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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

7-7-07 Retelling Amazing Orb Stories (Latest MUFON Reports) About `Her Star'!

Don't worry - I haven't forgotten about my readers at AUS-SUV - and the posting I bet has only begun. 
Des Moines Washington - 7-7-07 Orb

I was watching tv, looked up to see "my" star as I call it than just above the star I see almost each night from s.w. to west in front of my home. But this night I saw a lg round object just up to the right of the star that was almost as big as an aspirin none glowing, more metallic looking kind of like a ring only something in the middle. I woke up my sister who was asleep by the window and said"what is that?" I went into my bedroom and got my camera, went outside on the front porch and took a picture, than tried to get my camera to zoom in but camera wont work. All of a sudden I looked up and say a bright yellow cigar shaped object comming across, through wires across the street that looked as it would hit the top of my neighbors house and also some tall trees, which are not there any longer, but cell tower still is. I was sure the object would hit one or all of those things so put my body in a crouching postion and closed my eyes. By than object was gone. I was scared, upset seeing this object while looking at it, afraid they would see me taking a picture and later afraid to report it. Afraid other people would think me a nutcase. But it has been 6 yrs. Now and I dont care. I think of the incounter a lot and just want to forget about it. It was so much bigger than my star but not as big as an aircraft. No aircraft has ever crossed from weat to southeast ever in the almost 20 yrs. I ve lived here!
I begin this account after the citizen has already talked about a previous UFO encounter:
About a month later, after seeing the UFOs, in late July or early August of 2012 I saw an alien that I think came off of one of the UFOs that I saw. Here is the story, Ill try and keep it candid. I was walking around my house and it was windy out that day. I noticed that part of a tree was blowing too much, unlike the rest of the tree. There was an anomaly in the way the tree was blowing that day. I proceeded to get a BB gun with a 4 power scope on it to see what was funny about that tree. I sat on my bed and looked at the tree, and there was a roof underneath. The tree was behind the roof, maybe 30 yards or so. Then after just looking at the tree something appeared in my sights in the BB gun scope. I dont know how to explain it better then a "circle face". There were two "eyes" that were letting light pass through the center of this "face". I kept watching this "face" for a long time until it started letting splashes of light pass through the forehead of this "face". I was watching the splashes of circles of light pass through the forehead of this face for a long time too. The "face" might have been 2-3 feet in diameter. It was so cool, with the splashes of light just passing through every second or so. After that was done I could see the whole aliens body. At first I didnt realize what I was looking at but I ended up seeing his translucent face, translucent body, translucent arms and I think I saw his legs too. But it was very hard to look at because he was translucent. Im pretty sure he was laying on my neighbors roof the whole time. The tree was behind him and I could see the tree a little right through his body. It was the coolest thing that I have ever seen in my life. But the point is that the alien was totally invisible at first and then I saw him when he went translucent. I think he wanted me to see him because he could have stayed invisible the whole time and I wouldnt have seen anything. My best guess is that the alien might have been 3-4 feet tall if Im not mistaken. I saw the alien during broad daylight. I watched the alien for about 2 hours or so, but thats just a guess because I didnt time it, but it was a long time. I was just looking at a translucent being on top of my neighbors roof with my BB gun, inside of my house. The reason why I stopped watching the alien was because it started to get dark out and it was difficult enough to see him in the daylight. 

To be honest with you, I dont have any evidence of my encounter besides what I literally saw. I dont know if it actually was an alien or a really small person that was wearing an invisibility/translucent suit. But I assume it was an alien because I have never seen a person wear an invisibility suit and I dont know why a person would visit me like that.
Just another example of how extreme the `UFO' perceptions can be (and blended with other types of the paranormal in all likelihood.
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