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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

`Gearing Up' For The Ultimate UFO Experience? (latest MUFON Reports)

When you wade through the latest MUFON reports on a near daily basis - one wishes for an articulate report with lots of details...... wish answered.......... I guess. After all, is it REALLY believable that none of all this `activity' was seen by anyone else in any manner? Are 30 mile green lasers really in use in populated areas without drawing in the `authorities'? And, 152 craft and stopped counting?.......... July 30th, East Northport New York - High Tech UFO Display And Communication ... indulge yourself with the full text of this Amazing UFO Story, below:
I was at home @ [Address removed/cms/tg]. The above address. I have a set of Night Optics Gen 3 Auto-gated Night Vision Goggles. That evening , i received a 5x magnification lens ( Viewing distance is 1.5 to 3 miles ), in which I adapted to my NV Goggles. I also have a Greem (532nm) Laser Pointer with a Beam Distance of over 30 Miles. Also a Night Optics K-2 Infared adapter with adjustable Beam. From 11:00 p.m. on tuesday July 30th to $;00 a.m. July 31st; I observed 2 Craft Descend west of East northport in the Town of Greenvale, to the Ground. One Hovered, while the second Landed. The 2 were in those positions for about an Hour. I think someone got a Visit or was abducted. Using my Laser , I was signalling the Hovering Disc-shaped craft. It would rise up above the Tree line , Flash a few lights at me ; signaling they Knew, Im there and they acknowledge my Observation. Then Descend again. During the Interim , I scanned the Night sky ; 360 degrees. Then I observed at various distances other type craft. I was astonished at the Enormity and the Size of the Submarine shaped craft. It looked like they had Conning Towers attached; Like one would see on an Aircraft carrier ! In a 270 degree view, I lost count after 152 Vehicles... I was signaling various moving Craft with 1st my infared and when they suddenly stopped , i shined my laser on them. They returned with Various Flashes of Bright white and yellow lights. Each Craft flashed in different sequences. To Finish my statement ; at 4:00a.m. I was observing a Large Submarine shaped ship which was Very Bright. White almost Opaque in Color; Directing a Red Beam at 2 -3 shaped Discs; that seamed to be exiting a Similar Sub. Parallel to the One with the Red Beam. The Location was East. At this point I was Tired . I Concentrated my Thoughts: Stating Im going in the House and Ill be out here Tomorrow Night. I was projecting my Thought Pattern to the Lead Craft in the Sky. I said ; Flash your lights once or twice if you understand. at this point, out of the Dark Night sky came 2 Bright White Flashes. I waved to all above and went inside the house. The next Night, there was Less of them but they were there !
A bit of video on this one might make the contact a bit more legit to more folks. Imagine what a TV station could do with this during the ratings sweeps?.......... Seems a bit over the top without more `proof' and high tech proof too, don't you think?
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