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Monday, August 12, 2013

IF This Story Really Occurred - This Is The Level Of High Strangeness That Could Occur

The blogging break is over..... you do not control your TV set.... do not adjust the vertical or the horizontal ......... the sounds you
On occasion here at Amazing UFO Stories And Strange UFO Videos - something stands out even among the groupings you find on this website. Indeed, to me, using only my gut, I'd say this is NOT real and is only related to readers to MUFON as a joke. To see who would maul it over etc..... but, that said,..... we've read a lot of UFO stories around here that play with bending the mind to the maximum. Let's see what you think of this tale - said to have happened in Pennsylvania just last week (7/13) - only the full tale will suffice (But - Here's the MUFON link In Case You Want To Share It)

left Saturday at 4am for east PA to test an alternative health invention on willing recipient, SE of Harrisburg route 72. Great perfect session had dinner and headed back on RT322/22 to converg with I80. nearly at I80 when Dr. Pete calls with big hardware problems so we needed to divert and find a meeting spot which ended up at exit 48 on 76 in pittsburgh. Turning into a long trip and nearly 2am when finally met up at the exit 48 MacDonalds.
We had a perfect but long session, caring some cyrstals for advanced research and our electronics. first strangeness was at the 322 and route 15 i was hit with this blankness on the left and extrem need to turn to the right once going north but easterly toward i80 frank points out the GPS map and we turn around back to the 322 westarly but just before 2 strange men with black glasses and short hair maybe older types in a completely restored 62 dodge van very slowly passed us and looking constantly at us like we were an attraction. a 62 dodge painted blue and white stands out. then we are on I80 and i open my mouth by saying all we needed was to have a cloud ship reveel itself to us! Well Dr. Pete insists on meeting and we divert through Dubois South rt 119. While in town the blankness makes me suddenly turn right into a blacked out part of town but we noticed the GPS wrong area and went around the block to return to the correct intersection and South 119. A very dark and curvy rout with 55mph signs right next to 35mph signs with curves that were much slower with hills and dale wow.. out in the middle of the country with no lights other than that guy who was following much of the time with brights on so i flipped the mirror but the on comming traffic kept their brights on so it was a difficult stress full to see section. The third blankness turn to the right was at maybe 536 / 36 136? east west with no forward road orther than blackness... It was impearitive that i stear right. The intersection was litup with rolled berms that were painted with the florescent white in a stripped pattern so i went right but this time stopped on the right ramps right berm and remember putting the car in park. it seemed only a couple of minutes frank the other inventor checking the GPS and Dr. pete is on the phone wondering where are we? strange how the lights were still behind us and they did not pass.... then.... we think the memory wipe reset / video made and the lights dissappeared happened here. We just seemed to anwser the phone check the GPS and went around the intersection to the South and onward. I worry about the video because the audio sounds like a train which there were 3 trains at the MacDonalds at x48... although to have been taken there you would have seen myself , Dr pete, the 2cars, 5 lanes of traffic and the area was well lit 2am many people came to the drive through passed by us and looked directly at us toward the the trains?? Acouple was making out under the lights next to their car but on the side away from us as well as a person had acar hauling truck come by to service there car. the blankness is like what you see after a camera flash in the face.... nothing! always above and to the left and impossible not to react to. hope you can anaylze the video, trying to send it to john. ... OK i will need to do a follow up on this page as soon as i can find the video again, gees
How's that for a read? Live up to the Strange?
As I said, IMO - a total joke.
Now, to challenge the above story I go to the latest MUFON reports today.
I do believe this guys report btw - even if it easily is as flipped out.
August 6th Alien Abduction Report From Delaware - Involves the Classroom You See Below
(minimum 5 minute read only highlights of MANY abductions over 31 years in my details)

The Mans First Experience (the family abduction 1982)
Earliest memory (5 Years old, California home) 

An was Alien hiding behind a stack of boxes in the attached garage at our home in Murphys, CA. Whats strange is I knew it was an "alien" and not a 
"monster" and didnt feel threatened. I recall crying for Grover, the 
neighbor kid, because I wanted protection anyways. I remember seeing 
a large head poke out from behind a tall box - pretty featureless. I 
remember it to be small. Being 5 at the time, it was definitely no bigger than me. 

Nothing happened nor was I spoken to...I tried to run away. Thinking back, running away was difficult - as if I was moving in "slow motion," as if time was slowing down. Whats STRANGE is that happened about 27 years ago and I remember that like it just happened; however, I dont remember what happened after I "ran away." Maybe I didnt get away?? No memory after I tried to run. 

(he runs into this 5 year old doppelganger in a later dream)
(later he is spontaneously healed)
(this is some from the event August 6th)
about 12-15 people began to walk into the room - mostly single file. The people looked very, very human. Very typical. There was a lot of diversity within the group, some were white, some where black, and some were Asian. To the best of my knowledge, I dont recall seeing any females within the group. The group of people looked very, very normal and nothing out of the ordinary struck me as strange except that everyone was between 4-5 tall. Everyone I walked near was at least a shoulder shorter than me. 

I knew immediately these were aliens. Not because they were much smaller than me, but because I "felt" them telepathically. My head was "lit-up" in their presence, so I knew right off the bat that they were presenting themselves as "human" and everything was a facade............

(he is then shown some knowledge to understand)
 The captain explained that consciousness was the master of matter and that in the beginning, consciousness created matter - matter was not the creator of consciousness. The general feeling I got was that matter could be manipulated. The technical discussion didnt go beyond the differentiation between matter and consciousness. I felt like the captain was saying there are two classifications of everything within the universe (and beyond): consciousness and everything else (matter). Consciousness can control its environment, if the consciousness is strong enough. 
These almost sound like LSD trips within the world of lucid dreaming in a sense. Certainly, this guy is accessing his doppelganger of the able to not be IMO.
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