. That said, Orbs are not beings in the traditional sense.... and therefore the grand total of Entities for the Week - on a planet now saturated with cameras - is ZERO.
And that is something to consider.

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